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  1. Both feeding frenzy and advances coms are upgrades so you’d have to pick. Also the rancor isn’t a leader so it wouldn’t work.
  2. You can’t use Hera bonuses as Hera isn’t friendly to Han. - note this is only during this attack, han has no friendly figures for the duration of this attack. You do use the focus, as the focus is used when han declares his next attack. Not sure on token, gut feel is no, as you fully don’t control han, which makes me feel you don’t get to make that choice. By card abilties, you can use Han’s surges, but any of han’s other abilities (e.g. return fire) as you don’t control han outside of the attack. hope this helps.
  3. I agree with the movement freedom. I do prefer the terminal on the red side, it’s a bit easier to hide but maintain threat with multiple figures. Both are reasonably similar though. Based on this I’d argue that red is better for blitz and blue is better for fluctuations, but I don’t have nearly enough reps to confidently say this.
  4. I agree, it’s difficult to model though. How do you judge what result is objectively better? At what point should the model reroll and what dice? You could model Ezra as yellow green with a built in DMG X 2 Sur x2.
  5. So rerolls are very difficult to factor in to the damage per point equation. If you want somewhere where you can look at the very dice, surge abilities, etc. Against various defensive bonuses, this is the place for you.
  6. You’d have a pretty decent heavy weapon team with them and drok now
  7. Opportunistic does work if you have another figure to move in the way. You shoot han, play opportunistic and move figure 2 in the way and block line of sight. Then han has no line of sight to target so can’t return fire. As it’s out of activation the figure gets to interrupt and spend the movement.
  8. They’d be relying a lot on that stun. They’d have no defence most of the time (even with that block) against the big hitters. It would also depend on how we’re scoring points, if we go back to the old ways (you need to kill groups), points denial could be a big thing for them. Still there’d be a lot of them compared to SC, but unfocused they average 1 damage against Ezra (3 focussed) and 2 damage against a black dice figure (4 is just of average when focussed). And once they manage to kill something they still have the rest of the list to kil. I doubt they’d do it, but with a bit of dice luck I could see them winning.
  9. You couldn’t use single purpose on brutality though, as that would break the one action on attacks per activation rule.
  10. Of course, I often get them mixed up, I knew what I meant anyway
  11. The lowly officer doesn’t need field tactician to do that that. He can do that with his normal order and to the limit.
  12. I think it’s just a tool in the box. Yeah it’s pretty useful, any out of faze movement is. But for the cost, it’s a more expensive, less useful opportunistic that takes an action (rather than needing damage to occur and be mercenary). Ok, but not good.
  13. It is on steam if you have a laptop or pc near to where you play. Or a phone obviously.
  14. I think so.... but even then, it’d be way to inflexible compared to fleet footed, etc. You need to be in the right position, have it at the right time, etc. On nelvannian, one of the missions ignored the trench in the middle didn’t it? Weren’t all the droids on the left of the map? As someone said earlier, if it were everyone become mobile, I can see it maybe working, without it being full mobile it’s too expensive.
  15. I suppose you want lots of very fast characters that don’t have mobile. Even still, I don’t see it. It doesn’t increase speed or anything, so it doesn’t give you too much of an advantage. I guess it’s useful on Vader, etc. For getting past figures when they think it’s safe.
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