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  1. There's no way FFG isn't aware of the desire of players to have it; it comes up anytime there's any kind of Q&A with anyone on the KeyForge team. That said, since FFG has closed their Interactive Division. This isn't up to FFG, but up to Asmodee. In March of this year, Asmodee (of which FFG is a "studio") announced that they had appointed a new Interactive Games Licensing Manager to handle the use of their IP in digital formats. This was shortly after they had announced (at the end of February) that they were opening up that licensing for 3rd party developer teams. Thus far, there's been no firm announcement or indication that a digital version is in the works, Since the licensing deal just happened a few months ago, the likelihood of a digital version happening in the next year is probably pretty slim.
  2. While Kangaphant is in play, every creature gains the additional reap ability “Reap: Destroy this creature.” So for example, say Kangaphant and Witch of the Eye are in play. When a player `chooses to reap with Witch of the Eye there are now two Reap: abilities to resolve: one granted by Witch of the Eye (Reap: Return a card from your discard pile to your hand.) and one granted by Kangaphant. The active player determines the order in which the abilities are resolved.
  3. Nope, just a player, though maybe a slightly obsessed one . If you'd rather see people from FFG answer this exact question, they do that in Crucible Cast 8:
  4. The rule of six says, So if you have Drummernaut and Ganger Chieftain in your hand, you can gain 5 Æmber if your opponent has no creatures in play before the rule of six stops you from continuing to use the Drummernaut.
  5. I feel this would complicate a game space that really doesn't benefit from being complicated.
  6. Someone recently got an email clarification to this question. The article for Auto-Legionary on Archon Arcana has just been updated. I don't totally agree with the reasoning presented (i.e. "put" and "move" being equivalent), but the result matches how I thought it should work.
  7. What is the current plan for dealing with the backlog of rules questions in the KF Rules inbox? Does the development team have any ideas for making the process of getting rules clarifications simpler or more streamlined? The current model of "Submit your questions, we'll answer them on a Crucible Cast" is admittedly better than "We'll answer questions through various social media channels or emails to individuals and hope that people disseminate the information adequately", but it would seem that there is still some room for improvement.
  8. In the most recent Crucible Cast, a rules clarification was made that said in the case of Tendrils of Pain, the damage was dealt in two different "waves"; The first wave would deal 1 damage, any creatures that were destroyed would get resolved, then a second wave of damage would happen that could result in more destruction. How does that ruling mesh with the rule for Damage, which says that "If multiple creatures are damaged by a single effect, that damage is dealt simultaneously." and the previous ruling for Positron Bolt where it was clarified that all of the damage from Positron Bolt was done simultaneously? (See attachment for reference) How does a card like Lethal Distraction work now? Previously, when you would do damage to a creature, you would add 2 damage to the damage applied. With the new explanation, it would seem that it should be interpreted that Lethal Distraction can in fact trigger itself. Is that correct?
  9. Can you go into your playtesting process for KeyForge?
  10. When Harland Mindlock leaves play, the opponent regains control of the card, so it returns to their battleline, on a flank of the active player's choice.
  11. Yes, a single creature is on both flanks AND in the center of the battleline.
  12. From what it looks like in the form, just one person from the team needs to fill out the form.
  13. Discombobulator grants the constant ability to the creature that it is attached to, so if it is attached to your creature, then your Æmber cannot be stolen. Note that an upgrade like Quadracorder does not grant the ability to the creature, so it would apply to the controller of the upgrade. Upgrades enter play under the control of the player who plays them.
  14. You missed a very important word in The Golden Rule: "If the text of a card directly contradicts the text of the rules, the text of the card takes precedence." In the case of a warded creature, the Ward would prevent the creature from leaving play, and the creature in play could not be archived. For card text to directly contradict the rules, it would have to say "Archive a creature from play, ignoring any effects or tokens that might prohibit it from leaving play."
  15. KeyForge Questions! 1) In a KeyForge timed event, if you go to time and are resolving things for step 1, can you use Æmber on creatures like Senator Shrix (or other creatures with Senator Bracchus) to forge a key, or does all of the Æmber have to come from your pool? 2) In a KeyForge Best of 3 tournament round, my opponent and I have each won one game. Time is called as we are setting up for Game 3. How is the winner of the round determined? 3) Not OP related, but there's been a noticeable lack of response in regards to questions that are sent to the KeyForge Rules Questions email. Every player of every game wants their game to do well and see new things come through design and development time, but it feels like a bit of a slap to the community to ask for questions at the end of each Crucible Cast and then never respond to them. With the recent layoffs at FFG and Asmodee, would FFG consider reaching out to third party, fan-community resources to help fill in some of these gaps?
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