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  1. Howdy! Embarrassingly, it's been quiet because I haven't carved out the time to do Path of Waves updates. This doesn't mean there has been no work done, of course -- there are 11 commits covering several key bugfixes checked in. However, I haven't pushed a new build yet (if feeling adventurous, of course, it's all on github, so you can give building it yourself a spin if you'd like to try the bleeding edge!) since I'd like to get another big feature push done before I do. As for the Gao--fun fact: nobody has reported that until now! 😄 I'll get a bug on the issue board for meow9th to get that added for the next release. In the meanwhile, there's nothing particularly special on the Gao, so it should be easy enough to add to your character manually from within the application (no database fiddling needed!). Steps: 1) Equipment->Weapons->Add 2) Choose a template weapon with the same number of grips (I chose Chokuto) 3) Change the Name to Gao, and add descriptions if you like. Set the price to 15 koku. 4) Choose the Snaring Quality, and click Add. 5) Choose the other qualities (for the Chokuto, Ceremonial and Razor-edged) and click Remove Quality/Pattern 6) Set the min/max range to 1, Damage to 4, and Deadliness to 3. Hope that gets you going! For what it's worth, the project isn't abandoned--it's just a 2 person show most of the time, and our schedules have been a little on the wild side lately. Additionally: if there are folks that are comfortable in C++/Qt, and you'd like to help out on the project, let me know! I'll be glad to walk you through the codebase and help you ready to contribute. Plenty of work to go around!
  2. Howdy! Custom Advantages and Disadvantages is a feature we haven't built into the GUI (yet...) but it's doable if you're willing to roll your sleeves up and check out the DB. 🙂 Steps Below! 1) Find the database file (paperblossoms.db, located in the folder opened by going to Tools->Open Application Data Directory. Mine is at C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\PaperBlossoms ). Make a copy of it just in case, then close Paper Blossoms. 2) Open paperblossoms DB in a SQlite DB tool (I use https://sqlitebrowser.org/dl/ ). 3) We have a space for user-added advantages and disadvantages: user_advantages_disadvantages. If you populate this with values similar to those in the official date (base_advantages_disadvantages) the will show up in the app--typically at the end of whatever dropdown or list you're looking at, on my machine. So! If I wanted to add a custom distinction, 'Cat Person' I could populate the columns with: Distinctions Cat Person BookofCats 101 Void Spiritual Write the changes (there's a button in DB Browser, if you're using that). THen re-open paper blossoms from scratch. If it works, the distinction will be in the database, and selectable when you build a new character (at the end of the dropdown). 4) Optional: Description We don't put *any* descriptions in place by default. You can add them, however, under Tools->Description editor. You should see your custom Distinction in the list (alphabetically, here). After you're done, be sure to Tools->Export->Export All User Data Tables to make sure you can keep this data after we update the application (since an update will typically overwrite the data). Hope that helps! Addendum: It *is* possible you could export the user data tables, modify user_advantages_disadvantages in the same way (taking care to adhere to CSV constraints) and then import them back in -- but CSVs can be a little finicky, and I can't claim to have tested that, I'm afraid!
  3. I believe it's around 50 on FFG's website right now? I pre-ordered when it was first announced, so I don't really recall at this point. 😄
  4. It's not....yet. It was kind of a corner case before. However, the new Ronin 20 Questions includes selection of a bond for question 17, so that's going to be one of the first tasks for incorporating Path of Waves. To turn that into a larger update for folks: Howdy! We've got a copy of Path of Waves. Those of you that have a copy (or read the previews) may be aware that there's a new set of 20 questions--so this will be a fairly involved update. I'm currently working on breaking down some tasks for it, and we'll be doing some rough architectural planning in the next few weeks. A few scratch notes: 1) There will be table updates for this milestone, but we haven't determined whether we'll handle it with new tables, or by modifying columns on existing tables. 2) Bonds will be added as a part of this. 3) I'll be putting roadmap entries down for custom, in-UI schools, but those are unlikely to be included (it's a BIG effort, whenever it gets worked) right now. TL;DR: Work for this book is more complicated than prior books (and I have less free time to work it) -- but we're working on it!
  5. Howdy! We've actually already got a fix for that checked in (see below) -- it should show up in the next build (which has been a long time coming, I know!) https://github.com/dashnine/PaperBlossoms/commit/94b6cede9c19849e3fac382febfa6e9f95e7be1e Sorry about that!
  6. As @Voice noted recently, he's actually working on some character sheet reworks right now! There are a *lot* of moving parts to that one, and we're looking at changing the whole way the sheets are generated to facilitate better/more flexible sheet design (all within the limits of Qt's html-to-print libraries, which can be a little finicky). No target date on that one yet--there will be some XML export changes first to facilitate it.
  7. That sounds like a pretty straightforward feature -- I'll get it on the board! Of course, I'd rather everything just work automatically -- not entirely sure why some people's DB didn't register the need for the update automatically. >_< Still, easy enough it automate out a menu option to do that. Probably more doable -- but it'll definitely require adding networking calls to the app, and the code will have some semi-complicated pieces (depending on what API github has available for that sort of thing). I'll make a note on the feature request!
