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  1. should only need to up her to 41, from what I see, everyone else has 45.
  2. I see, yeah, bumping up her status will do the trick. It's going to be very amusing seeing the Shugenja, whose been getting drilled in how to properly use a sword, try to be a hero again, and heck by the time they get to this point, he'll likely have a Kata or two thanks to the Emerald Magistrate title.
  3. It's been awhile but I am back with something I need help with. I plan to take my players through the Winter's Embrace adventure and run them through the Scroll or the Blade during it, I read through it and noticed that it might be very easy for two of my players to run into issues where they may be accused of not being impartial but also may be able to pick up an advantage, as well, as mentioned before one is an Isawa Shugenja with Sixth Sense, I have a new addition, a Mirumoto Samurai, who also has Sixth Sense. I can only imagine those two will end up getting a leg over the others, the Shugenja probably has the biggest advantage, as well. Also, another potential issue, I had planned to have my players become Emerald Magistrates prior to this, they have one adventure to go through before they get that title, but doing that would put them at 40 status, above the 34 status of Isawa Yoshiko. The pdf indicates she will not choose someone of a higher status than herself. Though I could see a glory seeking Shugenja (by way of his Delusions of Grandeur disadvantage) foolishly championing himself to her cause, he's already done it once, for another NPC and somehow survived to tell the tale, with his limbs and extremities attached
  4. that was actually quite a bit helpful. Choosing between earth and fire at 3 starting out is rather rough.
  5. So, I was looking over the Crane Clan, Kakita Family, and the Kakita Dueling School. So many air ring increases make it hard to get fire and earth to 3 and void to 2. With that in mind, how does one make an effective as possible duelist starting out as a Kakita, as far as rings and skill choices go?
  6. for those with either the PDF or the physical book, I just got the PDF myself, looking over the map of Rokugan, the PDF version is very blurry, I can barely make out names, is it the same with the physical book? I also don't see many villages in the phoenix lands, just one shrine from what I can make out and one other location that I can't even read the name of, because of the aforementioned blurriness.
  7. So I did handle trying to find a concealed item right. I was a bit worried. Though the player now thinks it's unfairly impossible to do but it's more their own fault, having no points put into the two skills called for. They could've had help in searching but they blew that chance out the water with the bad timing of exposing this, there were bigger issues, like the massive army marching on their location. One of my players took animal bond, they have a Hawk with them, which has proven interesting, they brought up a question, when does the Hawk act in combat? I was thinking of having it work like the attendant and just act on the same initiative but that requires a support action to let it do an action and they were wondering if they could have it assist them on martial checks.
  8. Ah, some information is missing, could've sworn I had it. The character that was hiding something had multiple hidden weapons (shuriken, another knife, and also the item in question that was accepted as a bribe, a jade dagger and more) we had a hard time trying to figure out which of the items were found, due to the wording on concealable that reads like this "If the onlooker succeeds with two or more bonus successes, they also determine the type of the hidden item" does the TN3 mean they find every hidden thing on the character? The reason they were still pushing it, is they saw said character accept the bribe, though right now the party is a bit split due, in character, over how they acted in character, mostly the timing of the accusation, as this could've caused issues with the upcoming battle.
  9. Back with another question. Just had a complication where one player was hiding an item (a bribe they accepted but didn't want found) it was concealable, so I went and checked what to do with concealed items with the quality and used the rules for that, which led to the player being upset, because when the contents of their bag revealed no dagger, they said it must be hidden on them, no one was able to determine it, to which the player had their character call for a strip search, that didn't go over too well, at all. Is there a better way to handle finding items hidden on a person that doesn't basically make the concealable quality not mean anything?
  10. thank you, I'd been looking everywhere for that. One more question, I know that when dealing damage, if the damage is reduced to 0 no critical strikes happen but what about critical strikes inflicted by spending opportunity? Are those also treated the same way?
  11. this is less a question, more a concern. Under the clans views of bushido, Phoenix values Righteousness (which can double the honor gained/forfeited in regards to this tenet) they don't really value Sincerity (so they gain/lose less honor in regards to this one) the concern is, they sort of feed into each other, every breach or sacrifice of either could lead up a larger gain/loss of honor than others. I may be reading too much into this but it almost seems like this could end up sending a character somewhat dramatically in one direction. Now for a question, when honor/status/glory loss mentions attribute rank, I used the search feature for attribute rank but it only had one result, which was table 7-1 but didn't mention how to find attribute rank, I feel like i am missing something, somewhere, I just can't seem to find it.
  12. Oh, that looks like it could work out well. Thanks, both of you.
  13. Back again. I'm having trouble with something, my player's disadvantage, incurable illness. Every time he does something, I glance at that disadvantage and think "there are WAY too many times this will come into play." Even in combat, since combat can be very physically taxing. I haven't had him do any re-rolls in combat, yet, as I feel that may be a bit TOO much (for now, he may well have died had I made him re-roll) so this brings the question, outside of the examples given, when would be be appropriate for this? I figure pretty much anything not combat is probably fair game, I just don't want his character to be a walking storm of coughing fits, every time he tries to do something but ignoring it too much just seems wrong.
  14. Cool, so if combatants wish to move more than the default 1 range band, they lose an attack action, bar water stance.
  15. I have a question I dunno why I didn't ask sooner. If you use the Maneuver action, does that mean you cannot attack unless in the water stance and didn't also roll a fitness check to move further than one range band?
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