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  1. @Varlie @Donovan Morningfire Thanks for your help! Hopefully this explanation makes sense, of what I'm seeing. We printed a couple of physical copies before we noticed that we were missing the information. I opened one of our older characters (which was originally printed to PDF, so I still have that file to reference) and compared the print preview file of what it would currently print. I am choosing Print Standard, with all options checked: Include Talent Trees, Include Force Power Trees, Include Signature Ability Trees, Include Vehicles, Include Companions Upon closer inspection/comparison between the old (PDF) sheet and the current print preview, I see the section for Skills on the first page in the current preview, but it is not populating. I've attached an image to this, hope it helps show what is missing. The Skills section is there, and I checked the Skills section in the character creator, and he has set/purchased skills, but nothing is showing on the printout. If I switch to Printing Compact, I get some of them, but I wanted the whole list, like I've had before. Our GM did normally print them to PDF from his computer, so I'm starting to wonder if the difference is between our programs? I am using the same files he gave me for it, I think, but perhaps he has a different version...
  2. My question ended up at the bottom of the last page, so I just wanted to bump it to see if anyone here has any suggestions. Thanks!
  3. I may have a noob question. We've used this program to make characters for the last several years, and it would print out with all the skills and dice to roll on the first page. We haven't used it for a year, but are coming back to start a new campaign, and the skills page is not in the print out. Has the program changed? Or am I missing something in getting that part printed? Everything is checked in the print options. Help?
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