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  1. Can you please direct me to where you attained that knowledge?
  2. Hey guys! I have to know, do you have any plans to introduce the LAAT Gunship? If so, are you at liberty to mention any of their abilities? With guns on literally every side, I'd imagine it might be a challenge to design. I could go on all day about my predictions or hopes for the ship, but I'll keep it brief for the sake of your time: for the beam weapons on the side, consider using a special weapon with 2 recurring charges. Both get spent to perform the attack, meaning you can only fire it every other turn. In-universe terms, that shows how it has to stop itself from overheating. Thanks for reading my long post! Keep up the AMAZING work you guys!
  3. So... now that X-Wing 2.0 is out, and the TIE Silencer has been put into a whole different faction from the Imperials, are any of y'all's hopes any brighter for the Avenger to join the fight? I'll be honest, I didn't really pay much attention to that ship, but seeing everyone's collective love for it has made me more eager to see it in action, and playing X-Wing is the only way I get to see Star Wars fighters fly these days.
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