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    Amicus Draconis got a reaction from General_Grievous in Land of Sorrow - Remaining Cards   
    I don't proxy cards either, unless they require an errata. UC is out of sphere for Gwaihir, yes, but that does not mean, I need a partner deck to include it. I happen to like tactic/spirit decks (paired with lore/leadership). Are you mostly playing one-handed solo mono-sphere?
    My first target for UC is usually the defender and Gwaihir happens to be one. And while there are heroes with fancy actions that require an exhaustion, not all of them need UC. They either need better stats than Gwaihir, an exhaustive ability, which can be used multiple times, or a combination of both. So let's see, who might qualify:
    Dori needs someone else to defend in the first place, so he is not a primary candidate for UC.
    Galadriel's ability has a limit, though through Nenya or her Mirror she can exhaust a second time. But without her toys there is no need for UC yet. The same goes for Elrond with Vilya and Círdan or Gandalf with Narya.
    Denethor has some nice encounter deck manipulation and depending on the quest, he can greatly benefit from UC.
    All other exhaustive abilities are either limit once per round or responses to revealing cards.
    Merry, Eleanor, Fatty Bolger, Argalad and Beravor have worse stats than Gwaihir and thus have no higher need of UC than him. This only leaves Haldir of Lórien, as long as he has increased his attack.
    In most quests there is no demand to ready a hero based on willpower alone, so they need a combat stat that is higher than Gwaihir's. For attack, without any weapons there are only Beorn, who cannot have attachments, Gimli with at least 3 damage on him, Na'asiyah with a pile of resources, Bard the Bowman against non-immune enemies not engaged with him, Grimbeorn the Old against non-immune enemies and a pile of resources, Faramir with 3 enemies in the staging area and Treebeard when self-damaging. Éowyn might use UC with her ability to attack for 10 twice, but that would make the card pretty useless afterwards.
    For defense without any armour there are only Beregond, Na'asiyah with a pile of resources and Spirit Dain Ironfoot when discarding a card. Erkenbrand does not have more defense but innate shadow protection when self-damaging. Leadership Dáin wants to be ready after defending, but only has one hitpoint more.
    Most of the heroes mentioned above need a keyword, healing to compensate for their abilities, attachments or resources to surpass Gwaihir in combat, so they need some extra combo pieces, which are about as hard to find as UC itself.
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    Amicus Draconis reacted to dalestephenson in Top 5 player cards you still want   
    After much thought, I've come up with my own preferred Hama errata that prevents indefinite Thicketing (or for that matter, 4 consecutive thickets with one card), but doesn't make Hama a three-time-only recurrer.
    Passive ability: You may play an event from the victory display as if it were in your hand, then remove the event from the game.
    Response: when Hama attacks, you may discard a card from your hand to place a tactics event in the victory display.
    The modified Hama ability prevents him from recurring any individual event more than once, but puts no limit on the number of events that he can recur once.  It also gives him some possible interactions with a Victory Display deck that I think would be interesting and mostly helpful.
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    Amicus Draconis reacted to Felswrath in Top 5 PODs you want to see.   
    I would love to see a goofy Shire mission. Back in the day, I had suggested (and I'd still love to see it) a scenario in which we have to help Farmer Maggot guard his fields from thieving young Hobbits. The Big Bad of the scenario would be a young Frodo Baggins!
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    Amicus Draconis reacted to stimpaksam in Under the Ash Mountains   
    During setup it has you discard cards from your deck until you're down to 40. Then it prevents you from using events to shuffle cards in your discard pile back into your deck.
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    Amicus Draconis reacted to dalestephenson in Messenger of the King targets   
    I love Support of the Eagles, but I love hero defense and it's an *outstanding* value.  Pricy, but the choice of (at least) 3 attack and (at least) 4 defense is terrific -- especially when it is not limited to 1 per hero, not restricted, and raises the stat for the whole phase.  Its only drawback is requiring a tactics hero.
