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  1. Rebel dude

    Any good Star Wars novels for Legion?

    last of the jedi is my fave.
  2. Rebel dude

    What is the best podcast for legion?

    all three are my fave😂have not tried stabcast.
  3. Rebel dude

    Clone Wars Era Specialist Expansion options?

    i want echo,fives,heavy and rex.
  4. Rebel dude

    Hondo now

    dont forget the uhgnaut.
  5. Rebel dude

    Sorastro's Painting

    is the army painter good paints?
  6. Rebel dude

    Table showcase.

    i love your bunker,nice.
  7. Rebel dude

    Table showcase.

  8. Rebel dude

    Table showcase.

    Show us those tables!
  9. Rebel dude

    Homebrew Units Thread

    if you want blank unit cards go to impact x and go to home brew
  10. Rebel dude

    Is this game worth getting in to?

    thanks i will think about it😊
  11. i play legion and i wanted to know if i should get it