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  1. Hologrammophone can ward any creature in play. If the creature is already warded there will be no effect though. Upgrades can be attached to any creature in play. If there is another effect or rules on the upgrade itself, then you have to follow those rules instead.
  2. Battle line in this case, and the active player decides which flank it goes to.
  3. One person fills it out, but they will need information from everyone they are bringing with them.
  4. Yes, play abilities trigger after a creature has fully been played and enters the battleline.
  5. Officially there is no fixed way, so it is up to the store to decided how to handle the situation.
  6. There are some, but I know of no list.
  7. Chainbound events are shown in the store locator on the website. Other types are not typically since the store often does not post them to the FFG page.
  8. Yes. Increases to power only "stick" if it explicitly states that the creature gets "power tokens".
  9. Not just a rumor, that is officially right now how it is played at official events. It makes Archimedes a counter to a full board wipe.
  10. I believe the are trying to incorporate the results from the chainbound events into their ratings. So Until there is a very large number of chainbound decks it will continue to change.
  11. Playing Mimicry first for an Alpha would work because the copied card is still the first one played. Mimicry does not cause a second card to be played.
  12. Very few cards are worth holding in your hand. Either play it or discard it when you call that house. Remember that it is a race to forge keys, not eliminating your opponents board
  13. I find the thread less disturbing since I work from the assumption it was done for attention, which means the OP is getting exactly that. *Shrug*
  14. Sure I will bite, they also stole 10$ from me since I bought a deck that was worthless on the secondary market. And not only they did this once, they have done it repeatedly! And I am not the only one!!! I have heard there area thousands of people that have had 10$ stolen when they opened a deck. Oddly enough most of these seem to be decks containing Mars. /end sarcasm Stock market drives a lot of anxiety and emotional response for you? Secondary markets are just as speculative as the stock market. And based on how your comments sound all that needs to happen is wait for the next rules change for everything to be reversed again...
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