    It is pricy, and so are Eagles, but it doesn't have to live in a full-fledged Eagles deck.  Vassal/Guardian/Misty is all you need, the first two give you the +3 attack, +4 defense choice, and once you get Misty out you can let your Vassal(s) go away and then your Guardians to buff the Support.  Because of lack of card draw, I found my tactics deck got resource-heavy midgame despite the cost of Eagles (due to lack of draw); and Eagles are a *lot* more affordable now than they used to be thanks to Mablung or Hirgon or Radagast with Staff.
    Whether it's "win more" is really quest dependent.  Quests reliant on willpower-based progress it doesn't do much for you, since even without it Eagles can take care of most combat in an expensive way.  But then, tactics resources are not the best way to provide extra willpower!  Quests that use battle and siege questing it rocks, as do the two cheap eagles.  Boss quests it is *very* valuable for providing boss-proof defensive levels, and also for massive attack.  You can't get buffs that large cheaper, with the glaring exception of Blood/Fire with a resource generator.
    If you use a tactics dwarf hero in a Radagast Eagles deck, you can cheat it into play for free with Well-Equipped and Wizard Pipe.
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    Amicus Draconis reacted to sappidus in Self inflicted damage and Mirthril Shirt   
    The above discussion has covered the basic case, but this ruling that adds in the wrinkle of a Vigilant Guard also on the Mithril Shirt'ed hero should probably be mentioned:
    As I editorialized then, have fun while you can. (Or, if we never get another FAQ, have fun forever…)
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    Amicus Draconis reacted to dalestephenson in Self inflicted damage and Mirthril Shirt   
    Here's a link to a thread with a ruling that applies to Mithril/archery combo:
    Since archery is assigned simultaneously, but can't be assigned past remaining hp to any particular character, it is limited to preventing 1 archery damage.
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    Amicus Draconis reacted to TheSpitfired in Personal Progress - Milestones   
    Shadow and Flame has been passed. It felt more like a combat puzzle then a combat. I guess it makes sense, if you're not an Istari doing what you believe you were fated to do you shouldn't be able to beat him!  
    This was probably tapered to my advantage though. Having Galadriel in my party may have very well broken the quest. I was able to keep my threat at 0 while I got myself setup in what was the best way possible to fight the Balrog. Gandalf helped me jump on some quick damage and then we piled on as much as we could. After two rounds of combat the Balrog had only 6 hit points remaining. That may seem like a lot but in truth Gandalf made two appearances so 8 damage was auto assigned. The other 13 were hard fought for.
    The one turn I exhausted all my resources and couldn't use A Test of Will was the turn the Balrog got a Counter-Spell attached to him. I had to be very careful with playing event cards as I did not want to discard my hand. Henmarth Riversong was an absolute God-send in this regard. @Amicus Draconis I must again thank you for the idea of throwing him in the deck I was using. I ended up using him after the Balrog would be dealt a shadow card to see if I could use Fair and Perilous to boost Glorfindel's attack, or when a treachery I really didn't want to see came up I would use Henmarth to see if I could Test of Will it successfully. It made for some tense and relieving moments depending on what would flip.
    This concludes my adventures in the Dwarrowdelf cycle, at least for now in Solo play. These quests were a lot of fun and many of them were defined by tense moments and silent prayers as I flipped encounter cards. The Redhorn Gate and Foundations of Stone just stood out as fantastically thematic and could thus far be my favorite in the game.
    The current plan is to retire this beloved Elf Deck, although it is saved online in case I wish to use it again and construct a new deck to start Heirs of Numenor with. The major problem is I have multiple decks on deck and can't decide what to use. Everything from Saruman/Lone Wanderer to Silvan Elves and even a very casual fun Woodman/Dale Burglary deck. Or I might wait for the 5th adventure pack because my brain felt like it exploded with ideas when I read the contract Messenger of the King.
    Until next time!
