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  1. Amicus Draconis

    Basic Question...

    I would also add boardgamegeek.com
  2. Amicus Draconis

    Roster of characters

    My mistake, somehow I thought the * indicates a card in the game, but I was just tired and mixed it up, sorry.
  3. Amicus Draconis

    Roster of characters

    I think the player card of Tom Cotton is actually depicting his father, as he stands near the fire before the Battle of Bywater. And he clearly has white hair.
  4. Amicus Draconis

    We need orc decks and scenarios

    These were just my thoughts on dale's idea of substituting enemies for allies. Yes, I know, there is no ally Beregond for now, but you could also work with Defender of Rammas.
  5. Amicus Draconis

    We need orc decks and scenarios

    Well, costs for enemies are simple: add their stats and divide by two :D. Threat is totally different, though I read something about Spiders in the Core set having a lower threat than their stats indicate, maybe there is a formula there. The bigger problem is, that enemies can do all at once: "quest" as long as they are in the staging area, attack at the beginning of the encounter phase and then defend against player attacks. The next thing is, that player characters for the most part are specialized in one task. A Galadriel's Handmaiden for instance would hinder your questing, but play no role in combat: just engage and "tank" her, she does not deal any damage anyway. What about Beregond? He has no willpower, so he is useless in staging and his single point of attack won't do much damage, so why would you bother killing him? You need 5 attack for just a single wound on him. Now compare his stats to a Cave-troll. Same defense but all other stats are higher by 3 to 5 points, so it would need a threatcost of 21 (or cost 10+ resources). Not to mention a built in Firefoot. As nice as the idea is to turn the tables, enemies and characters are built asymmetrically for good reason, so I fear even with an algorithm for swapping threat/resource cost and engagement cost, this would not work in the end. When thinking about this I now see, why the digital game is, as it is. Gameplay is far more symetrical between good and evil, characters and enemies can guard their comrades, cards from Sauron cost resources and so on. Maybe FFG at one point allows monster play in the digital game, but for the LCG I see no way.
  6. Amicus Draconis

    2nd age expansion

    In case you do not know yet, there is a fan made first age box and half a cycle by Tales from the Cards covering the stories of Beren and Túrin. As to scenarios in the past, I would be most interested in the rise and fall of old realms like Angmar, Eregion, Khazad-dûm and my favourite, Arnor. Most of it would be in the Third Age however.
  7. Amicus Draconis

    What did you do with Lotr LCG today?

    I finally managed to check all my cards for translation errors and fixed them, then I included errata, clarifications and FAQs on many cards, so my sister can play with them without asking what they mean or breaking the rules unknowingly. On to the Lure of Middle-earth this week-end, should be fun.
  8. Amicus Draconis

    Roster of characters

    Derufin has a card as an objective ally in Stone of Erech.
  9. Amicus Draconis

    Roster of characters

    Alatar and Pallando are named in Unfinished Tails, too. I quite liked the interpretation of Lord of the Rings Online, that Gothmog was a wraith, non lesser than Eärnur, wo rode to Minas Morgul challenged by the Witch-king. This also made a nice plot-twist, that Eärnur in form of Gothmog returns to Minas Tirith as the last King of Gondor to reclaim his throne. Of course this is not canon.
  10. Amicus Draconis

    Design cards, Strange Eons 3 plug-in

    I ended up using an image editor and combined both, though I somehow overwrote my save file after printing it. Thanks for your help, guys.
  11. Amicus Draconis

    Mount Gundabad

    Instead of a new card, Lorefindel just needs a higher limit for his action, as you said. Even Dúnedain Remedy can heal for more, and it is not even from the Lore sphere.
  12. Amicus Draconis

    What did you do with Lotr LCG today?

    I finished checking my German copies of the Angmar Awakened cycle for translation errors, on to Grey Havens tomorrow.
  13. Amicus Draconis

    How do you play Fouled Well?

    I asked Caleb about this and he confirmed, all players have to discard a random card. Since this is not, how I interpret the current text, I will errata my copies to: "If any player discarded no card, Fouled Well gains Surge."
  14. Amicus Draconis

    The Fate of Wilderland

    Well, there are other Spirit heroes, that are good at raising your threat, most of them Hobbits, but also Glorfindel.
  15. Amicus Draconis

    Design cards, Strange Eons 3 plug-in

    Thank you again, I will try and find a solution.