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  1. Took me 3.5 tries. I completed the a victory on Round 8 and had a blast. It was a great excuse to play cards that otherwise never make the cut in more powerful decks. Here's a fun narrative of the journey through a Shadow of the Past. We begin our journey in Bag End but were quickly thrown off course as we found ourselves in Stock-Brook. The delay proved helpful as our Three is Company soon turned to six. We were aided by a Curious Brandybuck who's wanderlust for Stock-Brook was overwhelming. Halfast Gamgee who provided us with resources for our journey and directed us to a stable were we procured a Hobbit Pony. Back on track, we eventually left Bag End but with a Black Rider on our trail. We noticed something unusual in Frodo as seemed to be toying with a certain Ring. The Curious Brandybuck proved a short lived ally as he disappeared to the bottom of Deck-land. We decided to take a Shortcut to Musrhooms where we found out Merry had been following us the whole time. As we spotted him so did a second Black Rider. Of course Merry always makes time for food and after a Good Meal we needed to get out Out of Sight. In addition Merry brought him with some valuable and timely tools. A Fast Hitch and a Hobbit Cloak gave Sam Gamgee enough courage and Hafling Determination to take on the Riders. Combined with a tactic to strike from In the Shadows it was enough to send one of them away. Unfortunately the second rider attacked a Curious Brandybuck who had recently joined our party. It was unfortunate to have a tragedy so early. We trust he is in Discardhalla with plenty of Good Meals and visions of Smoke Rings* and friends like Old Toby*. We made our way through the Mushroom farm but a second Black Rider was stalking. It seemed appropriate to heed Gildor's council. As luck would have it Mr Underhill was just enough to throw off the scent of our perilous pursuer. This allowed Merry and Sam to shake the last black shadow off our trail. It took awhile longer than expected but it was peaceful to travel through the Mushrooms without trouble from the Black Riders. Out of the Mushroom patch and into the frying pan! With Buckleberry Ferry within sights we thought we had finally made it... until a Black Rider appeared as we attempted our Escape to Buckland. Out in the open we were unable to Hide successfully. Pippen who had previously been summoned to answer "Have you Seen Baggins" was no longer with the party. Unable to Hide meant Sam took a mighty blow from the charge of a Black Rider attack. The set back could have cost us dearly but Frodo recalled the only bit of encouragement he knew. He remembered one of Bilbo's favorite elvish hymns and drew it on for strength to carry them through... "A Elbererth! Ethiloniel!" It worked! And suddenly the Black Rider was out of sight. We ran as fast we could - no one had ever seen Fatty Bolger move so fast prior or ever again - and with the second piece of Gildor's Council we were able to make our way past Buckleberry onto the Brandywine River Ferry. *Smoke Rings and Old Toby were never played they stayed in my hand. Great adventure. It was nice to play with only cards that would have likely been with the Hobbits.
  2. Has anyone tried this suggested designers challenge? Matt Newman posted a very challenging but fun (unique) variant for play in the Black Riders - A Shadow of the Past - Saga expansion. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/11/9/three-is-company/ its been very challenging. I’m mulliganing for Fast Hitch to help overcome Hide tests. My biggest challenge is not having enough WP to over come the building threat. I need events to get even one point after a few turns Whats been your experience?
  3. @TheGuardian118 Thank you! They had a copy.
  4. @Alonewolf87 I’m certain it will have a happy ending. Good luck!
  5. Hello LoTR friends and community. I am in need of your assistance. I have looked everywhere online, over the phone and locally and I am unable to track down a copy of the saga expansion Mount of Fire. Has anyone come across a copy in their local stores? Do you know a retailer? Please provide a phone number and I will call to order over the phone and pay shipping within the US or Canada. Any assistance would be welcome. Signed, Pre-Order Failure Never-Again
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