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  1. Kaito Shrinekeeper is something I really do enjoy this edition. It does some unique things and, to be frank, I'm loving playing my poor neurotic Shrinekeeper in my first 5e game. In addition, I'd say the Soshi Illusionist is very high rank for me, as it's just a really interesting school. It's school ability is a bit odd and sometimes a little situational but very good when it does apply and your very wide collection of options is nice...and lord, that capstone just gets my mind rushing with ideas. I mean, my favouritest is the Moshi Priestess but that's my own homebrew and thus cheating.
  2. Ikiry0


    Low fatigue but high resistance, with that resistance being both physical and supernatural. Representing not so much that they are tough but that it's hard to land a hit on them that actually kills a notable number of bats. That + an ability that says they don't get the resistance vs attacks that can target more than 1 target (As AOE swathes through them).
  3. #Weapon #Equipment I decided to have a shot at throwing some stats together for everyone's favourite gaijin pepper toys. The idea with them was to try and get a feel of sheer impact, that when one of them is fired it is a shocking experience not just in physical damage but the sounds and sudden force. They're set up with a long enough reload time that they're more or less 'one shot per battle', as they're early matchlocks rather than wheelocks or further along. Black Powder: A character that loses fatigue from a weapon with the black powder quality takes stress equal to the fatigue lost. The TN of attack actions with a Black Powder weapon is increased by 2 if they are not dry. Tanegashima Pistol Skill: Ranged RNG: 0-4 DMG: 8 DLS: 5 Grips: 1 Handed Qualities: Concealable, Forbidden, Black Powder, Prepare Preparing this weapon requires 5 actions instead of 1. Tanegashima Rifle Skill: Ranged RNG: 2-5 DMG: 8 DLS: 6 Grips: 2 Handed Qualities: Cumbersome, Forbidden, Black Powder, Prepare Preparing this weapon requires 5 actions instead of 1.
  4. Really, the scary thing with Kaito is when they eventually get Fire stuff and can do stuff like putting Breath of the Fire Dragon in an arrow for double-hits (But then, you spent 2 turns for 1 Invocation + 1 attack worth of damage so it's likely okay).
  5. I said Iconic, rather than numerous. I'm talking about this all from a thematic perspective, where the Bayushi Bushi was the least key to getting a holistic view of the scorpion clan as a whole. I tend to run on a variation of a quote by Stan Lee: Every game is someone's first. Working with the '1 school per family' idea, what was the least key of the schools in the clan for getting a solid overview of what they do that is different to other clans. They do but the Actors are a very different style of ninja to the infiltrators and not really the main view of what a ninja is.
  6. No but if you're going to be doing schools for families, having one family purely exist as stat bonuses without a school wouldn't be much fun and I think would have been a worse decision (Especially for helping new players understand the schools and families). You can't really lose the Manipulator, the Infiltrator or any of the schools for families without multiple schools so the Bayushi bushi was the weak link as the least thematically important. It's not unimportant but it was the most expendable school if one needed to be lost as it means each family gets a school and the major thematic bases of the Scorpion are covered.
  7. Likely wanting a school to show what each family does in fluff to new players, instead of having one sort of sitting there going 'I theoretically exist and give stats'.
  8. Well no, because you'd have had the scorpion starting without any iconic ninjas (The sneaky backstabbing sort rather than disguise people). I don't think going 'There are no ninjas in rokugan' as heavily as the in-setting people would have been great for getting a feel for the clan. Which I think is the issue the Bayushi bushi has...it's not even the most iconic Bushi within the Scorpion (That's the Bitter Lies school, which doesn't exist yet). If I had to pick something to drop, I'll admit I'd have likely made the same decision as the devs if my intention was to cover the important thematic bases for each clan.
  9. Nothing says gritty like people biting each other's limbs off and cats sending heads flying if they bat you about while you're asleep.
  10. Mind you, the way that being an Emerald Magistrate (The most common game type with mixed groups) works is that it gives +15 Status...to a maximum of 40. Which means that a minor clan samurai/vassal family samurai is instantly on par with the other player characters as Great Clan samurai hit that cap.
  11. It gives Fires From Within a very unique role: You can willingly invoke a spiritual backlash on it safely, by keeping enough strife. Since it is the only fire attacks spell that is 1 minimum range instead of 0. A fire shugenja who is willing to lock themselves out of other fire invocations for the battle can keep 3 strife and as many opportunity as they can find to increase the AoE. Fire spiritual backlash is in an odd place when I can 100% see a Shugenja willingly invoking it on themselves. At the same time, I think it's entirely fluffy. A shugenja calling on the most passionate of the kami with sheer raw emotion, heedless to the consequences. It's a heck of a way to go out (Or not go out, if you've got the blood of Osano-Wo and thus can't be killed by lightning. Just, you know, your friends likely don't have that).
  12. Life of death is a big proviso there. There is a lot of life or death situations that are not conflicts, like how the kami wouldn't look dirty at the Shugenja trying to cure everyone poisoned at the dinner.
  13. They get access to every single ninjutsu through privileged access.
  14. What I'd do is that being invisible is always cause for stealth and gets rid of most environmental issues. Normally, stealthing past guards in the middle of an open field under the noon sun is comically hard for example. Being invisible doesn't negate the need for stealth but it makes it back to a nice default level of difficulty.
  15. What I'd do is set up your new school as a title. You'll never master ALL of it but you could learn aspects of it.
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