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  1. _Zek_

    Phantom cloaking

    i agree, never break the cycle, never get stressed. i use 4 different 'tactic' each turn : Offensive : decloak, broll/boost in the best offensive position, evade token, offensive action (focus, broll), shoot, cloak again with evade token. Only 2 green dices for defense, the evade is saved for cloaking (except crits), the spot had to be safe... Defensive/block : decloak, broll/boost in a good defensive or blocking position and preparing next turn, generate the free evade token, make a cloak action. So you finish activation phase with 4 green dices and the evade token free to use in defense because you are already cloaked (but no attack). Bunker : same as Defensive but in a rock with collision detector. 5 green dices + evade token + opponent surprised + psychologic ascendant if u roll 5 or 6 evades 😛 Koriogan : 3 last options are too bad → mistakes were made last turns ... i prefer Echo to Whisper because Echo need less koriogan. Whisper is a school-ship for new phantoms pilots.
  2. _Zek_

    Phones Taken from players during Stream games.

    I heard about a player who received a sms from a stream watcher to notice a mistake. I was very surprised to give my phone at french nats because what about the others 178 players in direct contact with public ?
  3. _Zek_

    Maneuver Charts for the wiki

    done that just a few days ago : https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/284905-maneuver-reference-cards-second-edition-wave-1/ but it's maybe not good-looking enough and hard to upload to the wiki. I made them from Excel if u want the file...
  4. Thanks, new version is online.
  5. Hi, I made some maneuver reference cards (second edition), Just print and cut https://drive.google.com/file/d/15oAmWbH-sr0jiLO_RLWIzaAN-XHqrqdW/view?usp=sharing Please tell me about mistakes and improvments