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  1. I took a double Defender list to a charity tournament this last weekend and had a lot of fun with them. My list (if anyone cares) was: Rexler Brath Juke Jamming Beam Collision Detector Proton Rockets Countess Ryad Juke Jamming Beam Collision Detector Cluster Missles I had the most fun, and success, when I was able to cycle the Defenders in and out the the battle. I would set up Rexler to joust and the Countess to flank. On the second round Rexler would duck behind an asteroid and the Countess would turn in for a range 3 shot. I was able to get my opponents to generally chase after one while the other circled around for another pass. The Collision Detector really caught people by surprise (and saved me from some poor flying). It let me escape a few traps as well. I had 2 win and 3 losses so it was not the best list out there, but very enjoyable. The 4 K turn and 3-5 speed moves were obvious choices that people expected and set traps for. So it was interesting to try and find better moves and I was often able to do that. Sometimes the 4 K was just the best move and I could take the damage for a round. It was not easy to eliminate enemy ships though with only two fighters of my own. I guess I don't see any need for changes, its fun, it can be blocked, it can win and it can lose. Just my two cents.
  2. I have been printing up a bunch of stuff to do some ground battles, AT AT, AT ST and the like. I will definitely check out the imperial paint set.
  3. Or an A-wing leading a bunch a B-wings into battle.
  4. I wonder about that too. It feels like they will really need to simplify things or it will get crazy complicated very quickly. Also we are just looking at this in isolation, we don't know what the huge ships will do. Maybe epic battles will be all about players controlling multiple flights. So that 1 flight is like 1 ship in regular games. Fast, furious, fun with truly massive amounts of ships. A completely different game perhaps then we are expecting.
  5. Well it is Black Squadron... I have a theory that you can only do actions that every ship in the formation can do.
  6. Thanks for the tip! Yes I believe they said you can have up to 6 ships in a formation. So remove any ships in the way, move the flight leader, place ships on the wing tool. Sort of like legion.
  7. I believe you could. Just barrel roll or even boost the flight leader then put the wing tool down and line up the rest of your ships. Since the wing tool is exactly the same size as a 4 straight, anyone who wants to can easily start playing with it right now. I tried the Insert other media and it doesn't like the imgur link.
  8. Here are some pictures of my test with the Wing Tool I designed based on the one available picture we have. It may not be 100% perfect but I think it is very close. Size comparison. Spacing between small ships. Flight lined up and ready to go! 1 Bank. 2 Bank. 3 Bank. 1 Turn. 2 Turn. 3 Turn. 3 Talon Roll 3 Siegnor Loop. I find it interesting that the 1 Turn basically is pivoting on the outside ship. Based on the size of my design medium ships do fit with no space in between the bases.
  9. I think it will work like you said. Move the flight leader then arrange the rest of the ships on the wing tool to avoid collisions. I don't really like the idea of two different movement systems being used. It opens it up to cheese and abuse switching between the two. I know epic is supposed to be casual but I like consistency in my games. I have designed and printed my own for testing and to get I feel for it. I just haven't had time to try it.
  10. C Vic20

    Happy Friday

    I think I would like a mix of scenarios and an objective system somewhat like Armada has. This would allow for random games at stores and more narrative play at home. Looking forward to not having to wipe out all enemy ships to win.
  11. Ha! Oh of course in my younger days I would play Advanced Civilization (the board game from Avalon Hill) for 12+ hours. And a full game of Diplomacy was always good. I'm just thinking about the children... You know the ones who complained that 3 hours of Epic 1.0 was way to long and past their bedtimes.
  12. So in an eight player game you are going to happily sit around and watch potentially 42 attack and 42 defense rolls before it is your turn to engage? And that is if each player only has 6 ships. I'm not sure that the Wing Tool is enough to speed up the game on its own. But we will just have to wait and see. Either way I'm super excited!
  13. In thinking about the new Wing Maneuver Tool, I like how they have simplified moving large groups of ships but if I can move 6 Tie Fighters with one dial then do I Attack and or Defend with one roll? I'm wondering if they will radically change the way attacking and defending work. Will it be based on the Flight Leader with the other ships adding to a dice pool? That would speed up the game considerably. One dial for movement, one roll for attacking and/or defending. What do you think?
  14. I think you might right. At least that is was I was thinking as well. I do really wonder what will happen with the Gozanti and Transport though. I seem to recall something about the developers wanted to integrate Epic into regular play somehow. Maybe that is what will happen.
  15. I'm practicing for a tournament next month and I will be flying two Tie Defenders. Partly because I think it will be easier on my brain. I like to play aggressive but I think two ship lists might be rather unforgiving. I look forward to finding out. This will only be my second tournament so I don't expect to do all that well.
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