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  1. blinkingline

    Chainbound Open Play

    All Chainbound events are Swiss tournaments. SOURCE: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/1/22/power-up/
  2. blinkingline


  3. blinkingline

    Keyforge Comprehensive Rules

    Is this similar to what https://keyforge-compendium.com/rules does?
  4. blinkingline


    I'll second Keyforge Compendium's FAQ. They've done a really good job combing through various responses as well as the official rule book to make a pretty comprehensive list. Where there is a source aside from the rulebook or card text, they list it and provide a link.
  5. blinkingline

    KeyForge GEM Troubleshooting Discussion

    Ties should be broken by Strength of Schedule, then extended Strength of Schedule, so it would depend on other results, but that seems like a legit result to me. The bye should be assigned to a random player in the first round, then the lowest ranked player in subsequent rounds.
  6. blinkingline

    KeyForge GEM Troubleshooting Discussion

    Just to confirm, can Chainbound events be run in the Adaptive variant, or only in Solo?
  7. blinkingline

    Custom Virus Question

    From the rulebook: TRAITS Traits are descriptive attributes (such as “Knight” or “Specter”) that may be referenced by other cards. Traits are listed at the top center of a card’s text box. Traits have no inherent game effect, but may be referenced by card abilities.
  8. blinkingline

    Sloppy Labwork - Discarding a card

    Closest that I can find to defining "discarding" is in the Discarding Cards section where it says: "The active player can discard from their hand any number of cards from the active house during step three of their turn. Cards are discarded one at a time, at any point throughout this step. This lets players remove cards that they do not want to play from their hand, freeing up space to draw more cards at the end of the turn." For the case of this card ability, you get around the house requirement via the section "Using Cards via Other Card Abilities": "If a card ability allows a player to play or use another card (or to fight or to reap with a card), the chosen card may belong to any house unless the ability specifically states otherwise."
  9. blinkingline

    KeyForge Open Play Game Tracker

    I've been wondering the same thing. Like the space on the left I would think if is for a player name, but I suppose it could be a deck. The little pods of three make sense to be houses, but I guess it could be for tracking Best of 3, too. SO MANY OPTIONS.
  10. blinkingline

    Multiple Zyzzix The Many cards

    In the rulebook, under self-referential text: So only one card would get the bonus.
  11. blinkingline

    Decks not registering

    Try signing out of (or uninstalling) the app and then logging back in. That sorted it out for me.
  12. blinkingline

    The Brad emails

    And similarly.... My question: Can you confirm that when a card does damage, all of that damage is done simultaneously? Also, for a card like Gateway to Dis, are all creatures destroyed simultaneously? Brad's response:
  13. blinkingline

    The Brad emails

    My Question: Positron Bolt says "Play: Deal 3[D] to a flank creature. Deal 2[D] to its neighbor. Deal 1[D] to the second creature's other neighbor." Normally when a card deals damage, it is all done simultaneously. Does that apply here, even though it is to three different creatures? Thematically it makes sense that it does, but just want to confirm. Brad's response:
  14. blinkingline

    Crucible Play Incorrect With Shadow Self

    1) Whether or not it's intended, your post reads, as others have stated, a bit rage-y. 2) If you think you have found a bug on The Crucible, the best place to report that is on that website, which is not in any way, shape, or form, affiliated with FFG. Bugs for The Crucible can be reported either in the #development channel of the Keyforge Lounge Discord server, or submitting an issue on Github: https://github.com/jeremylarner/keyteki/issues Jadiel seems to be relatively responsive and is quite good at explaining why things get interpreted the way they are. If an official FFG ruling comes in, The Crucible usually gets updated relatively quickly.
  15. blinkingline

    Received scanned decks from Barnes & Nobel

    I kind of doubt B&N did that, but it wouldn't surprise me if someone bought and returned them to B&N.