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  1. Lothíriel would be awesome, we already know of Tom Bombadil, Thorin Stonehelm and Gildor Inglorion. Wilyador would also be my guess. My bet is on the Grey Company, rather than the Army of the Dead. Splitting their soul sounds like Voldemort, but this is the wrong game. The part of the reflection reminds me on Galadriel's Mirror, in which Frodo and Sam looked. This might indicate another Sam hero, though it makes no sense to seperate both. Alternatively it could refer to Boromir and Faramir. Edit: As I am waiting for a Saruman hero (who is mistaken for Gandalf or vice versa), it probably refers to Saruman who cannot have Gandalf in his deck. Saruman the White is Head of the Istari, while Gandalf needs to die in the fight the Balrog first to become the White. A spirit Aragorn as a fourth hero without allies sounds plausible.
  2. I once bought Fog on the Barrow-downs and The Old Forest, as I could not find them in German back then. The shipping was of course higher, though I do no longer remember how much it was. Just try ordering something, the site will tell you how much to pay extra, before you conclude the order. Some time later I could find them in German, so I replaced them, but I still have these packs lying around.
  3. This year FFG had a 2 months release schedule: The Ghost of Framsburg: February 7th, Mount Gundabad: April 4th, The Fate of Wilderland: June 6th, A Shadow in the East: August 2nd. This is not counting both PoD scenarios from June 28th. So I expect the next AP in the first week of October, probably on the 3rd.
  4. I would have liked to see some kine as enemies, but so far they only seem to appear on locations.
  5. There is not much I have to say about the changes. The first one would be Keen-eyed Took. Given that Hobbits are really good a throwing stones, he should be a ranged ally, preferably with an attack bonus against enemies with a higher engagement cost. I really do not see any connection between throwing stones and looking at the top card of a player deck. Dawn Take You All has its uses against Smaug and Wargs, but otherwise is more a multiplayer card, which I am fine with. Not every card needs to be useful in solo games (like Brand Son of Bain) or multiplayer games (like Grima). That being said, I like the idea of dropping the requirement of engaging. The last thing I want to address is Dain. I am not a fan of global buffs like him, Boromir, Faramir, Sword that is broken, Visionary Leadership, (purple) Brand Son of Bain etc. Celeborn is the only exception, as his buff is limited for a single round. I would rather have the dwarven allies pull their own weight and give Dain something that is useful in a dwarf deck without making the other cards redundant, like cost reduction for dwarves, as they tend to be too expensive without Dain's buff around.
  6. @mttrchrds Aragorn mentions in the books, that he once was in Moria entering from the East-gate, though it was not an enjoyable endeavour. There are many scenarios inspired or directly copied from the books. A fight with Trolls, hunting Gollum, healing an Eagle, scouting Dol Guldur and Moria etc.
  7. This shop from Germany has three adventure packs in stock. I do not know whether they would ship to the UK though and for how much. https://www.brettspielversand.de/Der-Herr-der-Ringe-LCG_1__GB__Traumjaeger-Zyklus#filtered
  8. I like the changes to Imrahil, Dúnedain Quest, Parting Gifts, Escord of Edoras, Landroval and To the Eyrie. Born Aloft needs an "e" in its title, but it can be seriously abused with Sneak Attacking expensive allies. Thus i prefer the second version. I would like some sort of readying effect on Haldir given his stat line. Maybe something like "Response: After a Silvan ally leaves play, ready Haldir of Lórien." I am not sure, how impactful his location control ability is. I would have to try Secrecy with Silvans, but in my opinion they are already cheap enough. After all they were one of the reason Horn of Gondor got nerfed. Mirlonde (even though she is not really up to discussion for now) gives Rossiel a jump start, which is a good thing. The problem I have with Infighting is not its cost, but the amount of damage it moves around. It is rare to have an enemy with a decent enough hit point pool to not die in order to kill another enemy. I would rather move any amount of damage of any enemy to a non-unique enemy to concentrate spread damage from Thalin and other effects on to one target. As I hardly see the need to heal creatures especially with resources, I prefer the second version of Radagast. I would also like him to be able to pay for the Winged Guardian's forced effect.
  9. Nice write-up as usual. Do you also plan on looking on a stereotypical Doomed / Valour deck?
  10. I'd rather swap Faramir for Imrahil and vice versa. Most allies are not good enough to be readied by Faramir, but his ally's willpower boost is awesome. Ally Imrahil also does not help you, better sacrifice an ally to ready his hero version, than sacrificing a hero for him to become one.
  11. I like Spirit Frodo, he just helped me tremendously in beating Shadow and Flame for the first time progression style together with Song of Earendil.
  12. I had a quick look at which racial traits are underrepresented and found out, that we are missing quite some Bree, Corsair, Isengard and Wose characters. Maybe we will get some new ones with Isengard having the best chances. And I am still waiting for a Gwaihir hero.
  13. I find it funny, that all those treacheries should whiff anyway.
  14. So the only real benefit is, that both decks can play similar events with different spheres and Mutual Accord happens to also boost the Rohirrim allies. But they would be buffed when used in conjunction with Grim Resolve/Strength of Arms anyway. Using several copies Elf-friend in combination with a Silvan Tracker or more is actually a good idea.
  15. There is not much I could add, that Dale has not already written. But a few things come to my mind: Tactics Boromir's action is useful, when you get swarmed by goblins in Moria or Goblintown. Most of them have only 2 hit points and they really like to surge or enter play through shadow effects. In that case sacrificing Boromir might be a good idea. Granted this happens only rarely, but when it does, Boromir shines. Besides Gimli there is only Boromir who can benefit from Dúnedain Cache for now. Later there are heroes like tactics Éomer, Treebeard, Na'asiyah, tactics Éowyn and Quickbeam. In every other case I would just use a ranged hero instead. I see the Vassal more like an event that boosts attack by 3, but its real purpose is to power up the Eagles Of The Misty Mountains from the next adventure pack. I probably will never play We Do Not Sleep, just because Grim Resolve is better but not good. I would rather use for slightly different results Path of Need, Light the Beacons or Strength of Arms. And Mutual Accord does not make sense: If there is access to Leadership, why not play Grim Resolve instead? Leadership ressources are gained easier and there is no need for a two card combo, when a single card does it better. The upside of the Silvan Tracker is, that it has potentially unlimited healing power. The downside is of course that there are not many targets. I usually do not bother with Song of Mocking, so I could only heal a Lórien Guide or Haldir in that card pool. Everything else just should not be taking damage or will be dead anyway. Later Celeborn and the Defender of the Naith benefit somewhat, probably even Rossiel. But the real star will be the Elvenking himself: Thranduil. As a defender he is likely to take damage and with The Elvenking he could even heal twice, but that would be a rather bad idea. But honestly better put self-preservation on him. Fatty in my opinion is a better target than Pippin for a Fast Hitch. Pippin does nothing with his stats besides questing, but Fatty can cancel threat in staging and afterwards defend as at least as good as Sam, if at most one enemy has been engaged that round, and better than Bilbo without attachments. Of course Fatty rarely gets picked...
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