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  1. I mean, it does depend on your point of view... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relativity_of_simultaneity More likely though he means that the canon answer changed at one point.
  2. Just for fun: Skirmish upgrade (0 points) At the start of each of your activations, gain 2 movement points. 2 [strain]: Use at the start of your activation to take "Mandelorian Tactics" into hand from your deck or discard pile. You may trigger the same [surge] ability twice. Basically designed to get really good use out of Mandelorian Tactics. Normally it's hard to set up a double attack, and the extra surge is often wasted. I think the last line in particular is a huge buff- 2x surge for +2, and the potential to recover 8 in an activation.
  3. I posted a similar-ish question a while ago if you're interested: If you want skirmish lists that are up to the current power level of competitive play, it takes quite a few expansions (in my understanding). But if you just want a handful of lists that are well balanced against each other, I would recommend starting with just the core set, and then picking up the occasional blister pack to add variety as needed. Probably stick to the earlier released figures, because there is a noticeable power creep. I've still only played a handful of skirmish games, but the Hired Guns, Boba Fett, and Echo Base Troopers packs seemed to fill in important gaps in the core set.
  4. Cool. I guess that's one of the few Sorastro tutorials I haven't watched then. It's a striking effect; I'll have to find a place to use it!
  5. Something about the eyes just works so well! Great job. Could I ask how you went about the leather straps?
  6. I've played a handful of skirmish games with only core + Boba + a few other things. He seems to me to have a niche, partly because it's so hard to fill a scum list, but also because he's an exceptional combination of tanky + mobile. In the modern meta I'm sure he needs a buff, but if the game was broken into tiers like OP describes he could see use.
  7. Have you ever heard of the board game "Space Alert"? It's very similar to what you've described, with players running around inside the ship hitting different buttons, with a timer on their decisions. It is quite hectic :)
  8. Give him/her a few xp abilities that happen to be mechanically identical to force choke, tempt, force lightning... Jokes aside, we've seen a lot more unique gungan tech compared to most other alien species, so there are plenty of things to draw upon. But there are lots of cool hero ideas out there.
  9. Haha, and I have nothing against 4-LOM/whatever either.
  10. I just thought I'd pipe up as a counter example to your last statement there- there are many different types of Star Wars / IA fans, and I have no idea what piece of Star Wars media made 4-LOM/Zuckuss so popular. But you may be right about the first part, because by the sounds of things there are people who would buy 4-LOM/Zuckuss even if they don't play IA. Personally, I rather like that gungans idea...
  11. Is there already an Imperial class deck that removes hero strain? Kind of in keeping with what a1bert said, I think it's more interesting to give the Imperial bonuses against heroes that use lots of abilities, instead of just adding strain. If the Imperial has to remove strain to use those bonuses, it could result in an interesting push-pull of both sides having to decide when to optimally use their abilities. I'm imagining something like: "once per activation, you may remove 1 strain from a hero in your line of sight to gain one movement point", or "remove 3 strain to perform an extra attack". But that might be really hard to balance.
  12. Yeah, I noticed that the merc list is a bit thin without alliance. I was thinking that this is a cool opportunity for us to develop/curate our own meta! It's just a question of how many mistakes we make on the way... Jawa scavenger looks interesting. It is a bit tricky though if we're all sharing figures. We were thinking of getting Hoth once we finish the core campaign. I haven't noticed a lack of command cards so far because you get 2 copies of most of them, but I can see that being an issue.
  13. Hello there, I just got into Imperial Assault with some friends. We're mostly interested in the campaign side of things, but we've also done a few skirmishes, and I really like having skirmish as an option if we're missing campaign players. What do you think about the balance of the core set figures (with erratas)? Are all three factions viable, and are there any figures we should avoid? We'll probably get an expansion/ a few blister packs eventually. Any tips for keeping our casual skirmish meta balanced?
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