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  1. It looks like a very fun list but the only problem is you only have five units that can take objectives. I don’t think of veers is willing to take and objective. I would maybe drop boba, an ad two storm trooper units with to DLTs. tell me how It went.
  2. Oh that’s a bummer.? all enter next year.?
  3. What is that supposed to mean.?
  4. I really like the mortar launcher, because in the beginning of the game You can totally, hold units from going two objectives.
  5. I love that it’s really cool, Great Job.? Poor pilot.?
  6. Those are so awesome amazing detaile great work.?
  7. Those scouts look amazing, also I really love the terrain bored great job.?
  8. I really liked 800 points because it’s cheaper for players to get into the game.?but 1000 points would be pretty cool, I was thinking about what if I did different types of tournaments 600pt Tournaments, 800pt Tournaments, and 1000pt Tournaments.?
  9. I really like your list because I don’t see many AT-ST Lists anymore and I like that you’re maxed out all troopers. You know you could get an extra snow trooper, with the extra 12 points or two grenades, Or extra storm trooper.
  10. Didn’t shadow troopers have Cloaking devices.?
  11. Sorry guys I mean cloaking mechanic, for very elite units that allows them to use cloaking. Allows them to hide for certain amount of time. Now do you guys understand.? like in XWing.
  12. My dad And I were thinking, Will they make a cloaking mechanic in Legion? Like an X-Wing. If you guys have any thoughts the would be awesome.
  13. When do you think he’ll Announce winners.
  14. When you sliced The atrt it half with Vader. you forgot Pierce 3.
  15. You cannot have 4 AT-RT. you’re only allowed to have three support.
  16. You’re absolutely right. great job.?
  17. That looks absolutely amazing Hope you can have some great games.?
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