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  1. The ATRT is a great vehicle, But even if it was too strong, they would still be able to Nerf it with expansions.
  2. The Ewoks a really cool and the Jedi Ewok is a nice touch, I really want an army of the Ewoks.👍
  3. That was amazing one of the coolest fan creation i’ve ever seen.🙂
  4. Great Battle report. I subscribed because I love to see new YouTube channels for Star Wars legion.🙂
  5. LordBubba


    Nice Battle report. like the bunker.🙂
  6. That looks really nice, I would love to have that on my game table.
  7. That is an amazing paint job, I love the mines.
  8. I use pandemic cubes for +1 power stun and chains.
  9. I actually love the idea of sealed tournaments. It would be very fun to open a new deck and sit down and play KeyForge. and when you come home you can add another deck to your collection.😉
  10. This also happens with Magic the gathering as well.
  11. thanks guys, I hope this thread will continue while more people play the game Will get more data on how magic is doing.🙂
  12. Is Keyforge going to eat magic The gathering alive.?
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