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    Amicus Draconis reacted to dalestephenson in Land of Sorrow Preview Up   
    Except for Meneldor, you can't grab any of those with Eagles Are Coming.  Eagle Messenger surely isn't intended to buff Tactics questing in general, but to buff Eagles decks -- thanks to Radagast's staff, their economy is better than it used to be, but they're sorely short of questing.  You'll want Meneldor *and* Messengers in a solo Eagles deck.
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    Amicus Draconis got a reaction from General_Grievous in Land of Sorrow Preview Up   
    I guess the missing tactics card is an attachment for Gwaihir similar to Kahliel's Headdress, to enable digging for eagle allies in the discard pile, otherwise his ability will run out of fuel.
    And what is the point of the forced effect on Eagle Messenger? Sure he is cheaper and non unique compared to the other tactics allies with 2 or more willpower.  But as long as you want to make progress he is going to become very expensive. I'd rather pay an extra resource for Bofur, Grimbold, Meneldor or Beechbone.
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    Amicus Draconis reacted to Gibby in Land of Sorrow Preview Up   
    Ad-hoc evaluation of unique allies as contract targets:
    General consideration: The expectation is that the best targets are those that have low stats, but are highly costed for amazing and recurring abilities. 
    Lore Anborn: 8 threat cost, fair stats, relevant traits. Recurring traps is a relevant ability. Fair target. 
    Leadership Anborn: 8 threat costs, fair status, relevant traints. Increase engagement cost and dealing damage ok, but not amazing. Ok target. 
    Angbor the Fearless: 5 threat cost for a fair quester. Relevant traits. The valor trigger nombos with the low threat cost. Niche target. 
    Arwen: 5 threat cost, relevant traits and her tried and proven ability make her a good target. To consider: her ally cost of only 2 which is part of what makes her great in the first place. Also you can't use her hero version. Good target. 
    Azain Silverbeard: 7 threat cost, relevant traits. The ability is interesting, albeit a bit niche. Could be an interesting pick for quests with a number of low HP enemies. Niche target. 
    Barliman Butterbur: Nope.
    Beechbone: The general problems with ents is that it is their ally cost that makes them attractive. Paying for the stats in threat and starting with an exhausted hero is meh. 
    Beorn: 13 threat costs makes him one of the more expensive hero options out there. His ability is likely a tad better then Tactics Boromir discard ability, but then Beorn lacks his mad readying skills. Niche target. 
    Bifur: Nothing to see here. 
    Bilbo Baggins: 4 threat costs for a 2WP quester that does not die to 1 damage. Looks like a good deal. Starting with a pipe is also nice. I expect that he will be a popular target. Good target. 
    Bill the Pony: The only way to get a hero with the coveted pony trait. Someone will play it for that reason alone, but other than that not very interesting as the main selling point of the ally is that its resource cost is 0. 
    Spirit Bofur: Nothing to see here. 
    Tactics Bofur: 7 threat costs for 2WP, 2 ATT and 3 HP is ok. The ability to repeatedly tutor for weapons will surely make him see play. Good target. 
    Bombur: Maybe against quests with high threat underground locations? Very niche at best. 
    Boromir: 9 threat cost with two relevant abilities and traits are likely sufficient to make him see play. The contract's readying limitation does matter here. Fair target. 
    Brok Ironfist: Not very exciting to say the least. You could replace hero Brok by ally brook if the latter bites the dust just for the memes. Meh target. 
    Ceorl: A hero that can be passed around the table. Very interesting. Fair target. 
    Damrod: Discard for small benefit. Not very interesting. Meh. 
    Denethor: Pay for stats with only downside abilities? Pass. 
    Derwine: 7 threat costs for 3DEF 3P sentinel with built in shadow cancelling? I expect that this will see play. Good target. 
    Derufin: Discard for small benefits? I do not see the point. Meh. 
    Dori: His ability to take damage instead of a hero does not shine here. Pass. 
    Dwalin: Blank ability. Pass. 
    Spirit Elfhelm: Hot tech against certain quests. Niche target. 
