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  1. The ATRT is a great vehicle, But even if it was too strong, they would still be able to Nerf it with expansions.
  2. The Ewoks a really cool and the Jedi Ewok is a nice touch, I really want an army of the Ewoks.👍
  3. That was amazing one of the coolest fan creation i’ve ever seen.🙂
  4. Great Battle report. I subscribed because I love to see new YouTube channels for Star Wars legion.🙂
  5. LordBubba


    Nice Battle report. like the bunker.🙂
  6. That looks really nice, I would love to have that on my game table.
  7. That is an amazing paint job, I love the mines.
  8. I use pandemic cubes for +1 power stun and chains.
  9. I actually love the idea of sealed tournaments. It would be very fun to open a new deck and sit down and play KeyForge. and when you come home you can add another deck to your collection.😉
  10. This also happens with Magic the gathering as well.
  11. thanks guys, I hope this thread will continue while more people play the game Will get more data on how magic is doing.🙂
  12. Is Keyforge going to eat magic The gathering alive.?
  13. Finally battle droids I’ve been waiting for someone to post about battle droids. Yes!!!?
  14. Painted models are better than non painted models ?
  15. I’m almost opposite a crazy mess of droids. and my brother likes clone so i’ll be getting those too. All of us Legion players are going to be shopping.?
  16. Almost 3 inches long and almost 2 inches wide. They’re the same size as the Armada and XWing and imperial Assault upgrades.
  17. Yes of course for instants if you had a rebel trooper upgrade. you going to upgrade each of your rebel trooper units with that card. unless for instants you have a wedge Antilles He has a DOT on his card which means you can only have one copy of his card. That kind of answer your question?
  18. Really I can’t wait for them to come out with clone war news. I’ve been dying to see what the units look like.
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