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  1. 1) Honestly, I would prefer ally Aragorn over a spirit hero version. Is there any reason to believe, we will get spirit Aragorn anyway? Additionally I would like more allies of important characters like Éomer, Éowyn, Théoden, Frodo, Fatty, Gríma, Beregond, Targon, Bergil, Dáin Ironfoot etc. 2) Furthermore, I would like to see some way for dwarves to become ranged, like a Throwing Axe attachment, or a ranged dwarven ally. Dúnedain Signal or Elf-friend plus Rivendell bow is unthematic. 3) Some dwarven healing would be nice as well. Sure they have a lot of hitpoints, but I do not like to always rely on Wardens of Healing for that task. 4) Extra cards for Isengard/Doomed could enable a Isengard deck to work. Right now there is not much in terms of allies and the events can be used in many deck types.
  2. Has anyone noticed that Ulfast is a name taken from the Silmarillion?
  3. Technically the twins could quest, though you would need readying for them, as their innate ability only works, when they attack/defend. And who is Halbeard supposed to be? Halbarad, Treebeard?
  4. For me it sounds more like a four-hero contract, similar to the Three Hunters, but with a fourth hero instead of three restricted attachments per hero.
  5. But in this case the problem is the game mechanic itself: While it is possible to reveal more than one location per round in higher player counts, the players still can only travel to one of them, whereas enemies can be engaged more or less at will. And as long as one does not plan to build decks that can provide more willpower than the threat of all locations in the encounter deck AND that can deal with more treacheries and enemies than usual, location control is an important aspect of the game to cover. And by the way, Mariner's Compass does not make an active location, it just allows you to replace a location in the staging are with no guarantee for success.
  6. It's the same reason A Burning Brand got errataed as well: the card lets you ignore a certain core aspect of the game indefinetely for only a small investment. That would be like Eleanor without revealing a replacement card or Galadriel's action being unlimited.
  7. I agree. In step 1 of combat the attacking enemy is declared and only in step 2 the defending character is declared. So as soon as the attack begins (i.e. step 1) the top card of the encounter deck should be discarded before step 2 when a defender is declared. Note that Thrashing and Grasping Tentacles trigger on being attacked and in step 1 of player attacks both the target and the attackers get declared.
  8. Just take a card you would not use anyway like Brok Ironfist and pretend it is Unexpected Courage.
  9. Well, someday I have to try playing 4 handed, this will be really chaotic and fun.
  10. Some observations from me: For the first deck: Dawn Take You All has some severe restrictions as it only works on engaged enemies and you discard the cards facedown. You will be better off with Hasty Stroke in the other deck. Why do you include Sneak Attack only 2 times? It is one of the best Leadership events paired with Gandalf. If you plan on many characters leaving play, you can just as well increase your copies of Valiant Sacrifice. But with Beregond and all the traps you probably will not often resort to chump blocking. Dúnedain Quest is rather expensive for willpower, better slot in Visionary Leadership and some Gondorian Shields. Do you plan to attach the Dúnedain Marks on Aragorn? If not Roheryn will not do much for you. And some copies of Feint can help you out in combat as well. Steward of Gondor is just so good, you can increase its copies to 3 and as you hardly have Leadership events and not even a mono sphere deck, I would cut Tome of Atanatar. For the second deck: Test of Will is such a powerful card, you should include it 3 times into your deck, just to be save. With Sword that was broken and potentially Visionary Leadership, you will probably not need Secret Path, as it is only a temporary solution. As already noted above, the second deck should take three copies of Hasty Stroke. I would rather use Stand and Fight to get allies into play without a sphere match, I do not think it is needed in your deck, as you habe plenty of allies to play, without fetching them from the discard pile. The Ithilien Lookouts should be played in a Secrecy deck, but as your threat is way above it without means of reducing it besides Gandalf, I would cut them. Beregond can at best keep you at your starting level. The Lampwright is a terrible ally, as you will hardly get use out of it without deeper scrying into the encounter deck. Depending on whether you need more healing, increase the number of Wardens of Healing to 3. Ithilien Pits will probably not help you much because of your high Threat, as enemies are going to engage you anyway. I am surprised you have included Blood of Númenor but not Gondorian Fire. Wingfoot will only give you 2 willpower out of Damrod or Faramir, or maybe Aragorn but he has his own readying ability. And without scrying this effect is rather unreliable. Better put in a second copy of Unexpected Courage. And when you trim your deck size down to 50 cards, it will perform more efficient. Both decks can profit from extra card draw (Campfire Tales and Daeron's Runes) and threat reduction (The Galadhrim's Greeting and Secret Vigil), even though you can offset the threat increase at the end of the round with Beregond. And the faster you draw into those cards you need, the better your decks will perform.
