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  1. How are things looking for the X-Wing System Opens in Europe? When will the dates for the remaining ones be released?
  2. The Fly Better podcast is arranging an X-Wing Grand Championship at the Las Vegas Open.
  3. These grip inserts are the best! https://www.escapadegaminggear.com/figurspel/grip-inserts
  4. NO he could not. He would never have shots on the opponent's ships. If he cannot shoot them he cannot kill them. There is NO luck involved at all. His opponent was clearly good enough (being World Champion and all) to move his ships (which move after the z-95) and use the boost or barrel rolls to ensure no shots would come their way.
  5. Really? Unsportsmanlike? Do you have any idea how X-wing works? 1 Z95 vs. TWO Imperial aces which move after it, can have double mods if they somehow end up taking a shot.....FLOWN by a very good ace player... Yeah, force the poor guy to have his whole squad destroyed on camera...
  6. Hello Developers, I have three questions. 1. Why did you decide to omit the "fully" requirement to maneuvers on the ship/upgrade ability in wave 5 (C1-10P Astromech and the Nantex ship's Pinpoint Tractor Array) when you earlier talked to lengths about how important it was to fully execute maneuvers in X-Wing 2.0? Please explain why you think this is good for the game. 2. Moving forward, do you see Hyperspace and Extended tournament formats continuing being two separate formats and will a rotation of ships happen or will Hyperspace slowly merge into Extended? 3. With the release of the Mandalorian, more ships should be made available for the game especially for the Scum faction. Is there a possibility that Scum would be split up in factions based on time period as you did with Rebels/Resistance and Empire/First Order? Thank you!
  7. MERRY KRAYTMAS everyone! Today we celebrate the birth of our glorious leader! All hail @Brunas
  8. I’m the designer of The Approaching Storm. Glad to hear you view it positively. It was a labour of love designing it for me and my son. We were in a slump waiting for all the scenarios of The Forgotten Age to ne released and decided to do a scenario of our own. The second scenario was the first one designed and then we kind of wanted to tell a larger story and tie it to the end of The Dunwich Legacy. As the scenarios were added, we went back and changed scenarios and play tested alot but being only two persons I’m sure there are things that could have been improved but I’m positive the final version is both playable and enjoyable despite some short comings. I had some feedback from nice players who tested during the development and that helped alot as to theme and difficulty.
  9. It is well known FFG are Rebel fan boys and dislike the Empire. #Rebelbias
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