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  1. Sorry, re-reading again I see that, I guess I got caught on the first line or so since one issue I always forget is Parlay does not trigger and so it caused me to recheck the rules...
  2. Parlay and resign do not provoke an AoO... Quoting the rules reference via Arkham DB - "Each time an investigator is engaged with one or more ready enemies and takes an action other than to fight, to evade, or to activate a parley or resign ability..." (link)
  3. Good point re not unique item for Duke; though doesn't this answer the timing point.
  4. The setup specifically says BEFORE drawing opening hands. I'm not sure why this is getting over-complicated, you have to go through and filter out Duke, etc...
  5. FWIW, I wish on Act/Agenda decks they would more clearly bullet out each change that needs to be made so that it is harder to skip over things. We've had a similar small error when we did Rougarou the first time, forgetting to spawn additional locations AFAIR
  6. If you use the search box to add cards neither of these bullets seems to apply. I can add "Lucky!" by text string to my deck so I didn't have to go to option's menu and similarly the selection box is not greyed when the card comes up. Agree with your other points, and as an aside I've played Rex for several campaigns and never noticed the "no fortune" restriction, mind you there are only ~7 level 0 cards across Rogue/Survivor this would apply to so I can see why it never came up. Btw, I tend to agree the error from Arkham DB is fairly clear.
  7. Count me as one of the people who didn’t answer your survey. I considered it but the question phrasing forced rankings of classes I haven’t played much of to answer. Personally I enjoy where survivors fall and enjoy that I can use extra XP for intriguing neutral cards e.g. Key of Ys without hurting my build, etc.
  8. Here's the decklist from the Youtube page: Decklist Assets Detective’s Colt 1911s Tooth of Eztli x2 Fingerprint Kit Magnifying Glass Bandolier Guard Dog Beat Cop x2 Alice Luxley Handcuffs .45 Automatic x2 .32 Colt x2 Events Guidance Mind over Matter Shortcut Logical Reasoning x2 Connect the Dots Working a Hunch x2 Interrogate Scene of the Crime Delay the Inevitable x2 Emergency Aid Dodge x2 Dynamite Blast “If it bleeds…” On the Hunt Emergency Cache x2 Skills True Understanding Vicious Blow x2 Take the Initiative Unexpected Courage x2 Weaknesses Unsolved Case Random Basic Weakness
  9. Cute variation, would have saved the cutting and sleeving step
  10. I solved some of the setup problem by making proxy cards for the prologue investigator decks, this way you just have a normal set up.
  11. I believe you do take trauma for losing so you get weaker and weaker, this is where we decided to abandon Forgotten Age for now. Personally, I hated the mechanic, but as your post suggests YMMV.
  12. So far, we are halfway through and I’m enjoying this the least (played NotZ, Return to NotZ, Dunwich, Carcosa, and most of the one-offs). When I’ve finished the prior campaigns I’ve generally been impressed by their uniqueness and difficulty levels. So far I’m mostly feeling intensely randomly punished. In fairness, many of the prior campaigns had elements of this, but somehow Forgotten Age seems to have more of intensely random and swingy bad stuff than the prior campaigns in a way that I personally find less satisfying. It may also be that I have been very lucky in prior campaigns, e.g. in Carcosa we parlayed with everyone at the mansion before they turned and then burned it down making the rest of the campaign easier. Perhaps if we had gotten nobody I would have found Carcosa more difficult. Unsure. The supplies concept seems super punishing also for the first/blind play through and when you combine it with the explore mechanic it feels like a double whammy since many of the supplies could have mitigated the explore mechanic. Some predictably, others less so. (E.g. in scenario 2 where without a rope you likely end up taking repeated blows [horror + damage if I recall correctly].)
  13. Ironically a similar thread is currently active on board game geek around this basic issue. Sigh.
  14. Grimwalker - Great post. My one wish would be that FFG would sell just the core player cards at around the mythos pack price point. I don't think they "owe" that to me/us, but it would be nice.
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