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  1. Hey everyone, I finally received an official ruling from FFG on this: In this situation, you would still be allowed to play Shadows cards. Restringuntus has a play ability that creates a lasting effect on the opponent. Changing control of Restringuntus after that play ability resolves does not change which player the ability applies to.
  2. noxeor


    Me too. Next set will introduce my new factions: "Dat" and "De Other"
  3. noxeor

    Surprise Combos

    the one thing Dextre is actually good for ... Library Access. If you have Dextre on the board and LA in hand, attack with Dextre to kill him. He will go back to the top of your deck and be a guaranteed Logos card to draw/play to help keep that LA engine going.
  4. Bigtwig! A big creature that can reap and stun every turn, he is very annoying.
  5. Let me preface this with saying I totally agree, but to be fair, Magic has had 25 years to work on these things... It wasn't nearly as pretty at the beginning.
  6. So FFG releases a slew of rules updates and errata with no mention of Restriguntus + Collar. No response here. No response to my form submission. Come on FFG, lives are at stake here! OK, maybe not lives, but my Restriguntus is having serious anxiety issues, I'm really worried about the poor guy.
  7. I submitted through the rules submission form but have yet to hear back. I'll report any response I might get. I have heard that Brad regularly replies to rules questions on Facebook but I dont use it so...
  8. I submitted through the rules submission form but have yet to hear back. I'll report any response I might get. I have heard that Brad regularly replies to rules questions on Facebook but I dont use it so...
  9. But it is a Play ability which means the result of the ability is evaluated ONCE on play. It makes your opponent unable to call house X until Resty leaves play. When control is switched, that condition is not reevaluated. It still affects whomever it affected on play.
  10. From the rulebook: "CONSTANT ABILITIES If a card has an ability that does not have a boldfaced precursor, the ability is a constant ability that is active so long as the card remains in play and meets all conditions specified by the ability" Restringuntus's "Play:" ability is bold-faced. Unlike, for example, Mother which simply says "During your draw cards step, refill your hand to 1 additional card." This ability clearly transfers to the new controller if control is transferred; It does not have a bold-faced precursor. Restringuntus's Play ability has a bold-faced precursor! EVERY other Creature's Play ability would not change the game state at all if control were to be switched to opponent. See Bumpsy, Earthshaker, Ganager Chieftan, Hebe The Huge, Lomir Flamefist, Smaaash, Wardrummer, Charette, Drumble, Shooler, The Terror, Dr. Escotera, Dysania, Harland Mindlock, Skippy timehog, Timetraveller, Yxili Maurader, Horseman of *, Lady Maxena, Numquid the Fair, Raiding Knight, Sergeant Zakiel, Gatekeeper, Veemos Lightbringer, Magda, Old Bruno, Sneklifter, Urchin, Chota, Flaxia, Fuxxy Gruen, Lupo the Scarred, Mighty Tiger. The Play ability only happens once. When restriguntus is Played, it sets "your opponent" to be the universal constant of the "your opponent" at the time you played the card. That constant does not change just because ownership of the creature changes; The play ability does not trigger again, so nothing changes. Imagine "Your opponent" is a placeholder for your opponent's actual name... say it's Bob. I play Restringuntus: "Play: Choose a house. Bob cannot choose that house as their active house until Restringuntus leaves play." That is set and done. Bob takes control of Resty, the effect in play still says "Bob cannot choose that as their active house" because nothing triggered a change (Play ability is done)
  11. Any official ruling on this yet? I lost a game because of this today.
  12. Best idea I have heard in a long time!
  13. noxeor

    Companion App?

    Any chance FFG will make a companion app to drive the scenarios and gameplay, similar to Mansions of Madness? That would raise Fallout to A+ level for sure.
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