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  1. I hope the PDF version comes out as soon as the print does, for us non-US dwellers.
  2. "To serve the Tao is to serve the Empire. The one cannot be parted from the other, no more than the sea can be parted from the land." – The Tao of Shinsei https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/11/6/those-who-serve/
  3. If it makes thematic sense within your character fantasy, then it's fine to have any ring-balance you see fit. Even if it's dice-heavy campaign, and you feel you have to min-max your sheet to have a higher probability of success, I wouldn't turn entirely away from a fun idea. Sacrificing combat efficiency for aesthetic is fine for many samurai and clan concepts.
  4. You can edit any PDF file to account for that discontinuity through the page label interface. So you change the cover to a label, like this book. In this way, you can get the PDF page to match the actual page number despite cover pages. It is only a minor issue, but it is also a minor fix. I think it is worth reporting for future correction.
  5. Thank you for the link! I have tried three different methods of opening the DriveThru PDF: Acrobat Pro (official) Re-downloaded PDF on Chrome Mobile app on iOS Really hard to read. It would be great if FFG could provide us a high-res support download of it.
  6. The DriveThruRPG PDF version that released this Friday is one page off on the numbering. For example, pg.100 in the PDF is actualy listed as pg.99 on the actual page. Since it's a locked PDF, we can't change the page labels manually ourselves. So it would be nice to get the updated version for download, along with the errata changes! Edit: And a high resolution version of the map for support download! would be super great!
  7. I can't see your screenshot. Could you try reuploading it? I don't believe it is a problem with my PDF reader. I use the Adobe Creative Cloud on a daily basis for my work. If you suspect it is, could you please point me toward a possible fix or troubleshoot? I haven't encountered this resolution issue on other projects. And if possible, could you ask your GM where they acquired a PDF with a high res 5e map? Yes, that is my experience with it. --- Does FFG have officlal representatives following up on the community that could please shine some light?
  8. Hey hey, I just acquired the PDF version of the 5e core rulebook. Loving it! I think it would be nice to have a high resolution version of the 5e Rokugan map. Maybe 4k+ or at least around 3000 wide. It is a highly important (and beautiful) piece of lore, and it bugs me a bit that it gets blurry when I zoom in on the labels. Does the community already has access to a high res version of the map? Edit: For example, this is a zoom-in on a label on the PDF: Hard to read!
  9. Hey guys, I've been checking the blog and FF's Twitter, and it seems they'll have an online-purchased PDF version (like through DriveThruRPG). But I haven't been able to find it. I gather they haven't released it yet. Does anyone know if they have a release date or other announcements regarding it? Thank you! Edit: Someone answered this on another post!
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