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  1. 60€ another expansion no thank you FFG i'm done with your expensive and low content products
  2. LMAO movie + drink + popcorn for 2 = 50$ , nanny = 4 hours maybe 40$ , (that bite to eat ) 30$ Mcdonals maybe?? = 120$???? And yes for me MoM 2nd is expensive to win 100€ i need 4 days of work is a expensive product for 4 misions and is not very replayable the game... the cinema in my country is like 10€ and half price sometimes.
  3. the fanboys pay anything and FFG know that. Why other boardgames with more content the price is similar to the Arkham Games,star wars games and Lord of the rings... Arkham games they do not have copyright... and you are paying the same as a copyrighted game.
  4. so are you agree for example pay 60$ (60€) the bix box expansions with the same cards like the small box?? (they are just adding new mini board or new tiles and double the prices just for that...) really a piece of cardboard doubles the price of the box?
  5. 30 USD = 30€ in europe are you kidding? 4 characters 2 New Scenarios about the info in the stream : "Double the size of ever encounter decks" (that means more than 420 cards) guys the cards are recicled from the LCG game reusing the same ilustrations... i'm not going to buy anything else is expensive for the little content, I do not intend to accept this abusive policy anymore, it is really bad to be greedy like FFG is doing... what could be good lovecraft games you've spoiled with your abusive expansions and trimmed content to resell later ... Users are not stupid. enough is enough and stop laughs of the people.
  6. +1 FFG Spain 0 support, 0 admins , 0 mods, 0 reprints, 0 books, 0 DLC...
  7. not answering is disrespectful. So if they do not deign to respond I will not buy them anymore. They lose...
  8. i asked to them but there's no answer...
  9. Hello :D Someone from fantasy flight games can answer me if we will have the deluxe rules in spanish if we do pre-order in fantasy flight games spain??? I saw people from germany who can get the deluxe rules doing pre-order. They abandoned us to the Spaniards, with a very poor quality of translation and little content... Never we have the gifts of the pre-orders like english people does. And the same game for us is even expensive Thank you very much , I wait for an answer.
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