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  1. I just thought of one more. The B-Wings that disable the Star Destroyer with Ion Torpedoes make their move because their leader spotted an opening. What is this opening? Maybe your players board the Star destroyer and sabotage it from within. Then you can have them run for the exit as that ship is crashed into the other. That lets your group do something vital to the success of the mission and live to tell about it. You could even have you B-Wing pilot join the others in disabling the ship.
  2. I think there are plenty of ways you can work your group into Scarif. A parallel mission would be fun to set up and make your players feel like the achieved something. I like the idea about a group infiltrating the shield gate to try and shut it down. That's probably the route I would go with if I were to run this. At least until my players go off the rails and decide to go planetside. Maybe you run a mission for your group on the planet and have to stop a bunch of TIEs from launching or some AT-ACTs from mobilizing. I know the battle has a definitive end, but there's plenty of room for you and your players to squeeze something new in on the side. I have an NPC in the games I run who was on the ground at Scarif. He was shot on the beach and dragged to a U-Wing when it touched down to deploy reinforcements. The U-Wing managed to get away at the end. You could also have them fight to the death on any of those mission ideas.
  3. The Darths and Droids webcomic series is about a group of gamers playing through the plots of the Star Wars movies. The premise is that the movies never existed, so all the content is created by the GM who spends most of his time trying to keep the players from going too far off the rails. It's really entertaining to read and, last I checked, they were playing through Rogue One. It's been going on for years now.
  4. My group found themselves cornered in a maintenance tunnel while escaping a detention facility. Imperials set up an ambush and had them surrounded. One player pulled out a detonite charge and clamped his hand around the deadman switch. That thing would have killed every single person in that little passage. The enemy backed down and they got away.
  5. I have a few groups right now. All of them are the same players, but they have a few different characters for different campaign styles. Right now we're running their retired Clone Trooper and former Republic Captain. Rila was with the Naboo sector security before the reformation of the Grand Army of the Republic. She was ordered to command clones on Coruscant toward the end of the war and refused to lead troops she didn't know. She was arrested and ended up fleeing the planet before she could be executed. Afterward, her best friend took the post and ended up moving into the ISB. This friend lead a team that tracked down Rila's family in an attempt to find her. That family is now dead and the agent has spent 20 years hunting for Rila. Double is coming to terms with an Empire that no longer wants him around and has been trying to find his way in the galaxy after a life dedicated entirely to combat. He's tracking down some old Republic officers who let a lot of his brothers die on Mygeeto rather than send in armored and air support. He also has to deal with the things he did during the war as part of the 501st. He was part of the attack on the Jedi Temple (See how their stories line up?) and responsible for the extermination of several species the Empire found troublesome. It's a lot to cope with especially when the only thing you've been taught you whole life is how to fight. I could go on and on about these two and how their stories have worked alongside each other, but I'm going to focus on our last session instead and tell the story that was my favorite session to run in a long time. The duo had agreed to help out an Imperial funded archeologist find something on a planet out on the edge of the Hyperspace tangle. My players had been to this planet before, but not these characters. They feared this planet for what was there. The archeologist needed to locate kyber crystals for Moff Dargon of the Corellian sector. In order to do this, he had a force sensitive girl (Felune) transferred into his custody by that ISB agent hunting Rila. They were there to save the girl and get her out alive. They made a deal that they would help the archeologist get the crystals (his previous expedition didn't go too well) and they would be allowed to "escape" with the Felune. They land at the doors to a large temple built into the mountainside and the Imperials unload their digging equipment. Squads of Cave Troopers move into mountain to secure the perimeter, but slowly go silent one patrol at a time. My players are scared now because the last time they came to this planet they found a large group of apes that were guarding the kyber crystals (think Congo) and discovered it was once used as a mine by the ancient Sith Empire. I have other things planned for this trip though. One of these patrols stumbles out having been attacked. The other troopers run out to help them and take one of the injured men's helmets off. His eyes are totally black and he snaps to attention, ordering his quad to attack