  8. Glad you like it! 😄 Always glad to hear people are finding it helpful. This sounds like you don't have the updated DB in place. Typically, when you run the app with a new version, you'd get a warning message saying something like 'The bundled data is newer than the local database. Replace the local data with the bundled data?' Say yes, and it should install the CoS version of the data. If you're not getting that, you can always go to Tools->Open Application Directory and delete or rename the paperblossoms.db installed in that folder, then run your app again. If that doesn't work, let me know! We have a feature request added up on the board for that! It's just a matter of someone carving out the time to work on it -- the code won't bee too difficult. In the meanwhile, if you're feeling adventurous, you could always try adding custom entries by modifying the user_* tables in the database with a tool like DB Browser for SQLite. The database is installed in the folder shown by Tools->Open Application Directory . It's kludgy, but gets the job done! If you go that route, though, just be sure to Tools->Export All User Data to save your work -- the DB gets overwritten whenever the app is updated, so you'll need to re-import any custom entries after an update!
  9. Addendum: for folks wanting to know immediately when there *is* a new build you can always 'Watch' the github repository ( https://github.com/dashnine/PaperBlossoms ). To do so, you'll need to create and log in to a free github account. Then go to the PaperBlossoms repository, and click 'Watch' in the upper right corner. You can choose 'Releases Only' -- this should notify your registered email whenever I push a new release out! (However, I always post something on this thread immediately afterwards, too).
  10. I can add that as an enhancement request on the board. I know some (impressive) folks like OggDude have supported that, but it's a fairly tall order--at the minimum it would involve the app phoning home to check even to alert the user, and the code to download and self-update is also fairly non-trivial. It also introduces (a lot of) security concerns that would have to be worked through--up until now we've avoided incorporating/requiring networking code. For that matter, it would be dependent on the github TOS allowing automated checks, since I'm not really willing to host and maintain an update service. I'll get it on the board and start thinking through it, but given that this is a side-project with a tiny contributor pool, it may be lower on the priority list for now to be honest. If someone wants to contribute on that feature, drop me a line and we can chat -- with the extra caveat that because of the security concerns, I'd be looking at any proposals with a pretty critical eye, so I can't promise anything! 🕵️‍♂️ (Sorry, probably not the answer everyone was hoping for -- just being realistic about my time/paranoia limiting factors!)
  11. We're happy to announce a new, full release - 1.2.2! Thanks again to everyone for your feedback, bug reports, well wishes, and general excellence. As always, the latest download is available at https://github.com/dashnine/PaperBlossoms/releases ! Full release notes below. Version 1.2.2 dashnine released this 5 minutes ago Version 1.2.2 This is a minor release containing all content from the beta release, as well as additional fixes based on user feedback. Full, combined changelog is below. Changelog (from 1.1.0): Now supports content from Courts of Stone Added checkbox to the Add Advance window to remove all restrictions when selecting tech. This should help with corner cases like the Fortunist Monk, or with GMs that want to give a player a random Ninjutsu... Now requires paying 3 XP to purchase a passion Updates About dialog to show proper version number, and proper credit to /u/mproud for ring art Adjusted default margins on print to prevent some printers from cutting off edges Added CoS Titles (which were missed in the beta) Fixed typo in Fortunist Monk (EE) that resulted in incorrect calculation for a skill group Known Issues: For users that are having trouble with scaling on high-DPI monitors: one user has reported correcting the issue with the following: Right click the executable and choose Properties. Click the Compatibility tab->Change high DPI settings->Check 'Override high DPI scaling behavior' . There are some additional options we could try -- if you're experiencing this and want to experiment a bit, drop us a line at paperblossoms.l5r@gmail.com.
  12. Awesome! Wanted to make sure it wasn't idle. Whenever you find the setting, let me know--I'm going to work on an FAQ section for people having troubles, and want to make sure that's in there. 😄 Glad you're up and running!
  13. Following up with @Daeglan or his friend (or anyone else seeing huge text on high-dpi displays): did using any of the above flags resolve your issue?
  14. Thanks! I can't claim credit, though -- Meow9th put together a pretty sweet DB schema (and then suffered through entering all that data, no less)! Getting a rank column should be a pretty straightforward feature! I'll get a feature request on the board for that one. Reorganizing the order should be doable as well -- but is likely a lot trickier. I can definitely add some feature-requests for it though 😄 Glad we could get it squared away! Note: I was reluctant to mark Invocations as allowable for Fortunist Monks, since aside from the free one each rank, they can't take them; adding them as allowable would allow them to add them at any time. >_< If that's working for you, though, then huzzah! A quick data cautionary note: before you update, if you have custom data you intend to use be sure to use the 'Export->Export All User Data Tables...' feature to save your changes off, then re-import them into the new build. Note that this will only save off things in the user_* tables; if you're making direct, non-user data changes you'll want to save those tables manually.
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