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  1. The L5R Books had no delay while my copy of Heroes of Terrinoth was available like 5-6 months after release
  2. Hey guys, i recently got engaged in the Boardgame hobby and found out about Heroes of Terrinoth, excited by the gameplay i started looking for it on amazon and other online sellers for my country but couldnt find any copy anywhere while on amazon.us the game is on sale. Is it still taking some time until the game is released for the EU players?
  3. Hey guys, My players and I just found out that the second action water stance is not allowed to be connected to a TN. do you have any examples how to effectively Use the water stance?
  4. Most actions are named as „scheme action, support action“ and so on. why are they marked like this? can you take 1 scheme and 1 combat action? How many actions per turn are legal? I thought it was 1 action + short movement(1range band?) why are the actions tagged this way
  5. Updated the PDF‘s Original post is now featuring the game of twenty questions as a Form fillable PDF. Enjoy fellow Samurai
  6. Hey guys, just made this mainly for my playgroup in a hurry so we can start creating characters. But i think some of you guys could need a form fillable yourself. Its not done with any finesse or skill, just a quick fillable sheet for a quick access, i hope you guys dont mind that it is no beauty and find it usefull nontheless until something better or official comes out. Enjoy your adventures in Rokugan fellow Samurai https://docdro.id/WASYruM Added the game of twenty questions https://www.docdroid.net/Co6lzRx/l5rtwentyquestionsfinal.pdf
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