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  1. Must be fake, all cards save for Bilbo have the wrong title 😂 Actually I find it interesting that I can name a card just by looking at the illustration. Hmm, I just have to remember, what the actual card text is.
  2. Amicus Draconis

    Wild Stallion

    A Vigilant Dúnadan with Wild Stallion, Arwen and Keep Watch can defend effectively for 5 without exhausting and then strike back for 4. Wicked.
  3. Amicus Draconis

    Mount Gundabad

    My French is a bit rusty, but I'd translate it as follows: Action: Count the number of cards in your hand and shuffle your hand into your deck. Then, draw an equal number of cards. Draw an additional card, if you control a unique Hobbit character.
  4. Amicus Draconis

    Teaching a friend

    So I guess Eleanor just booked spot in one of the decks .
  5. Amicus Draconis

    Teaching a friend

    At Christmas I am going to visit my best friend and I plan to teach this game to him (and possibly his wife, too). I have already taught my siblings how to play it, but I want to do it differently this time. I let my sister play the leadership and lore starter decks on her first two times against Passage through Mirkwood and then let her build a deck from both spheres against Journey along the Anduin, while I was playing tactics and spirit.My brother got a progression style dwarf deck up to Khazad-dûm and then we won against the first three Dwarrowdelf quests. But as my collection now goes up to Crossings of Poros and potentially Roam across Rhovanion, i want to give my friend a proper deck and I have not really an idea what type of deck would be best for a beginner. I built a tactics/spirit deck with clearly recogniseable roles for the heroes and filled it with an assortment of other cards for questing, attacking and card draw: http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/10648/men-of-middle-earth-1.0 This deck is designed for multiplayer with ranged and sentinel, but I got an easy win against Intruders in Chetwood solo. While I could build a leadership/lore deck to go along with the first one, I had to wonder if this is the right way to go. My friend has never read the books and thus has no idea, who Beregond is, and probably Bard as well. Would it be wiser to build a deck that uses better known heroes from the movies for a beginner without knowledge of the books? Should I use the deck above or rather go look for a tribal deck and if yes, which race would be best (my guess would be dwarves)? How do you teach the game to new players? And as I have never played this game with three players before: What do I need to consider when building a third deck (more combat, questing power, healing, encounter control etc.)?
  6. Gimli and Merry are drawn by John Howe, his style is unmistakable.
  7. Amicus Draconis

    Fine line for Dwarves and mining

    While swallowing it.
  8. Well, as long as there is no viable card for guarding in the deck, you will get it for fre.
  9. Amicus Draconis

    Fire in the Night

    Thalion means strong, steadfast or dauntless in Sindarin and is a title of Húrin, father of Túrin Turambar. Of course he has lived in the First Age and is long since dead.
  10. Amicus Draconis

    Mount Gundabad

    There are actually two Stars of Elendil, the original one was lost when Isildur died at the Gladden Fields and then a new one was made in Rivendell for Valandil. The LCG is set between the happenings of the Hobbit and Bilbo's departure of the Shire with the exception of Saga expansions and some PoDs. I wonder when the Siege of Annúminas is set. Sting, Glamdring and Orcrist have been found by Thorin's company and they remained in the possession of Bilbo, Gandalf and Thorin. As Thorin died at the Battle of Five Armies, Orcrist was placed on his tomb, together with the Arkenstone. The Necklace of Girion was given to Bard the Bowman in exchange for the Arkenstone, who then gave it to Thranduil. The necklace and the stone were both guarded by Smaug. And Thrór's Ring was taken from his son in the Dungeons of Dul Guldur by Sauron himself. So technically all of the Guarded artifacts are already in the possession of some heroes or Sauron. So how on Middle-earth are we supposed to find Glamdring or Thrór's Ring guarded by a lowly Goblin? The Elendilmir and Radagast are also my guesses for the last pack. I did not foresee Bilbo, but Gwaihir instead. I wonder if we will at some point meet a vampire similar to Thuringwethil. The Hobbit after all mentions "Soon actucal darkness was coming into a stormy sky; while still the great bats swirled about the heads and ears of elves and men, or fastened vampire-like on the strickened."
  11. Amicus Draconis

    Guarded keyword and empty encounter deck

    Well, if you came into that situation, you would have to reshuffle the deck for all eternity.
  12. Amicus Draconis

    Mount Gundabad

    A pity, but at least immune cards cannot guard player cards.
  13. Amicus Draconis

    Mount Gundabad

    At least Bilbo can kill enemies guarding Orcrist and Glamdring while questing. Apart from that they have not much in common.
  14. Amicus Draconis

    Mount Gundabad

    I used that as well, though I hoped, there was a way in RingsDB to show rankings. At any rate, while Tactics Éowyn is ranked at #4 in HoB, she has less than 640 decks on RingsDB, compared to Beravor's 680. Though it is possible, that HoB only counts unique decks.
  15. Amicus Draconis

    Mount Gundabad

    Where can I see such stats? Hall of Beorn has 472 votes on Beravor, but RingsDB has about 680 decks with Beravor.