    Tactics Elfhelm: Blank ability. Pass. 
    Elladan and Elrohir: Ok alternative to their hero versions with lower threat cost, lower HP and lower off-stat (the one that is not boosted by the sibling). Interesting to have options against Orc heavy quests. Fair targets.
    Elrond: 11 threat cost for an additional card at the start of the game and a body does that does not stick around? Pass. 
    Emery: Blank ability: Pass. 
    Eomund: Even though his ability requires to discard him, the effect of readying everyone Rohan can be powerful. Niche target. 
    Eothain: 8 threat costs puts him in actual hero territory. His ability is ok, but not spectacular. Also Imrahil exists. Niche target. 
    Erestor: 6 threat costs for an interesting ability that is not quite as extreme as that on his hero counterpart. Good target. 
    Leadership Faramir: This was featured in the article, so it better be ok. I think it is. Ok target. 
    Lore Faramir: Surely there has to be a quest or two where his ability matter during setup (depening on the precise rules for setup order). Niche``?
    Farmer Maggot: Meh. 
    Fili: Meh. 
    Firyal: 9 threat costs for a good quester with an amazing ability. Good target. 
    Forlong: Everyone's favourite unique outlands ally as another hero? Surely this will be a thing with Hirluin and outlanded Imrahil. Good target. 
    Gaffer Gamgee: 3 threat cost for a hobbit hero will put a lot three hobbit decks comfortably into secrecy territory. The ability is niche, but relevant. Ok target. 
    Galadriel: Nope. Another white council member that does not like this contract. 
    Galdor of the havens: Same stats as his hero version, but a interesting different ability. Will see play. Good target. 
    Galion: 1 threat cost for a third hero will be good enough to make it into secrecy decks wanting another spirit hero. Ok target. 
    Gamlin: Ability to recur Rohan allies on a stick may make this good enough. Meh stats for 6 threat costs. Niche target. 
    Ghan-Buri-Ghan: If you ever wanted a wose hero, here is your chance. For only for threat cost, is ability is quite ok. The discard ability will rarely be used, but it's a nice bonus. Good target. 
    Gildor: Hero quality stats and cost with an amazing ability. This will enable new decks. Good target. 
    Gimli: 9 threat cost for an allrounder make him fairly expensive. Relevant ability. Ok target. 
    Gleowine: 3 threat costs for card draw on a stick make this a Beravor light that will fit in a number of secrecy decks. Good target. 
    Gloin: Nope. 
    Glordfindel: 11 threat costs with a hero-level ability make this an eligible target. Fair target. 
    Grimbold: Discard hero to feint? Not great, but you get a 2 WP tactics hero for 6 threat cost. Niche target. 
    Guthalf: 6 cost sentinel tactics hero. Niche target. 
    Gwaihir: If you always wanted a Gwaihir hero, but the actual hero Gwaihir is too expensive for you, then this will do. The response will fizzle though. Too bad. Meh. 
    Halbarad: Too high cost for an all-rounder hero. Ability not relevant enough. Meh. 
    Haldir of Lorien: Also too high cost for all-rounder. Ranged and sentinel are nice though. Niche taret. 
    Halfast Gamgee: 5 threat cost leadership hobbit hero that quests for 2 and comes with a free resources. This will go in a number of hobbit secrecy decks. Good target. 
    Hama: Meh stats and discard to use ability. Very very niche at best. 
    Henamarth Riversong: Everyone's favourite scrier now collects 1 lore resources for round for 3 threat cost. Squishy, but good. Good target. 
    Ingold: 5 cost for a strong leadership quester. Why not? Fair target. 
    Ioreth: Covered in article. Good target. 
    Jubayr: Defender that discards shadow cards. Good target. 
    Kili: Nope. 
    Landroval: The question here is whether he can bring himself back. Need some rulings, but likely niche. 
    Leaflock: An ent. Niche. 
    Leogolas: Nice to have options. Good stats, traits and ability. Good target. 
