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  1. Wow how do you make all that terrain. also great battle report.?
  2. Were Talking about a similar thing,on my clone wars topic, in the Army building section. if you want to join in that would be great.? Also I really like the cartoon version, of Obi-Wan.?
  3. I think it Should be attack of the clones version. Also I’m starting a clone wars topic. Four upcoming units, we think might come out. thanks guys.?
  4. Maybe will see Jedis, as operatives,or supports, or special forces.?hhhhhhhhhmmmmmm
  5. Amazing post, everybody loves Star Wars. Love your take on the subject thanks.???
  6. Hey guys I’ve been thinking, Darth Vader is amazing,but he can be pretty hard to use. one game he dies in the first 2 rounds another game he doesn’t take 1 damage until the end of the game . And he’s very expensive and I need you guys help me out, And what to do with Him, so I normally upgrade him with saber throw. you have to have saber through! Gives him range and force reflexes, to give Dodge tokens. and with his master of the force, 1 he’ll be able to ready 1 card at the end Phase. and maybe force push or Four choke. normally Vader is 200 points plus all the upgrades he can go to 235 points I need your guises help. help me get the most out of Vader. thanks guys.? You don’t know the power of the Dark side!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!
  7. How do you make that cool looking Bunker.?
  8. Death troopers Death troopers death troopers death troopers death troopers !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. yep you’re Right they are easy to paint?
  10. I have two corsets and I live near Anchorage. also have you heard about AK Battle brothers, You can find them on Facebook. They have a small group, Doing it this fall, I’m going to bring Legion you could check them out on Facebook. ?????
  11. I’ve been wondering where I can find tournaments in Alaska.Could anybody help me with That.?
  12. I think that’s a pretty good way to do it.?
  13. What type Of clone war units are we going to see in Star Wars Legion. definitely clones And droids, that’s the most basic idea. anybody else have any ideas.?
  14. Whoops sorry messed up the typing.?
  15. I painted a similar style, Great work they’re awesome.?
  16. I think they’re amazing.?
  17. Does anyone have any other ideas, about what to buy first.?
  18. 3 Core sets what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????????
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