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  1. There are many cards that have actions working within range limit. In such case it is easy, You declare action, measure range if it is ok (and other requirements are met) it goes off, if not actions fails and You cannot perform other one this turn (unless otherwise specified). What happends with abilities that have range restictions but are not actions? ex: Am I allowed to measure range 3 and then specify which tokens stay, or I need to first specify tokens and the measure if they are eliglible for Kraken's ability? Thouse outside of range are not affected and I am not allowed to select other potential targets? This is of course an example to illustrate the proccess itself.
  2. I've finallly made myself to play a missle list. It wasn't the "cluster swarm" it was the "homing swarm": 0-66 (55) Count Dooku (9) DRK-1 Probe Droids (6) K2-B4 (5) Trade Federation Drone (20) Homing Missiles (5) Trade Federation Drone (20) Homing Missiles (5) Trade Federation Drone (20) Homing Missiles (5) Trade Federation Drone (20) Homing Missiles (5) Trade Federation Drone (20) Homing Missiles (5) Total: 200 It was against Sloane swarm (6 TIE's and a TIE Reaper). Not the best matchup I wanted a challenge and oh boy I had one. I've lost on points, killing Sloane and a TIE, loosing 0-66 and two Drones. I've missplayed a bit. Here are my takeaways: When facing a swarm it is better to kill or cripple as much ships per turn as possible. I went for the Reaper and then payed a price. Maybe if my other choices where different this strategy would be proven good. Probe Droid is good enough to field in Target Lock centric list. Homing Missiles en masse are good no matter what. K2-B4 is not efficent enough. I had only one opportunity to really take advantage of it. Other cases were better simply to use calculate to turn eyeball to evade. Stain was not a detterent this time. Infiltrator sucks in a support role. Plain and simple. I would have better going with Dooku with Scimitar, probe and hate ommiting totally tactical Relay and flying separately. 0-66 in thi s build did nothing. Maybe the outfit wasn't good. Maybe for crew I should have Grievious and ex. Adv Torps or Scimitar, use Kraken. Definately something more offense oriented and I should fly away from vultures. I see potential in such approach but it needs more tweaking on the Infiltartor side. Depending on the cost the new Hyenna's should be better, but we will see.
  3. You are right. K2-B4 came with Infiltrator. Hmm if this is the case then, Hyena would substitute Belzebub if it has access to Tactical Relays.
  4. Right to the point. Unfortunately the chance for Hyena to carry Tactical Relay is very slim:( however these are not essential for a Homing Missile build.
  5. The lone vulture also comes with a relay, so this is not a positive sign. Besides if Hyena has relay slot, what is a point of Belzebub? Actuall Kraken can help a bit in turning back. It is not ideal. Picking the right relay is the other discussion, but as for now Kraken and K2-B4 are the ones worth taking. I like the idea with 2 hard combined with calculata and barrell rolll. Nice trick Actually it is not a bad idea on 1 charge ordnance. Thank You for Your comments.
  6. A couple of days ago I've flown a Vulture Swarm agains 4 Phantom list (a toned down version with two naked and 2 Outmanuever ones). Wat Tambor (43) Treacherous (3) Kraken (10) Trade Federation Drone (20) Energy-Shell Charges (4) Trade Federation Drone (20) Energy-Shell Charges (4) Trade Federation Drone (20) Energy-Shell Charges (4) Trade Federation Drone (20) Energy-Shell Charges (4) Trade Federation Drone (20) Energy-Shell Charges (4) Trade Federation Drone (20) Energy-Shell Charges (4) Total: 200 My list was very simple in design and proved to be quite effective. But I don't want to focus on a list itself as Vulture Swarms are very similar to each other. I had an observation that when deploying my swarm is beneficial to choose 1 corner (or at least a side of board) and dedicate yourself to it. I try to maneuver in a way that I have a board edge shielding me from being flanked. Then the initial engagement happens more or less on my terms. However then I have a problem. Vultures are highly dependent on Calculate tokens to achieve anything or simply to survive. They lack a long K-Turn. Any stress cripples them. Why it is important? After initial joust the swarm after killing its target is left out of position, susceptible for being shot from behind with impunity. The question for the audience how to fly it effectively after the initial engagement? Split into 2-3 ship groups, turn and soak up casualties, maybe run away using 5 forward and after a couple of turns turn to face enemy? The army composition dictates options, as mine relies on Calculates more. If I would have a build on Homing Missiles or Clusters and had locks put on ships, I would have had an opportunity to turn soak up damage and then to fire back. What are Your comments here? P.S. The game was a nail bitter. We went well over 75 minutes to finish it with the store closing. I had a half vulture left and my opponent had 1 Phantom on 2 health left. It could have gone both ways (quicker imperial victory or CIS trymph) with a couple of rolls being different. This means that such approach has a bit of potential, maybe not to be a new Meta but to be a playable concept.
  7. Sear does not combo well with TV-94 unfortunately. Kraken would be the best way to go as Sears ability costs calculate. The concept is interesting however the trick is line up these bullseyes. I know that flying in line can help with it, but is that consistent enough?
