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  1. Sorry I just used this not looked in the book: http://www.40krpgtools.com/armoury/weapons/
  2. There are actually new peoples picking up the game I am really impressed to me it seems the strongest 40k game. We played DH ages ago but did not pick it up again because time reasons with other campaigns Yes RT has issues too but I guess we can handle that. I prefer the fluff of not being total slave to the depressing Imperium hierarchy like in the other settings. Our group is starting in two weeks and these forums are by far the best resource especially for fluff and also houserule proposals/issues that can arise and ideas to fix them. Thankfully our GM bought the main books ages ago and we got everything that was still available on Amazon and such.
  3. Great thread now what is not much mentioned so far but for me the most important factor is scale of Imperial Guard operations. WW2 was the largest military operation in human history at its peak with a bit about over 10 million troops (both sides together and including noncombat troops) involved at one moment and along 3000km (1900 miles) front. Now from all I read the important conflicts in 40k are even larger. If you have 2 Operation Barbarossa, 3 D-Days, 5 Vietnams and 12 Stalingrads all going on at the same time all over a giant planet where do you really shoot at with your Navy Ships? It will probably be houndreds of thousands of square kilometers you have to shell, none of the enemy is concentrated but everything is spread out. And your intelligence, surveillance plus precision are so bad you never know where exactly which troops are and what you hit. Better use your navy ships to protect the troop transports getting more reinforcements. And for the enemy side the same better use ships to threaten troop transport ships the guardsmen are much more vulnerable inside ships than on the surface of a planet. If you have smaller invasions that aren't on a scale as described above the troops can even spread out better and you probably also have less naval assets. Then you can't shoot forever. When you fire for days and weeks, ballistic macrobatteries need ammo, energy macrobatteries can overload and have issues needing replacement parts and such. And even plasma engines need fuel which is normally not an issue but what about if you 24/7 Sunsear a planet for extended periods of time? As said the naval assets might be better used in other ways especially getting more troops onto the planet.
  4. Pinning RAW is too strong I would houserule it starting with removing the -20 modifier and giving situational modifiers. Thats said its best to do sth. like that before you start a campaign or at least discuss it with affected players to come to a mutual solution else players can feel "betrayed".
  5. Its from the Inquisitors Handbook which is not a direct Rogue Trader sourcebook so you can always disallow it. That said I don't see a reason too its a very week weapon not overpowered or so. As a GM I like it if peoples choose stuff for fluff like having an ineffective but cool kraken tooth weapon for status and RP thats cool. I mean he could have wanted something from the Deathwatch book thats where I would have protested as GM.
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