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  1. Do three speeder bikes and Boba.?
  2. One game I played with Darth Vader and in the command phase. i played master of evil and his leader was dead. I gave three suppression tokens to four units his entire army collapsed and most of the units already had a suppression token on them. Darth Vader so powerful.?
  3. Yes but a ranged attack. ?
  4. You know, you could maybe go to Amazon. you can find great deals there. one time I saw the Core box for only 64$ ,And the T-74 Air speeder for only 17$, Another time I saw the ATST four 39$ And other units for cheaper prices. also the game play is amazing it’s easy to pick up and you definitely got too master The mechanics of the game. I would highly recommend to coreboxes because you get extra dice and extra movement tools an extra range ruler. Also you get an extra Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. what I did with my Luke Skywalker. Is i Painted him to look like return of the Jedi Luke. Darth Vader haven’t got to yet. I hope you Get the game??
  5. That’s exactly the same paint scheme I did a while back except I painted one of my squads with green eye pieces.?
  6. You know, I posted a clone wars topic. if you want to check it out you can go to the army building section thanks man.?
  7. That’s even better.? what if there was a super heavy weapon that had the area keyword you would ignore cover And there would be a range and all friendly and enemy units within that range would hit by that weapon.
  8. I like that idea.? What if A die had suppression symbols that would be different.?
  9. What if they come out with purple attack dice. And maybe green defense dice.? That would be cool to see different types of dice.??
  10. How do you know it’s going to be that.?? It would be interesting though.?
  11. Can’t wait to see some new force upgrades. May be a better version of saber throw.?
  12. I did like ambushing,in Bolt action better but Legions standby is still good.?
  13. I have played bolt action before and I do love legion and I really like your idea so I was thinking if you want a lot of activations I’ll probably go with the Veers and lots of storm troopers and all three speeder bikes and maybe a scout. I’ll be back soon guys.?
  14. Everything I see is amazing amazing amazing.????
  15. Yeah so maybe Vader and snow troopers and scouts and Maybe some Speeder bikes or an ATST That would make a lower activation army right.?????????????
  16. Wow that is interesting I never thought of it that way I have to think about it some more.?
  17. You are absolutely right.? You don’t know the power of the Darkside.
  18. That was amazing, I like that idea maybe you could move one and saber throw then give him self a dodge token and then, force reflexes will give him another dodge token.? Thanks guys ?
  19. Thank you for your post, I hope they enjoy legion.?
  20. Does anybody have other rebel, or imperial lists, that would be awesome.?
  21. I’m speaking for my brother. He really likes the details,and he thinks it’s a great piece of terrain.??
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