    Lindir: Not sure on the rule here. If his ability triggers before you draw the starting hand, then this may be fantastic, but that I doubt that this is the case. Meh otherwise. 
    Mablung: A 5 threat cost hero that quests for 2 in ok. The ability to increase an enemies engagement cost (if the setup timing allows it to trigger) is very narrow in application. Niche target. 
    Meneldor: Another mediocre way to get an eagle hero. Niche for that thematic reason, but meh otherwise. 
    Merry: 4 threat costs for a 2WP quester that doesn't die to a single damage. If you can afford 3 threat cost more for Sam, then this will be the better option unless you already run him. Niche target. 
    Nori: 6 threat for an ok ability in a dwarven mining deck. Ok target. 
    Orophin: 6 threat for a good quester/attacher stat distribution with ranged. Ok target. 
    Pippin: 4 threat for 2WP and 2HP is ok. Both abilities are very relevant, makeing him a stand-out amongst hobbit targets. Good target. 
    Prince Imrahil: Nombo time!
    Quickbeam: An ent. The main selling point as an ally is his ridiculously low cost. Less good as a hero, though the readying make this playable in some cases I suspect - even with the contract limitation on readying. Niche target. 
    Robin Smallburrow: 5 threat cost for a 2 quester and an ability that is only occasionally useful at best. Ok, but there are likely better options. Ok target. 
    Rosie: Everyone's favourite female leadership hero. Good target. 
    Rumil: Ok stats and ranged, but nothing more. Meh. 
    Sam Gamgee: I think the hero version is the better one here. However, this may find a spot in a hobbit deck that is looking for another spirit hobbit that isn't Pippin. 
    Skinbark: Does nothing the first round, but the ability may be good enough in some quests. Haven't checked. Niche. 
    Sulien: 3 WP for 7 threat cost is ok, but in spirit you could pay 1 or 2 threat more to get Lothiriel or Eowyn. Niche target. 
    Wigalf: I suppose the readying ability makes him ok, but not exciting. Ok target. 
    Yazan: Hero grade stats and hero grade ability (albeit on the weaker side). Probably the worst of the Harad allies as targets. Ok target. 

    In my count that makes 17 good targets and a lot of other options to play around with. Also nothing seemed OP. A very interesting contract overall, that opens up a wealth of deckbuilding options. Happy to see this contract! 
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    Amicus Draconis reacted to dalestephenson in Ancient Mathoms   
    My takes:
    Brok Ironfist's final form I like, as you might expect.  I notice the "hand or discard pile" has been reduced to discard pile, but I think that's OK.  Brok's still worth six and still cool.
    Boots of Erebor I'm still not entirely happy with.  I think we need more cards being mined, but the effect is still weak and the connection with location that appeals to us all isn't there.  I still would like it to be +1 hp for character and +2 hp for Hobbit/Dwarves, I don't think it's that overpowered and it makes it at least usable outside dwarf/hobbit decks.  (OK, there's a size-of-foot issue, but though dwarves are short I'm not sure their feet are small.)
    How about this -- when discarded from the deck it gets put into play and puts two progress on a location?  The future travel-related space doesn't leave a lot of room for travel effects, espcially random one, but progress can always be useful.
    I like Ever Onward scaling, but I think the cost should be 1 plus the number of players.  2 is not too much for solo, and the difficulty of assembling resources justifies the mild ramp from there.
    Looking at the new cards now with Dunedain Wanderer, reducing the secrecy/regular differential is a fine idea, and the point that inflated non-secrecy is most painful to secrecy decks is a good one.  I love the passive healing as an enhancement, that makes him interesting and useful for a Dunedain deck at full price.
    Taking Initiative with your changes is a fine card in a two-hero deck, which needs help.  The one objection from a progression standpoint is that even with this card, two-hero decks still aren't likely to be useful until Strider comes out.  (IIRC, you still "control" the captured hero in Dol Goldur.)   But at least the changes make it useful when Strider does come, instead of having to wait for Grey Wanderer.