in a language that no one understands. The party helps out in fighting back these possessed Cave Troopers. This is the reason the first expedition didn't go so well. They take charge of the situation and move into the temple with the archeologist, Felune, an old squad mate of the Rila's, and a squad of Cave Troopers. They walk for some time, spotting shadows in the dark corners and hearing whispers in familiar voices. At one point, Felune opens a door that doesn't appear on any scanners but is clearly visible to the group. Finally, they're surrounded by possessed troopers when we have to call it for the night, exactly where I had hoped. We start up the next session exactly where we left off. Their squad was now pinned down in an impact crater and surrounded on all sides. They looked at me confused as to what I was saying, and I reminded them of their mission to reinforce a forward base that their forces had just captured from the Sith forces guarding this planet. It had only been a few days, but my players seemed to have forgotten everything about the game in that time. They fight off this ambush and make a break for the forward base across the muddy plain. The heavy gunner stopped once to grab the Lieutenant and call her by a name that wasn't hers but felt so familiar. It couldn't be right though, because she was a Lieutenant, not a Captain. The Trooper fired at the silver armored soldiers, dropping them as more squads appeared. He cleared their path when his final shot connected with the droid’s chest plate. It fell to the ground with the words "Roger Roger" echoing from it's vocal processor. They made their way to the forward base. Once there, they met up with the Jedi who requested their assistance. She told them they would be accompanying her into the fortress of Lord Dreneth where they would kill the Sith and hopefully end the battle for this planet. They made their way out and up the hill toward the doorway to the temple. The thing Double remembered most about the fall of the Republic is how quiet it was. None of them spoke as they walked toward the temple steps and climbed with the orders to kill every Jedi inside. They weren't moving fast enough though, and the Cadet had to get her squad through the obstacle course in under five minutes or she'd never lead on the field. They made it up the hill and looked down at one last valley that they would need to cross before they made it to the door. They fought more Sith Empire troopers and Rila got to make the best throw of her life from the outfield as her company’s team slapped the Fondor security team with a third out and won their game. The ball slammed into the mitt of the third-baseman where the explosion sent the heavy repeating blaster tumbling down the hill, now unusable by the defending Sith troopers. The enemies were defeated and a hole was now open to the temple, and lord Drenith. Felune grabbed the Leuitenant's arm and squeezed, she was scared, but wasn't sure why. Sorry, did I say Felune. I meant the Jedi, I'm not sure who Felune is. This Jedi looked Rila dead in the eyes and said "Whatever happens, we need to kill Drenith." But she couldn't be talking to Rila. Rila was an officer for the Republic, she fought for the military creation act, she fought for everything that become the Empire. Double did too. He served in the Empire for years after it's formation. Empire, of course! They were on the wrong side of this. The commander checked his blaster pistol and aimed it at the door. A thin, blue light broke through the stone, slowly cutting it's way into the room. "Whatever comes through that door," he commanded to the assembled Sith troops, "protect Lord Drenith." Lord Drenith himself stood behind them, lightsaber drawn and humming. Protect Lord Drenith. The door burst open and a Jedi charged into the room followed by soldiers of the Republic. Rila raised her weapon to fire, turned to face Drenith, and pulled the trigger. Everyone dropped to their knees with an instant headache. An ancient, rotting body, preserved by unknown technology, burned slowly from the inside out where the blaster bolt had hit it's chest. Rila and Double picked themselves up and helped the others to their feet; the archeologist, Felune, and Rila's squad mate. The whispers were gone, the shadows had vanished, and they stood in the innermost chamber of the ancient temple with the burning remains of Lord Drenith. Overall, this was one of my favorite sessions to run. My players went right along with it and started adding their own things into the shared hallucination. We got to pull all kinds of memories from each of them and mix it in with this story from the past. I would normally be worried about trying to do this kind of thing, but these players care about story above all else and didn't try to meta-game their way out of anything. The entire time I would talk to them "OOC" as we talked about how things made them feel and what made sense. Eventually, they realized this wasn't me talking to them, but the thoughts of Lord Drenith probing into their memories and trying to make sense of everything. It was an absolute blast to run. By far my favorite session in a long time and one of my wilder ideas. I'm happy I decided to go all out for it and not worry about the outcome.