  8. 1. I would prefer both 2. The effect takes place only in certain situations, only 3 dice and the biggest cost. The only pro is 2-3 range. All other missiles offer more and cost less. 3. This would give You a clouded judgement especially for Homings and to Ion's to some degree. Homings work way better when spammed as the choice that opponent has to make seems very real. Imagine having 5 locks on ship with 5 or less health. The chances are that You will roll for damage even on the first shot. Ions also provide some deterrent for high agility ships. And quantity here can wear off even the toughest guys out there. 4. I've also thought about Tractor Beam on Maul particularly. It could work, if not it is only 2 points
  9. I was wandering the same. I automatically have put Kraken as he is the best Tac Relay (I have more thoughts about him in general but lets focus here). K2-B4 fits the theme here. It gives a defensive capability for I1 to have at least one shot opportunity. I totally see why not to take him (5 points savings). I would opt against it though. I think by taking Maul You are waisting his potential as an attack platform. He needs Hate. For the same points Dooku will serve the list better. I don't like concussions at all. They are inferior to any missile Droids have access to. I don't like mixing missile types. They should be all the same. The platform is dispensable and by selecting different load out You put Yourself in a position to take decision who to protect more. If everybody is the same it makes life easier. I have thought about Ions. They are quite interesting. To field 5 drones with Ion Missiles and Infiltrator with Ion Cannon. This can be quite potent against some lists. This option needs to be explored more:) It is a similar gimmick as having 5 Homing Missiles.
  10. Valid point. I'm aware of it. However I feel that a bigger payoff lies with Clusters. I constructed a more radical list that uses Belzebub instead of Infiltrator. This allows to fit 6th Drone with Clusters... All with support of Kraken. That is insane. Of course the downside is lack of long range target lock support.
  11. Overall it looks good, but I don't know if investing so many points in Wat works. You can field 0-66 with Kraken and Scimitar for the same points. As we have discussed Kraken v K2-B4 is a decision to make. In the build it can go both ways. As a sidenote. If You'd drop Separatits Drones to Trade Federation ones and You drop both upgrades on Wat, You can fit another Trade Federation Drone... which looks awfully similar to: Which I see as a better version The only scenario that the first list is better is against similar swarm when I3 really kicks in and in the first engagement erases 1 ship deficit. I see the first one as a hard counter to the second one actually One more thing. K2-B4 seems to be better suited for a droid pilot so Feethan Ottraw Autopilot or 0-66 as it does not give Calculate action. Something small to remember.
  12. I've reviewed my list and I'm turned between Kraken and K2-B4. I don't "need" huge amounts of calculates. I need locks and can use calculates for defense and rely more on quantity than double mods. This is actually a nice idea. K2-B4 is 5 points cheaper. Concussions are in conversation or using DFS-311 for a slightly improved calculate management, maybe Grievous on 0-66. There are options. Actually when to come to think about it Homing Missiles would love to have K2-B4 as they are not that reliant on dice mods. So going with them definately screams K2-B4. Homing v Clusters is a choice between hunting aces and hunting hordes, totally dependent on a matchup. I think that clusters are a bit more flexible as they deliver at a very least stable 3 dice attack, on the other hand homing missiles are better against reinforced targets, hmm very tough choice.
  13. I've played my first game using CIS and had a blast. Different play style , different options. I used Dooku, Vulteres and Sear. Now my mind went for utilization of missiles, but not energy charges (which look very promising even when reloading gives disarm). I went other route: 0-66 (55) DRK-1 Probe Droids (6) Scimitar (4) Kraken (10) Trade Federation Drone (20) Cluster Missiles (5) Trade Federation Drone (20) Cluster Missiles (5) Trade Federation Drone (20) Cluster Missiles (5) Trade Federation Drone (20) Cluster Missiles (5) Trade Federation Drone (20) Cluster Missiles (5) Total: 200 Very straightforward. 0-66 launches DRK-1 Probes to enhance range on target locks. Kraken allows for efficient calculate using even when Drones do target locking. When all is set up I have a carpet full of missiles. The celling here is very high, but floor is low. I see range 1-2 a limiting factor. Using these tools optimal range should be 2-3 which Clusters don't get. Maybe Homing Missiles are a good alternative? Food for thought. In these set up I don't think ESC are worth it. If I were to use them I would build Infiltrator differently or substitute it with Belzebub to squeeze 6th Drone with ESC. What do You think?
  14. Dooku seems hard to use on a force user as You need all Your force available to trigger him. Hmm with points from him strouts I would squeeze in Palpatine for defense(and not flip him). Optimal solution would be to cut most of upgrades and add additional drone.
  15. I took this for a spin. It dominated 5 Interceptor list (I know it is not the best in the world). However it has the same amount of ships as mine and all of them have higher initiative. I have a knack for playing unnamed characters/units in all game systems. For whatever reason generics always perform well for me. This was also true this time. My dice loved me. I've pulled a great block using The Recruit. After it I have lost 3 HP from one StarViper and managed to destroy 2 Interceptors. Then it was downhill. Couple of observations: Seevor's ability never triggered. My opponent was blocked almost every time either by me or by himself. FCS wasn't used at all. Locks I had, I used to re-roll more than one dice. Coordination for generic ships is golden. Trick Shot on Seevor is a luxury item. It delivered a killing blow but it doesn't matter. I think that the real tweak for this list is to go with: Captain Seevor (30) Black Sun Assassin (48) Black Sun Assassin (48) Zealous Recruit (44) Outer Rim Pioneer (28) Tactical Officer (2) Total: 200 Rack up to Initiative 3 for all ships barring the best blocker Scum have: The Recruit! Having all pieces the same initiative helps. Lack of FCS does not invite to take locks when it I snot beneficial. I see this list as my go-to Scum for now.
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