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  1. Think about new players (I think we always need them) I remember that as a new player (not so long ago) it was very difficult for me to remember what my oponnent's Vader can and can't. Same with Han and Chewie. It is a disaster for new players (like they don't have a ton of things to remember). Why not just lower the cost and add a simple abillity like focus on every attack or additional attack at the end of the round?? It sould be new players friendly attachment.
  2. + 1 dmg to all Spectres and: "At the end of round exaust this card to choose a friendly figure, that figure may perform an attack" I think that's fair, You can't change the specter list so they will be weaker with every new expansion.
  3. Son of Skywalker with Pummel endless attacks
  4. DT's are good because of the ability to give evade power tokens. Hondo + greedo are great but I'm using Hondo + Clawdite shapeshifter to have a second spy (and even more power tokens with senator shape). Blaise is obviously bad attacker so he's the one to play spy cards. It would probably better to build a chains on DT's and dewbacks etc. Just hope there will be some better 6 point leaders in future.
  5. Rancor is great against them, double ejawa droid hunters list is insane too. Also chains of activations with DTs like DT > Thrawn > strength in numbers > DT > Hondo > Provoke > DT > Blaise (or again Thrawn with change of plans) etc. but that works good on every list I think. Just needs lots of draw with rule by fear, planning, officers training etc. Any thrawn DT and ejets list is great too because it can have a lots of evade tokens and cancelling specters pierce make them weak.
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