    Timely Aid benefits from the reduced differential, I like it.
    For Keeping Count, I think Amicus is right, however it is put into play it should fetch the other copy -- and it shouldn't fail if the other copy isn't currently in the deck instead of hand or discard.  Your limit of two in play will stop the effect from repeating.
    For Riders of the Mark I also agree with Amicus, just require a resource instead of a spirit resource to transfer control.
    I like Renewed Friendship, it's Gandalf-lite minus the direct damage -- but that's frequently the best part of Gandalf.  The short-edge of the benefit is really the "ready a hero" part, since the opportunity for this card is in the planning phase, it's rare that a hero *isn't* ready.  How about something actually useful to a hero?  Removing damage or adding resources (it's still their planning phase) would be more compelling.  Maybe the third option should be returning the resources spent on the attachment played cross-table?
    I like the changes to Ravenhill Scout, now he is actually worthy of being in a Dale deck with Rhovanion Outriders.  I don't think the effect is too powerful, since it can only redistribute what's already there and it can't be triggered after staging.  But now it's at least useful.
    Bombur is not as useful, since his effective 2-wp is reliant on the presence of a location, unlike the Scout's flat two.  Being able to do it after staging is a plus, but even with the much needed stat buf he's not that handy in combat -- 2/3 defenders won't last long even with ABB.  I think one more thematic enhancement might help Bombur, though its usefulness will have to weight for the Hobbit cards -- make ally Bombur worth two dwarf characters, like the hero version does.
    Needful to Know is worth 0, with a scry and possible threat reduction.  But at full price it's not at all compelling even with the threat raise removed.  Maybe this should be 1-cost with Secrecy 1?  Threat reduction is more useful to a secrecy deck at 21 threat than at 20.
    And then there's The End Comes.  I like the idea of a powerful, dangerous mining effect, very thematic.  And removing the dwarf-leaves-play mechanic makes the card accessible to the handful of quests where you actually want the original effect.  But that's still the problem with the card -- so few quests benefit from the action that it's still a useless card in hand most of the time, even if it's got a great mining effect.  Even Hidden Cache in hand would be better.
    With limited space and the necessity for it to keep doing the very-rarely-done-thing that only it can do, how to enhance it?  My thought is for it to say "Shuffle all but one encounter card back into the deck" -- that's not quite as good as putting a nasty card in the victory display, but it at least means you can make sure *something* doesn't show up for a long time.  A more powerful alternative would be "Shuffle any number of cards from the encounter discard back into the deck", though in that case you would also want to add the card to the victory display to prevent it from being recurred.
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    Amicus Draconis got a reaction from Onidsen in Ancient Mathoms   
    I like the changes to the new cards, the only major issues I have are with Boot from Erebor and Ever Onward. As I said before, I cannot see a connection between mining and the boots, I would have preferred a travel effect. And Ever Onward seems too cheap: Just commit no one to the quest and pay a resource to have everyone ready for combat. This is way better than even the new version of We Do Not Sleep with a low player count.
    The changes to Dúnedain Wanderer, Keeping Count, Timely Aid and Renewed Friendship are welcome.
    Why is the card search of Keeping Count restricted to playing from hand? If you put it into play via Vilya, Thr´´ór's Ring, Well-equipped or similar effects, it will not go off. Maybe you need to add "if able" after "discard a resource from this card". And while the FAQ states to always shuffle the deck after searching unless specified otherwise, I prefer this text to appear on the card itself.
    The Ravenhill Scout is now similar to the Mirkwood Explorer with the difference, that he generates no progress, but also does not need an extra exhaustion to move the tokens. This could make him quite useful.
    For Rider of the Mark I would rather change the spirit resource to a neutral one and let the player controlling him pay, as before.
    Bombur needed the stat boost, now he is an always useful dwarf and not only in special cases.
    For Needful to Know you could add some card draw. That way the card replaces itself and thematically knowledge of the enemy can give you better options to deal with them .
