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  1. I managed to get one of each.. but it did cost me about 6 months to find them. I really got them from everywhere.. a online shop from denmark.. ebay canada.. it was quite the ride and i don't want to sum up the total cost
  2. First i thought what silly weakness is dendromorphosis.. but then i realised the 2 hand slots... ouch!
  3. Yeah.. cards trickle in one by one.. at first i sorted bye resource cost .. but over time it is really cumbersome. A single card can shift hole pages so you have to resort all other just to place the single new one in the right spot... i gave that up somewhere around first or second TFA scenario.
  4. I use Collector's Album and 18-Pocket Side-Loading Pages. My sorting scheme is exactly as Duciris.
  5. That is strange.. i did not receive an email. I checked the site of the shop i got it from and now its says ready for pre-order and 29.11 is set as expected date of availability. It feels really a bit strange.. although mine is sitting at work and i haven't even seen it yet.
  6. In the german asmodee forum is an explanation for all of this. It seems the german translated version was shipped early and the stores should hold on to it till 30.11 before selling / shipping it to customers.
  7. In germany it is already available.. don't know why or how this is possible. My copy is waiting for me at work but i am on vacation till next week
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