  11. There is one thing I dislike about Dáin Ironfoot: Global boosts are just too powerful. An army of his dwarves is able to wreck many encounter decks. Just put Unexpected Courage on him, so he can use his superiour defensive stats and still power up his allies. Dúnedain Signal is for the most part a multiplayer card and if you happen to not have a Sentinel hero, this card is a must. It can also serve later to enable certain cards in single player like Hold your Ground, Armoured Destrier or The Day's Rising, though it will take some time to reach these cards in the card pool. One of the best heroes to put this attachment on is Elrohir who comes together with his brother at the beginning of the next cycle. And while it may be fine to put Dúnedain Signal on to Glóin, I would not play it on Gimli, as he is an attacker and if he needs some extra damage put on him, he should engage an enemy himself. This will save you resources and actions. Dawn take you all has a couple of issues. For its price it is clearly a multiplayer card and only then, when every player is engaged with an enemy. But then it should only be used in emergencies. As you noted, the card not only shines against wargs who like to return to the staging area but also against the mighty dragon Smaug the Magnificent himself, who will attack again, if his shadow card has a burgle effect. This event will be one of the only cards to ensure that he will not attack again. Sure, the Eagles of the Misty Mountains are expensive, but they more than make up for the cost. I would only play them with at least two tactics heroes in my deck or some resource acceleratio/smoothing. But it is not nearly as bad, as you make it sound. Save your resources on two of your tactics heroes for the next round and voilà, they are ready to go. And the eagles you want to attach to them are cheap with a cost of 1 or 2 resources only. I would never pay full price for a Decendant of Thorondor, not while Sneak Attack exists, and Landroval only hits the table if I expect a dead hero, which is rarely the case. Another thing is, that you should try to play the EotMM first, so other eagles leaving play can join them. At first they can help questing with 2 willpower, which is as high as it gets in tactics and as soon as other eagles leave play (and hopefully other questing allies enter play) they can tremendously help you out in combat. The only thing they lack compared to their cheaper brethren is a keyword like ranged and sentinel, so be aware they will only help you fighting. Support of the Eagles is somewhat expensive with 3 resources but as long as you have a Vassal or a Guardian on the table it is fully worth the price. Let your hero defend an attack and the Guardian another. And as soon as you have the Eagles of the Misty Mountains in play, you can start attaching your eagles to the flock. The first Vassal attached will ensure that you still can use its 3 attack and if you attach a Guardian next, you can still get 4 defense. The only thing, that really gets expensive with this strategy is, when you keep your Guardians around for some extra defense actions, which can come in handy in multiplayer due to their sentinel keyword. There is not much to add about the West Road Traveller. Please keep in mind that Rohan is the name of the kingdom, its people are called Rohirrim, and a single one is called Rohir. They call themselves Eorlingas though, as Eorl the Young was the first King of Rohan. Astonishing Speed is a rather niche card. Normally I do not need it, but at some points it is useful. And I do not think the card gets devalued because Éowyn, Westroad Traveller and Escort of Edoras have high willpower on their own. When you face location lock and you need some extra willpower to push through a quest stage in order to win the game, this card is for you. But if you do not need it, it means you keep the game under control. As I have nothing to add to the Mirkwood Runner, I will move on to Power in the Earth. Free scrying is always nice, but trying to pay for it just to keep it can get expensive very fast. I would rather pay a resource every round to keep a Winged Guardian around than return Rumour back to hand. There is not much I can do against those treacheries you mention, when I know them in advance. I can refrain from exhausting endangered characters against Exhaustion, but that is it. I better use Eleanor and A Test of Will to cancel as many of those threacheries as possible. The face on Shadow of the Past not only looks like Gandalf in some way, but it is him. The cards title, as well as its flavour text, refers to the second chapter in Fellowship of the Ring, where Gandalf briefs Frodo about the ring. His beard is golden, as he just threw the ring into the fire to figure out, whether it is indeed the master ring. I only tend to use this card, if I need to retrieve something from the encounter discard pile. I can see its use as an alternative to scrying, but I never needed to do so.
  12. The Thing in the Depths, the Witch-king, captain side from Battle on the Pelennor-fields (though he cannot take damage), the Mouth of Sauron, Rider of Mirkwood unless on stage 3, Dagnir with a low number of quests in the VD and Smaug the Golden. The Nameless Fear cannot attack at all, it only deals direct damage and Bolg can only attack on stage 5, when he is considered to be engaged. Uglúk cannot attack on stage 1.
  13. @OnidsenThe tactics allies still can quest with Astonishing Speed, Faramir or Sword that was broken, whereas the only attack boost for the spirit allies is For Gondor!