    The End Comes: What happens, if there are no more enemies in the encounter deck? Normally with such effects the discard pile gets shuffled into the encounter deck beforehand. And what about a quest like Lake-town, where there are not enemies in the encounter deck?
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    Amicus Draconis reacted to Alonewolf87 in Rank the cycles (quest and story)   
    There could have been stories passed down through the Dwarves of the great fear and shadow which was called Durin's Bane, so Dain might have made the connection.
    There were still some great powers in Middle-Earth during the Second and Third Age, from Elrond and Glorfindel to Celeborn and Galadriel that might have proven dangerous for the Balrog if they knew it still lived hidden in the mines and shafts of Khazad-Dum.
    There sure might have been some pre-science at hand, it would not have been the first time something like that happened. Aragorn might not have known it was specifically a Balrog, but it might have understood that something more dire than some Orcs was living in Moria and thought that Gandalf would have been the only one to possibily have the skill and power to face whatever was infesting the mines.
    But, as much as I enjoy this kind of talks,  I fear we are straying a bit from the argument of the topic
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    Amicus Draconis got a reaction from OlorinCZ in Master Cards   
    I guess, they will be handled similar to player side quests: the deluxe contains the neutral card(s), and the first four AP one of each sphere. So there probably will not be any more master cards. Maybe we will get visa cards instead.
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    Amicus Draconis got a reaction from player3351457 in Master Cards   
    I guess, they will be handled similar to player side quests: the deluxe contains the neutral card(s), and the first four AP one of each sphere. So there probably will not be any more master cards. Maybe we will get visa cards instead.
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    Amicus Draconis got a reaction from Ywingscum in Master Cards   
    I guess, they will be handled similar to player side quests: the deluxe contains the neutral card(s), and the first four AP one of each sphere. So there probably will not be any more master cards. Maybe we will get visa cards instead.
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    Amicus Draconis reacted to dalestephenson in Where Should the Game Go Next?   
    Lost Beleriand -- Ruins of Belegost is such a cool concept, if we can use sailing to get a glimpse of Numenor we should get a glimpse far north.
    Forochel -- let's see the snowman.  I also note that Angmar cycle left other parts of the North untouched, basically everything north of Fornost and west of Angmar was ignored.
    Shire/Bree -- Beech tree walking north of the shire?  Visit to Old Forest and Barrow Downs outside the saga context.  Scouring of the Shire *in* saga context.  Strider says Butterbur lives within a days march of foes that would freeze his blood -- the Trolls and Orcs we saw in Angmar cycle are more than a  day away, and the wights are stationary -- who *is* that close to Bree that we haven't seen?
    Misty Mountains -- we've been to Angmar, Gundabad, Caradhras, Moria, and Methedras, but only went to the High Pass in the saga.  We know that's only open thanks to the valour of the Beornings; there's an ongoing war there we haven't seen in the game.
    Rhun -- the East is *vast*, and yet we may be turning back to Mordor before even crossing the territory once controlled by Gondor.  Let's go *far* East.
    Mordor -- yes, the current cycle is ending there, but I'm guessing it's a jaunt in, not an exploration.  I've alwasy been curious about the slave-worked fields around the Sea of Nurnen.  Where there are slaves, there is potential for conflict.
    Khand -- We need Varaigs!
    Far Harad -- although we spent more time in Harad than the East gets, Aragorn went to where the stars are strange.  Why can't we?
    Gondor/Rohan -- Ringmaker had hardly any quests actually *in* Rohan.  The White Mountains are dangerous to travel in, and for many years orc refugees were a danger there.  For long enough to fit in the time period of the game?
    The Past -- the appendices contain a *lot* of great stories that don't fit into the narrow window between Bilbo's Party and the ring leaving the shire; a single independent big box covering an older story with period characters and multiple quests would rock, sort of a mini-saga.  Things like:
    Thorongil's raid on Umbar.
    The Dwarf-Goblin War.
