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  1. Thecracken

    A new generation of x-wing articles

    Yes, the new release will be a smaller model, I can't wait to see it on the table.
  2. Thecracken

    Homing Missile and BT-1

    I believe your answer is no.
  3. Thecracken

    Full throttle and debris cloud

    I believe your answer is yes.
  4. Thecracken

    Krennic/ Optimized Prototype

    I find Director Krennic to be way better, gives Whisper a TL spot so if you wanted to run FCS on her you can. Plus the ability to flip cards after shields are down is crazy good since the damage deck is brutal! Running Rexlar in a fleet with Director Krennic is strong IMO.
  5. Thecracken

    Stress on Small Ships

    The only restriction to stress is if you are running Hera crew. "If you have 3 or more stress, remove one and suffer one damage".
  6. Thecracken

    Range bonus

    Thanks for the answer to my question!
  7. Thecracken

    Range bonus

    Hello, This may have been asked before and if so I apologise. Do turrets get a range 1 bonus since there is no missile symbol on the card? Thank you.