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  1. I see you used your side arcs to your advantage
  2. Legacy-class Star Destroyer. Fan ship if I remember correctly
  3. I really like the details on the medical frigate, very nice. Keep up your work, everything gets better with a little practice
  4. Well my this is more my successful combat fleet than my ultimate fleet. MC75 Armed Cruiser Venator-class Star Destroyer [Kronos] 2 MC80 Liberty 8 CR90 6 Charger c70s Delta-7B elite squadron (12) And just the compliments of every other capital ship. The Kronos being fleet lead sitting in the back and shelling from long range
  5. Even here I see the Venator undermined. However, to give my vote I am a bit biased as I grew up with my choice, Clone Wars. Seeing the Resolute in action was a pleasure for me
  6. I like the look of those models, how much would you make one to sell for? If you ever wanted to get into a small business
  7. This topic does seem interesting. As someone pointed out earlier yes a Venator was spotted in the rebels TV show but not what you would have expected. It was one of Tarkin's many keep sakes in his office. As rebels pointed out, Tarkin had a fondness for the clone wars, reason he kept commander Gree's helmet and a model Venator in his office. My guess is that he has a Venator model because of his days in that old outpost with the star destroyer Electrum defending I guess I went a little off topic for a moment, or at least I think I did. In my opinion it wouldn't be that hard for the rebels to acquire a Venator if they managed to get their hands on one early into the war. Most Venators used by the empire were used as fighter training schools with no escorting ships, so it would be easy picking. And crewing with Sullustans or Mon Calamari wouldn't be too hard would it?
  8. Hey Mel, would you ever consider doing a Legacy-class Star Destroyer?
  9. This looks amazing. No more paint needed
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