    The original War of the Ring
    The Fall of Arnor
    Helm Hammerhand
    Balin's recolonization of Moria
    Dozens of stories from the Silmarillion -- the Tolkien Estate may be more open to that sort of thing than they were when the game began.
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    I interprete this line as "build a deck with 4 heroes and no allies. The lowest cost hero has no threat cost" or alternatively "build a deck with a single ally, which must be unique. Put this ally into play. This ally becomes a hero."
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    Amicus Draconis reacted to RedSpiderr in The Road: The Siege of Gondor   
    Here's the narrative accompanying my Saga Campaign playthrough for The Siege of Gondor.
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    Amicus Draconis reacted to EBerling in Top 5 player cards you still want   
    It would be pretty easy to give it a "once per phase" restriction, should the designer(s) feel it warranted, even if the other Guarded Weapons don't have such a limitation. 
    Frankly, I think such a weapon would be well within the power level of the current game.  Popular Heroes like Beregond-Sp, Galdriel, and Frodo-Ld already offer means to manage threat every round (as do several less popular Heroes like Fastred and Merry), and the list of player cards to reduce threat is fairly long.   To me, at least, a guarded weapon that requires that it's bearer participates in a fatal attack in order to trigger doesn't seem unfairly good given many of the other quality threat-control options now available.

    Besides, I'm sure if someone pitched a sword that let the bearer draw a card (Glamdring) or gain a resource (Orcrist), most of us would think it was too good of an ability... and yet each of those has existed for awhile now, and can even be triggered multiple times a turn if the bearer can ready (pretty trivial) and has enough squishy targets (really dependent on the quest and staging).  
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    Amicus Draconis reacted to Durins_Father in 2 years of Vision of the Palantir, Thank you!   
    Hi all, 
    Today I celebrate the fact that I started the Vision of the Palantir blog 2 years ago. I am pleased to see this project grow to what it is today, including scenario analyses, archetype overviews, player card analyses, and helpful articles to players new and old. Thanks to so many of you, I have had the motivation to carry on with the blog through some difficult times, and I am looking forward to where the blog will go to during the next year of its life. I hope to round out 2 more cycles of normal quests, and the first cycle of Nightmare quests, and will see what else will be created along the way. In this article I go around thanking everyone, but I hope to meet some of you along the way in person at events or if anyone happens to wander into my neck of the woods (NL, hit me up for some games!). 
    I'll also would like to ask you to visit this link to see how you can contribute to the blog's efforts. I am currently working on plans for making this year's loot, but with several Patrons dropping the game, the part of the funding might have to come out of my own pocket. So if you want to support the blog and get some of the epic loot that I will be making before the summer is over (if everything is going to plan), then check out the Patron site and its reward tiers. Your support in comments and views on the blog is not to be understated either, it has really helped me to continue this project when quiting it would have been so much easier. Big thanks to everyone here, and I hope to meet on the road ahead. 
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    Celeborn has silver hair, as indicated by his name: celeb means silver in sindarin.
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    Amicus Draconis got a reaction from Onidsen in Ancient Mathoms   
    You're welcome and thanks!
    Thr´or's Map came to my mind as well and Map of Rhovanion, but your idea sounds good: It will effectively be +1 Willpower, when you have travelled in the previous round. A cost of 0 might be a bit on the cheap side for a hitpoint and one point of willpower, but on the other hand there probably will not be a location to travel to each round.
    Playtesting will help here for sure. And do not forget, this version of HoG could also make Sneak Attack for free, as if this event was not powerful enough already.
    You have a point here, the only problem I see, is that dwarf mining is found mostly in tactics and spirit, with the exception of Soldier of Erebor and Ered Nimrais Prospector, so Leadership might not be the best choice for a sphere.
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    Which is too bad if so, as we still had the Sagas to finish (in case mount doom and black gate weren't hard enough for you already haha). At least they finished my favorite cycle The Dreamchaser. Looking forward to get into them as I just got my first nightmare pack for Christmas.
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