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  1. I like that look. but mine I don’t think I’m going to paint that dirty.
  2. How do you get that. that is so awesome.
  3. Can’t wait for the news. Yes I hope we can build some hipe for it.
  4. Oh my bad. I’m sorry you’re totally right.?
  5. Interesting list. but the only problem with it is you cannot have 3 special forces. You are only allowed to have 2.
  6. I really like the idea of running the NEIKED.?? and maybe running 2 but the only problem is they cannot move only pivot. and then you’ll have less units for taking objectives.
  7. Hey I was wondering if you could have two force reflexes On Darth Vader. or two Force choke. or maybe multiple force push. Just a thought.
  8. This is the best list builder ever. I’m gonna use this thing for ever it’s really freeform love your work. 10 thumbs up form me.
  9. How do you know it’s going to be that. I asked you in my clone wars topic. but you haven’t answered.
  10. It would make the game too complicated. you couldn’t introduce players so easily if there are rules like that. but it is an interesting idea.?
  11. Actually The door wasn’t garbage. I picked it up at Lowe’s a year back when Legion was announced this was for a birthday present and I got all the tools and material I needed. Wood glue Sand a gallon of black paint a sample of gray paint. Then I got to work making the board I told you I wasn’t raised on video games. but I have played them before at my cousins house. now I live up in Alaska but we have family down in Florida One time we were on vacation and I played Star Wars battlefront now I took some inspiration from the lava map. in the game and decided to put that on my board. so I started with wood glue now I took a brush I squirted wood glue on the board. this door is a little bigger than 3 x 6. so I marked off the extra 6 inches And then spread would glue all over the board after that. I took sand and I sprinkle it on Then I took the board and Shook Of all the excess sand. after that you let it dry for overnight then the next day you take your gallon of black paint and paint it with a roller i use a roller. When you roll it on to the sand it also seals all the sand. after that let it dry again and then take your gray paint. and you wipe it off on a paper towel so to get the least amount of paint on it. and then Drybrush the whole board with the gray. you’re technically done. I put lava streams using some basic acrylic paint first start with red and put some orange on top of the red and do the same thing with yellow then I add a finishing touch and take some Elmers clear glue and put that to make it look shiny. and about the XWing it actually looks like garbage. Because I scratched it up and put it on my board as a crashed XWing. now the board looks kind a dole even with the barricades in the crashed XWing. then I took some foam that I picked up at Lowe’s. then I cut it with a bread knife so I can make the base of a Rock formation and I glued a smaller piece on top of the big one. I waited For it to dry I did a whole batch and then I painted it with my leftover black. Then I dry brushed it Gray. So if Thinking I made everything out of garbage. no I did not most of the stuff I bought. Thanks for all your support and I don’t go to school I’m homeschooled so I don’t have as many friends as you guys think. I really like. FFG community I know you’re great people and you help other people with questions about The rules and terrain building, I really like what everyone’s doing and I want FFG community too stay forever. That’s all for now guys see you soon. ?
  12. Cool I like it. looks great man.?
  13. I really like this idea of 500 point lists. The only question I have is the game length. is it five rounds or six rounds. Also it allows for new players easily get into the game at 500 points you could buy a core box and play a game with it ?
  14. Jarjar would definitely be an operative. And if he was a Sith Lord he would be named Darth jarjar.???
  15. I know only 14 but wargaming has been my passion for years now about two years back I pick up a Bolt action starter setI assembled the miniatures. and read the rules and played games of it. I enjoyed it and then about a year ago I picked up a Civil War battle in a box set .from war Lord games I assembled 180 miniatures plus artillery and cavalry I read the rules for Game and then I played the game I enjoyed it. I also got XWing armada played those games. but let me tell you the most interesting thing about myself. yes I am 14 Most kids are raised playing video games. but in our family we don’t play video games. we played boardgames and when I got my first Miniature wargame. Bolt action I got hooked. and when I went to my first convention I went crazy i’ve been assembling painting and building terrain and I didn’t make it out of garbage. I made it out of high-quality foam and a XWing model I found in my old drawer of toys. have a lava themed board. made out of a door with no handle and I put wood glue on it and I had bought sand at Lowe’s and put sand all over it and then painted it black dry brushed it gray added lava streams with paint. I also painted all my storm troopers two squads black two squads white same with the speeder bikes. and Darth Vader I added a light glow. and I painted all my rebel troopers sort of a sandy color and I also painted my barricades and my move templates. and range ruler. legion is my favorite game of all time I just fell in love with it and I’ll find a way to get the money I still will enjoy my life but I still will play legion and get all the expansions eventually. and I also use dice master bags for the order token pool. Thanks guys ?
  16. Thanks man.?I like that everybody helps each other out.?
  17. I really want to pre-order some myself, but I’m only 14 and I only have two coreboxes and I don’t don’t have much money, but I really want to get them so bad. ?But Christmas is coming along so hope I can get some then also have to buy all the expansions first. Sucks to be me?
  18. Why would I want to buy fleet troopers. They have the worst range, they’re pretty expensive,about the same price as the storm troopers, they don’t even have any long range snipers, like the DLT could anyone help me out, do you guys think I should get these guys.? can anyone tell me the pros and cons thank you?
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