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  1. The only events at the store level that give out Æmbershards are Chainbound events.
  2. Not only is it a bad idea, the GEM software can't handle anything outside of Solo events. It expects the same person to play the same deck every time, and assigns chains to the deck based on the player. You can run adaptive events, just don't run them Chainbound.
  3. Aside from using an ability that lets you use a card off house (e.g. Gauntlet of Command, Dominator Bauble, Experimental Therapy, etc.), the only way to use the creature would be to call that creature's house in Step 2. This is clarified in the rulebook under Step 2: Choosing a House:
  4. Rule of 6 is play AND/OR use a card 6 times, which means that playing Skybooster Squadron counts against the Rule of 6 as well as the reaping, so you can only do this for 3 Æmber (3 plays, 3 reaps). (For a good example of the rule of 6 in action, showing how both playing and reaping count, you can check out Crucible Cast Episode 8 using Drummernaut and Ganger Chieftan)
  5. Chains only apply to Chainbound events. So if the deck gets used at an Adaptive or Survival event, the chains don't apply.
  6. In Call of the Archons, certain cards would give you chains if they had particularly nasty effects so that after you played them, you had to pay a little bit of a penalty to balance out the power move you just played. You would shed the chains just as you would in any other scenario (draw one less for 1-6 chains, 2 less for 7-12, etc.) In the new set there's a Dis card (Binding Irons) that you can use to give your opponent 3 chains and inhibit their draw ability.
  7. 1. One creature in the battle line. Gabos chooses that creature in the before fight step and deals the damage to that creature. 2. Two creatures in the battle line, one with elusive. Gabos chooses to fight the elusive creature, dealing damage to non-elusive creature. NO damage is dealt, as you're fighting the elusive creature. 3. No damage, you're still fighting an elusive creature. Check out Crucible Cast #7. Brad does a pretty good job explaining how Gabos works in various scenarios
  8. Yes. Stun only prevents you from using the creature (Action, Fight, Omni, Reap). Destroyed and constant abilities still function even when stunned.
  9. Since Drummernaut and Panpaca, Jaga are of different houses, it takes at least a turn to set this up. No offense, the problem here isn't with the rules, but it's with the fact that you didn't recognize a combo like this was possible. That's not a call to change the rules for Skirmish, it's a call for you to take note of how powerful Skirmish is with the new Brobnar cards and deal with it better in the future.
  10. If the organizers of the event ran the event as Chainbound, then you should receive the 5x Æmbershards bonus; 5 Æmbershards for participating in the event and 5 Æmbershards for each round that you win. If you didn't receive the Æmbershard bonus, it's most likely because your organizer didn't use the most updated version of GEM. The organizer would have to reach out to FFG and try to get that sorted out.
  11. blinkingline


    The new rule book has added the text "A player cannot sacrifice a card they do not control." to the definition of Sacrifice in the Glossary.
  12. The rule isn't "You MUST do as much as you can", meaning that for every card you play you would have to play it to it's maximum effect. You choose where you want to apply the card's effect; from that point, you "do as much as you can."
  13. You DO know about The Crucible Online, right? It's not official FFG, but it would probably scratch that itch.
  14. The player taking a turn is referred to as the active player. The active player is the only player that can perform actions or make decisions; a player does not make any decisions when it is not their turn.
  15. That's a winning record for the event, so you gain chains.
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