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  1. this last page has been amusing on many levels... - that wandalf wouldn't take the bait and instead patronized them into a tantrum... - that someone would pick this place to come and be an internet tough guy... - and that the same someone would use the whole 'get off my lawn' rant and yet still be like, 'uh, anyone got, uh, a deck i could use to uh, beat mountain of fire?... but one that uh, doesn't suck... you cant make this stuff up
  2. Goldeneye, thats the one i got; 4/22. I will stay on the lookout. If i see another, ill buy it right away and contact you. If you score one in the meantime, please report back on this thread so i dont get stuck with another! Good luck!
  3. goldeneye, while i can't help, i'm rooting for you. i think we both started in this game around the same time last year, and we are similar in that we know what we want and are willing to pay for it. i was searching for the same card, around the same time. I've seen your posts on BGG as well. drop lines wherever you can, cuz its free and the worst anyone can say is 'no.' i set a few different searches on ebay. I have 'lord of the rings card game,' 'lord of the rings lcg,' 'lotr lcg alt art,' and 'lotr lcg promo.' as saved searches and i check them 4-5 times a day. a few months back one hit on ebay and i bought it within a hour or so of it being listed. perhaps 3 months before there was another. they don't come up often and when one does, it probably goes super quick. patience and persistence is what paid off for me. that and a lot of luck i suppose. but you can find em on ebay, even if 99% of the time you look you won't find one. i admire your desire, and i'm hoping you pick one up. i tracked down a 'hands upon the bow' playmat from a seller in the Ukraine. paid a lot for it. too much perhaps. especially when another one came up on ebay for $15. It was the first and only listing for that playmat I've seen in 8 months. I bought it on general principle as well just to average down my buyer's remorse. that ebay seller also listed four other older fellowship/game night mats and I bought those too just cuz. that's how this game goes in terms of the rares. you just have to keep at it. and i mean you have to check more often than every other person who wants one! lastly, if it were me, and it was 'get alt-art Boromir or die trying,' then this is what my 'i don't care what anyone thinks, i'm gonna either get the card or go down with the ship' plan: the holders of these cards are most likely old school players. the ones that make the decks we use to beat quests we can't beat, or answer the questions we have. anyway, many of these folks are going to be at GenCon. While it may be too late for this year, you might consider next year. My plan would be to go with the express and perhaps lone purpose of asking every single person at the LOTR LCG sessions if they had one they would sell/trade. Yeah, after a bit I'd be 'that guy' and i can imagine it might grate on some. I'd be respectful, but I'd ask all the same. I'm not really sure what else you can do. Unless you take Durin's Father's advice and just art cow print it yourself. Again, I'm hoping it works out. Cuz I know you've been hunting one for a good while now... all the best, toby
  4. Finch, thanks for sharing... I'm new to the game and have made it through 'into the pit' and 'seventh level.' I was going to try 'flight from moria' in the next few days and your report helps. escape from dol goldur and return to mirkwood (last mirkwood cycle quest) I couldn't beat solo one hand. if I lose flight from moria a bunch I now know to move on to redhorn gate until I can find someone to play two handed with and help me out...
  5. 1st post from a LOTR LCG noob... Session reports: 11/23 - Played with 2 very experienced players last Friday night. Had 2 quaint core set decks with a couple mirk cycle cards. Couldn't draw steward with my lead/lore deck, couldn't get citadel plate with my spirit/tactics deck. Was enlightening watching my two companions put out 97 cards on turn 1 planning phase while I gave the ole blackjack 'im sticking.' They won the encounter despite me much like my wife drove her new car home to ask me what the smell was… and then I discovered the E brake on… massing at osgiliath was even worse. I was as useless as mammaries on a beorning. Went home and kicked a puppy. Still lots of fun! 11/25 – afternoon. Let my 8yr old little shaver have a go at conflict at the carrock. Played 3 games. Lost em all. One he lost questing too fast. One he lost questing too slow. The last he threated out. He had dispatched one troll and Gandalf was coming in to help finish off another. Then he drew the brown lands in the questing phase and he couldn't get rid of the carrock active location. We had a blast. Will try again tonight. 11/25 – late night. Reworked my crappy decks. Remade a lead/lore deck for my first foray into Khazad-Dum expansion quest 'into the pit.' Tried to get creative. This is another way of saying I don't really know what I'm doing but I know better than to drive with the E brake on. Heroes were berevor, bifur, and gloin. Drew steward in my opening hand and I was feeling fat n sassy for the first time in 7 games. Drew sudden pitfall during the questing phase and bifur was gone. Ugh. Well, resource smoothing is so overrated… (?) decided to keep at it, and my reward was drawing watchful eyes. I'm hot with the draw. Vegas Baby! Two turns later, drew miner of the iron hills. Got rid of watchful eyes (golly, are there no hills left to climb?). brought out gildor and haldir. Berevor, in a touching ESB carbonite scene moment, says to gildor, 'I love you,' and gildor, questing for 3 replies, 'I know.' Guard of the citadel, daughter of the nimrodel, and faramir follow, and all of a sudden I'm questing! 2B has me put out a patrol leader. That fat n sassy feeling hits again as I sneak attack Gandalf during the questing phase. But like tommy boy with his dinner roll sale, I draw an enemy off the encounter deck and no damage. Ugh. Where's that puppy again? I sacrifice guard of the citadel, raise my threat to 46, and read the quest card very carefully. I interpret it to mean if I get 11 progress I move on, regardless of enemies (please correct me if im wrong!). So I put Gandalf in regular way next turn and quest with every hero and ally I have. If it doesn't work, I will lose. It works, and I move on to 3B (I think). Quest with everyone again and barely escape… If this is TL:DR, or not interesting, let me know. I don't post much anywhere on the net. I am a-okay just lurking. Really enjoy reading this board and others for help, tips, and inspiration. Good luck to you all!
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