  14. In solo play, Henamarth tells you exactly whether you can win with Blocked by Shadow or not.
  15. Ranged and a point of attack on the KET is very thematic and some encounter control in leadership is welcome, as the Longbeard Elder is somewhat unreliable. Dawn take you all also sounds good, especially with turning the shadowcards face up. I would have been fine without that detail as a multiplayer card, but the more cases a card is useful in the better. The card draw on Song of Mocking is helpful in any case and changing the action into a response helps with the usefulness of the card. In addition it also allows to protect Beorn now. Maybe the cost should be increased to 2 because of the card draw, the bigger impact than Vigilant Guard and the missing 2 hitpoints which are worth 1 resource. I would also change the text to "When a hero would take any amount of damage...". And you forgot the period after Song. I prefer the second version of Rumour from the Earth as the only resource acceleration card in Lore so far is Love of Tales. Additional toys for rangers or scouts are also welcome and exhausting one of them for such an effect sounds appropriate. Is there a reason the attack boost on We do not sleep is restricted to unique characters? Now the card has two effects, one for unique and one for all Rohan characters. And if the event would be too cheap now with an attack boost for all Rohan characters, the cost reduction could be slightly decreased. Otherwise you would have a lot of Rohan characters with 0 attack for the combat phase. What I am supposed to do with a ready Westroad Traveller, an Escort of Edoras or a Westfold Horse-breaker/breeder? Only the breeder would pass as a chump blocker, the others are too valuable to throw them under a troll.
  16. Lothíriel would be awesome, we already know of Tom Bombadil, Thorin Stonehelm and Gildor Inglorion. Wilyador would also be my guess. My bet is on the Grey Company, rather than the Army of the Dead. Splitting their soul sounds like Voldemort, but this is the wrong game. The part of the reflection reminds me on Galadriel's Mirror, in which Frodo and Sam looked. This might indicate another Sam hero, though it makes no sense to seperate both. Alternatively it could refer to Boromir and Faramir. Edit: As I am waiting for a Saruman hero (who is mistaken for Gandalf or vice versa), it probably refers to Saruman who cannot have Gandalf in his deck. Saruman the White is Head of the Istari, while Gandalf needs to die in the fight the Balrog first to become the White. A spirit Aragorn as a fourth hero without allies sounds plausible.
  17. I once bought Fog on the Barrow-downs and The Old Forest, as I could not find them in German back then. The shipping was of course higher, though I do no longer remember how much it was. Just try ordering something, the site will tell you how much to pay extra, before you conclude the order. Some time later I could find them in German, so I replaced them, but I still have these packs lying around.
  18. This year FFG had a 2 months release schedule: The Ghost of Framsburg: February 7th, Mount Gundabad: April 4th, The Fate of Wilderland: June 6th, A Shadow in the East: August 2nd. This is not counting both PoD scenarios from June 28th. So I expect the next AP in the first week of October, probably on the 3rd.
  19. I would have liked to see some kine as enemies, but so far they only seem to appear on locations.
  20. There is not much I have to say about the changes. The first one would be Keen-eyed Took. Given that Hobbits are really good a throwing stones, he should be a ranged ally, preferably with an attack bonus against enemies with a higher engagement cost. I really do not see any connection between throwing stones and looking at the top card of a player deck. Dawn Take You All has its uses against Smaug and Wargs, but otherwise is more a multiplayer card, which I am fine with. Not every card needs to be useful in solo games (like Brand Son of Bain) or multiplayer games (like Grima). That being said, I like the idea of dropping the requirement of engaging. The last thing I want to address is Dain. I am not a fan of global buffs like him, Boromir, Faramir, Sword that is broken, Visionary Leadership, (purple) Brand Son of Bain etc. Celeborn is the only exception, as his buff is limited for a single round. I would rather have the dwarven allies pull their own weight and give Dain something that is useful in a dwarf deck without making the other cards redundant, like cost reduction for dwarves, as they tend to be too expensive without Dain's buff around.
  21. @mttrchrds Aragorn mentions in the books, that he once was in Moria entering from the East-gate, though it was not an enjoyable endeavour. There are many scenarios inspired or directly copied from the books. A fight with Trolls, hunting Gollum, healing an Eagle, scouting Dol Guldur and Moria etc.
  22. This shop from Germany has three adventure packs in stock. I do not know whether they would ship to the UK though and for how much. https://www.brettspielversand.de/Der-Herr-der-Ringe-LCG_1__GB__Traumjaeger-Zyklus#filtered
  23. I like the changes to Imrahil, Dúnedain Quest, Parting Gifts, Escord of Edoras, Landroval and To the Eyrie. Born Aloft needs an "e" in its title, but it can be seriously abused with Sneak Attacking expensive allies. Thus i prefer the second version. I would like some sort of readying effect on Haldir given his stat line. Maybe something like "Response: After a Silvan ally leaves play, ready Haldir of Lórien." I am not sure, how impactful his location control ability is. I would have to try Secrecy with Silvans, but in my opinion they are already cheap enough. After all they were one of the reason Horn of Gondor got nerfed. Mirlonde (even though she is not really up to discussion for now) gives Rossiel a jump start, which is a good thing. The problem I have with Infighting is not its cost, but the amount of damage it moves around. It is rare to have an enemy with a decent enough hit point pool to not die in order to kill another enemy. I would rather move any amount of damage of any enemy to a non-unique enemy to concentrate spread damage from Thalin and other effects on to one target. As I hardly see the need to heal creatures especially with resources, I prefer the second version of Radagast. I would also like him to be able to pay for the Winged Guardian's forced effect.
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