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  1. Thank you! It makes perfect sense!!
  2. So, as the title reads... Is the upgrade card "Strict Orders" cumulative? The card text says: When a friendly trooper unit with a faceup order token activates, during its Rally step, it may remove 1 suppression token instead of rolling dice. So, What would happend if I equip two commanders with this upgrade? Should I retire 2 supression tokens or just one? What would you say?
  3. In Spain, almost each expansion has been provided with two set of cards: The Spanish version and the Portuguese version, so we don't have that problem 😏 I would find more useful the replacement for order tokens. I'm always losing them... But... would affect the business if we could buy as many copies of everything (tokens... cards...) as we want to? For me it would be great!!
  4. I'd like to share the Spanish version of the modified Battle Cards. It seems an odd place to look for this kind of material, but trust me, there are lots of Spanish speakers, like myself, who use this forum. By the way... If by any chance there is any FFG's big boss reading this: Spanish speakers are still waiting for the Spanish version of the new rules. Thanks and... enjoy!
  5. Absolutely. It has been referred something similar in the official ruling thread. I hope it helps.
  6. Here you are: My Rebel Army. I happily share it with all of you with the purpouse to inspire whose, like me, are not very good at painting and with the desire to be advised, kindly and nicely, by those among you who are better than me. ? Regards from Spain.
  7. Then I would argue that I'm replacing the card, not selecting it, so... (I'm from Spain, I guess we argue about words in ruling very much) ?
  8. I guess If I were your opponent in that case, I would play an illegal card. Then, because it is illegal, It would be replaced into "Standing Orders". But yeah, I think it needs more discussion.
  9. Deorc Sawol

    Hunter Upgrade?

    "Hunter" applies during the attack. If the defender has a wounded token the attacking mini with "hunter" gain an aim token while rolling the dices. Then, the attack is resolved, but you've already earn the token thanks to "Hunter". In your case, if the hits belong to the same attack pool, you benefit from the card.
  10. I only use it as a website and I've noticed it is impossible to select the training card "Duck and cover" even though it appears among the others. Great work, I specially love it is very visual. It helps me a lot. Thank you very much!!
  11. The thing is that when you randomly draw a token, you immediately must activate and play that unit. So, as soon as you've finish its activation, the token is faced down. And then, it would be enemy's turn, and that unit wouldn't be a mandatory target, due to it is a faced down token. Only the order tokens given in the command phase remain "face up" as long as you don't activate them and finish its activation.
  12. As you've been already told, if something triggers your units, you still must attack the required objective(s) So, sometimes, waitting with a standby token might be interesting , but other times might be a waste of time and actions. I think it depends more on how the game is going and if the objectives are covered or can resist a lot of fire. Most of the times I use "reckless diversion" with Solo and my Scouts heavily covered, and I do not activate them until all the enemies have acted, so I think your tactic wouldn't make any difference. Could be even worse and ending with a lot of your units wasting actions if you luckily kill soon the units required once yours have been triggered.
  13. As far as I've been testing it works perfect! Great work! THANK YOU!! P.S. I'm totally hopeless with IT, but if there's any easy way I can help you translating something to Spanish, let me know. Of course, only if you'd be interested in doing it in Spanish language too ?.
  14. I would like to share the armies that me and a friend are building. We suck painting, but we try to compensate this lack of skill with passion and love for this game X-D. Excuse me if my English sounds awkward, I'm a Spanish speaker. We hope you enjoy them!
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