  6. I had this idea once awhile back while running Beyond the Rim for my group. They weren't super invested in taking the treasure from the ship, they just wanted to complete their contract with Reom. There were other parties involved who were after the treasure though and this built up nicely over the couple sessions where the credits became a bigger part of the story. Eventually, a big fight breaks out and multiple sides are moving into the ship to claim the cargo with the players caught up in the middle. The person who claimed the credits was a bounty hunter who had been blackmailing a player for years. It was a really cool moment when everyone finally got the the credits only to find they were Republic credits from before the formation of the Empire. All sides were exhausted and realized just how pointless all the fighting had been. The characters were never invested in the cargo and the players loved the story with the reversal at the end. So, to answer your question, I think it can work if you have the right players and don't take away their entire reward. In my case, my players still got paid for their mission and got a few extras, the credits just weren't one of those. If your players are stealing these credits exclusively for the Rebels, then they wouldn't be effected by their uselessness. This could lead into the Rebellion asking the party to do more missions for them to steal more credits or make the old credits worth something. Toss in a little payment up front for a new mission and promise of full payment for both when complete, and you can reward your players while giving them the opportunity to make more.
  7. One of my player's sisters was kidnapped by Black Sun. There was a huge plot by a Vigo and another family to take over her family's company. They tracked down the upper leadership one by one until they killed the Vigo himself and saved the sister. That sister is the new Vigo. Meanwhile, some of their other characters are delving into all kinds of Hutt intrigue brought on by instability in the region due to this new Vigo. While they aren't too far into it yet, they're picking apart the web of factions fighting for power. One PC intends to make herself the Queen of Nar Shaddaa. She's an ambitious one, and is using the instability to her advantage. If everything works out for her in the end, I will have a dramatically different galaxy.
  8. My group really enjoyed Beyond the Rim. We stuck pretty close to the book until about half-way through act 2. *SPOILERS BELOW* My PCs did a bunch of investigating at the Retreat and befriended Cratala and, oddly enough, the Yiyar crew. Harsol kind of went off the deep end and fled with some metals into the forest when the Imperials showed up. My PCs (Shireen and Gand) rallied the survivors and evacuated the settlement while they held the Imperials off. Shireen grabbed Cratala and stole the working ship Harsol got from a previous scavenger group. They lead the Deep Dark away and tried to lose them in the forest. That didn't work too well, but they convinced Yav to assist them and he crashed his ship into the Deep Dark, taking both out of the air. Too Low died, but Yav survived and joined the PCs for the time being. Meanwhile, the Imperials fled back into the forest to regroup, now marooned themselves. Everyone regrouped at the engine section of the ship by the waterfall and Shireen contacted her sister to send a ship to get the survivors off-world. Gand's obligation caught up with him when the bounty hunter who had been blackmailing him for years arrived, wanting the location of the treasure. They brought her to the ship along with her new Hutt allies (who only joined up with her to get back at Shireen's powerful sister because proxy wars are fun). They take her back to the main ship section where they find a crazed Harsol activating all the B-1s he could. Things didn't go well and the blackmailing bounty hunter died in a shoot out with Gand while Harsol was knocked out and taken by Yav who figured the bounty on an Imperial fugitive would be the best he could get out of this failed mission. Everyone left for Raxus Prime with Cratala and her droid. Now this is where things went really off the rails as a rival archeologist kidnapped Shireen with the intent to ransom her to Shireen's sister for some exclusive excavation rights. The final bit of this campaign ended with Shireen escaping her binders and fist fighting her captor on a speeding skiff while Gand tried to catch up. Everyone had a great time as things just got worse and the skiffs sped through the garbage canyons and a recycling droid's furnace. So clearly I went off the book for the player's personal stories, which I think made the adventure that much more memorable. I'm saving that last bit with the Imperial attack on Reom and his Raxus Prime facility to kick off a new story arc. I just couldn't take away from that epic skiff chase. Overall, I've enjoyed the story modules. There's a lot of room to add new bits or change things. I really liked thinking about how the NPCs would react to my PCs and how that would change the story.
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