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  1. Really on your profile photo looks exactly like you.
  2. Hey that sniper could be your twin.?
  3. Because if you could remove say 2 suppression from each unit at range 1-2 it’s just in my mind I think that is too powerful.
  4. Because it would be way over powering.
  5. They Look top-notch.?
  6. I really love that space marine theme. I painted my storm troopers to look like Space wolves.
  7. LordBubba

    Key positions

    Yup you’re absolutely right that’s why people with vehicle lists like Key positions.
  8. No it doesn’t mean you get to remove suppression from all units in range 1-2. For example I had inspire 2 And I had to friendly Units in range. I get to pick which one removes 2 or I could split it up and remove 1 from each. Did That answer your question.?
  9. You’re welcome, we are very happy to help.?
  10. It is totally right. can’t wait for you to post some pictures.??
  11. LordBubba

    Aim/dodge in Melee

    Aim and dodge can be used in any attack. Close combat or ranged it’s in the shootings section of the rules. because you’ll be shooting a lot more then In close combat. Also for my first few games we have the same problem.?
  12. With the extra 6 points you could either upgrade. a grenade or targeting Scopes just an idea?
  13. Wow How do you have enough money for all this. you must have the biggest terrain collection for legion ever.?
  14. What if you could build an army with 3 e webs. ?
  15. My name came from Darth Vader of coarse. when I was really young Family just started too call me bubba and it kind of stuck. so that’s my story and by the way my name is Piersen.?
  16. After you create your first imperialist. You would probably upgrade with more bodies. more storm troopers and more snow troopers.?
  17. I was wondering the exact same thing. maybe they did send some early.?
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