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  1. I lost my last campaign pretty hard, so I would like to go for a relatively competitive setup. I cannot choose Diala, Jyn, Loku or Gaarkhan because we have agreed to not use same heroes in two campaigns in row. Additionally I cannot choose Gideon because we have agreed to not use him or Subversive Tactics, because we find those unfun. I was thinking about Shyla, Fenn, Ko-Tun and someone else. Hardest part is the support slot, since good supports are not available for me. Ko-Tun can be built somewhat supportive, so thats why she is in.
  2. I like the ideas behind these suggestions a lot. Some of the expensive cards may be a bit too good, for example 4xp1 would be potentially 8 tokens if each Hero attacks once, more if they double attack (and less if they don't attack, but 4 attacks per round is somewhat realistic estimate, and that is not even considering that healing also grants tokens. Thats potentially 8+ damage per round. On the other hand I really like the fact that this can be countered by killing units with offensive tokens, and this in turn can be countered by using less offensive tokens and more defensive ones. So, great card by design, might just need some numbers tuning. I would also maybe add some positining requirement, like that the figures who gain tokens must be within 3 space of the target of the attack. This would bring an additional positioning challenge to Imperial, and additional counterplay options to Rebels, which would reward good play from both sides. The 3XP card which says that if a Hero activates first they are stunned seems fairly niche, but again, idea is pretty neat. I wonder if it would be OP if it said something like "At the beginning of round, name a hero. Unless they activate first they become stunned." The starter might be annoying, as its something Rebels must remember each turn while its a card that isn't in front of them. On the other hand, it would become a habit soon.
  3. I like the limit on Agendas. It at least mildens the cheese where one brings all one time use agendas to last mission and bursts them there. I believe he'd be open to that, since he was fairly responsive for our concerns when I brought them up earlier, and he himself said agenda cheese is dumb last time around. Bans are something that has been usually fairly well recieved with our group, as it gives the opportunity to remove something that you believe would not be fun to play against. If someone really wanted to play one of the banned heroes, I believe that'd be up for negotiation too, but so far neither of the new players has expressed interest to. One of them wants to go Gaarkhan, and the other doesn't know yet, but probably Mak or Loku given that he expressed interest in playing a sniper. I'm thinking of two of Fenn/Verena/Diala. I'd like to pick a support in Diala, but 2 melee is kinda hazardous, then again, Verena is sorta melee too, so maybe I should go Fenn + MHD or something along the lines.
  4. The banning is more of a habit we have had to give both sides the change to eliminate whatever they think is the most broken thing other side could bring, but it is indeed out of proportion. I actually talked about this with the Imperial player, and he agreed to let us ban 3 decks because our players are new. Thinking of banning Subversive, MM and Hutt Mercs.
  5. Greetings. Me and 3 of my friends will be starting a Jabba's campaign soon. Imperial player is the most experienced of us, hands down, I have played one campaign before (core set). Other two players haven't played IA before nor they have meaningful board game experience. Since the last time I faced this Imperial player was a total loss, and I'd like my two new buddies have slightly more encouraging experience, I'd like to pick the strongest characters for myself at least (I'll be controlling two). We have agreed that Imperial player may ban 3 Heroes, and we may ban 1 Imperial deck. Expansions we have access to are Core, Jabba's, Twin Shadows and Return to Hoth. On my last campaign I faced Military Might, which felt fairly strong, but then again skill difference on that campaign between us and Imperial player was so large that it might have been just that. He has banned Gideon, Shyla and Diala.
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