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  1. Modification : Expendable (same cost as hull upgrade but negative) → Loose 1 hull
  2. https://drive.google.com/file/d/15oAmWbH-sr0jiLO_RLWIzaAN-XHqrqdW/view?usp=sharing With a little more than maneuver...
  3. _Zek_

    Sigma Jukes

    I played a pair of phantoms a lot (never 4). Phantoms were upped by the last point change because despite the little price up and crew lost, their biggest threats were massively nerfed : - Supernatural : counter the impredictable decloak (36pts on init6 ?! really ?) - Proton torps : effective at range 3 as juke - Luke (because of proton and SN nerf) : counter juke - Adv Sensor : counter the impredictable decloak - Bobba : reroll juked dices, init 5 So why not simply reintroduce natural predators of phantoms like big ships (high health, poor agi) with turrets ? They are not played enough and it's a shame because of others non phantoms-ships. Try to juke a decimator or ghost... So, a part of the answer is on their threats and the new factions got tools against phantoms : - mass calculate sharing : counter juke - mass force : counter juke - reposition at init 4+ And... Juke price should be reduced enough to be average for ships with evade action. Part of the problem is the combination of free evade and cumulative Juke who stacks (one Juke for 5pts : too expensive | 4 jukes for 20pts : far too cheap). A good solution could be to limit number of free evade chassis or/and Juke. After all, i would be happier to see more big ships like decimator and ghost, i hoped to convince people that the problem/solution is far more complicated than just a cost modification.
  4. i agree, never break the cycle, never get stressed. i use 4 different 'tactic' each turn : Offensive : decloak, broll/boost in the best offensive position, evade token, offensive action (focus, broll), shoot, cloak again with evade token. Only 2 green dices for defense, the evade is saved for cloaking (except crits), the spot had to be safe... Defensive/block : decloak, broll/boost in a good defensive or blocking position and preparing next turn, generate the free evade token, make a cloak action. So you finish activation phase with 4 green dices and the evade token free to use in defense because you are already cloaked (but no attack). Bunker : same as Defensive but in a rock with collision detector. 5 green dices + evade token + opponent surprised + psychologic ascendant if u roll 5 or 6 evades 😛 Koriogan : 3 last options are too bad → mistakes were made last turns ... i prefer Echo to Whisper because Echo need less koriogan. Whisper is a school-ship for new phantoms pilots.
  5. I heard about a player who received a sms from a stream watcher to notice a mistake. I was very surprised to give my phone at french nats because what about the others 178 players in direct contact with public ?
  6. done that just a few days ago : https://community.fantasyflightgames.com/topic/284905-maneuver-reference-cards-second-edition-wave-1/ but it's maybe not good-looking enough and hard to upload to the wiki. I made them from Excel if u want the file...
  7. Hi, I made some maneuver reference cards (second edition), Just print and cut https://drive.google.com/file/d/15oAmWbH-sr0jiLO_RLWIzaAN-XHqrqdW/view?usp=sharing Please tell me about mistakes and improvments
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