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  1. I ordered a Starfield map from my local store about 9 months ago. It finally came last week. If you're willing to wait until next year, you just might get one!
  2. I printed mine a while ago. I just haven't put it together yet. I can check later to make sure, but I believe it was sized to fit the same base as the gr75 transport. If you're in Canada I have a 3d printing company and would gladly print one for you.
  3. I will certainly be first in line to get this. Really like the game and I'm excited for this.
  4. Certainly adds a lot of things; exploration, districts, governments, armies. All good stuff. Not sure how it addresses the ending though. It's a great game I just want the ending to be the climax and not leave me with the "Oh I guess it's over...." feeling.
  5. There are extra pieces! It extends out to range 4 and 5 for play with Huge ships.
  6. Just found some at a store a half an hour away! I ordered two and should get them in a couple days. They were at a sale price too!
  7. I was under the impression that these were made in house by FFG. How can I order this? It won't let me add it to my cart. I have been looking at it for a while and it seems to always be out of stock. Any thoughts? Between this and my being unable to find the huge ship conversion kit, FFG is not making it easy for me to give them my money...
  8. It almost seems like FFG seriously underestimated the demand. I wonder what has been going on over there with all the missteps lately.
  9. I'm still waiting for my local store to get this in stock. I preordered a few weeks before release but they still have not received any from their supplier. So I started looking elsewhere and I see that it is out of stock in many places. Any idea what is going on? Any thoughts about where I could find some at a reasonable price? Thanks.
  10. Don't worry, the wing tool is the same as a 4 straight. You should have room.
  11. Do we have an actual official release date for the huge ships conversion kit yet? All I have heard is "before worlds". Does anyone have any other info? And yes, I can hardly wait!
  12. Good point. I totally forgot about the shield regeneration. I'm thinking since red maneuvers cause stress, which remove one energy, blue maneuvers add one energy. That would let you fire a turbolaser every round. Sounds good on the rebel corvette circle the battlefield taking pot shots and still recovering shields.
  13. One of the complaints about 1st edition huge ships was the low amount of energy produced each turn. It looks like 2nd edition will have similar rates of energy production, but the hardpoint weapons cost even more energy to use! 3 for a turbolaser and up to 4 for the point defense weapon. Between weapons, repairs, (and maybe recharging shields). It looks like to me there is not nearly enough energy flowing around.
  14. Lego just announced a new star destroyer set that is 43" long! Might work well if I can convert all my ships to lego and scale them down a bit...
  15. I believe your understanding is correct. There are some definite benefits to being in a wing and this is one of them. Others include moving and taking actions at the initative of the wing leader. Drawbacks; harder to avoid obstacles and bumping. Both of which take away actions, so maybe it balances out.
  16. I think clones with Dedicated are going to LOVE the wing tool.
  17. I really like these, but I'm going to wait until the have matching Huge ship damage decks. Hopefully that won't take to long.
  18. I understand that. Objectives can be VERY hard to balance. You could easily win or lose a game with a random objective if you bring the right or wrong list.
  19. This is something I have wanted for a very long time! Will definitely spice up my casual games. I very rarely play in tournaments so this and Epic will be my main way of playing. Will you use these or stick to tournament rules games? Environment Cards: 1 Asteroid Shower 1 Clouzon-36 Deposits 1 Comet Tail 1 Ion Clouds 1 Mynock Infestation 1 Recent Wreckage 1 Continous Bombardment 1 Countdown 1 Minefield 1 Munitions Cache 1 Pinpoint Bombardment 1 Unexploded Ordnance The next card packs will hopefully come with objective cards that can pair with these. Create your list, draw random environment card, then draw random objective card. Play and have fun. Endless variability!
  20. That is a definite possibility. I still hope they find a way to have medium and large ships in formation.
  21. True. I was referring to what look like other formation tools that have room for 4 or 2 ships. They might be used for something else. We will hopefully find out soon.
  22. Don't know for sure but I think it will be 6 small, 4 medium and 2 large. Just speculation so far based on one picture in one article.
  23. Although maybe that is what the other formation tools are for... So you could have: 6 small 4 medium 2 large That makes sense to me anyway.
  24. According to my testing the wing tool is exactly the same length as a 4 straight. Not enough room for large bases. 6 medium bases do fit with no space in between. Not sure if they will be allowed though.
  25. If you look closely at one of the pictures in the article it shows a card which details how each formation works. Not sure how to link to it since I'm on my phone.
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