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  1. FFS FFG... I, too, automatically read it as a reference to the illicit upgrade Cloaking Device. But, yeah, that's definitely wrong.
  2. Stealth device is loses its charge (effectively is removed) when you suffer damage. Doesn't matter if you're defending or not. There's one or two abilities that deal a damage card and do not count as suffering damage. But homing missile isn't one of them. So, it'll pop the stealth device if you opt for the auto-damage.
  3. The original quote is actually from @PanchoX1. I think @MockingBird ME quoted your quote.
  4. And it's just a basic rule, too. Not even an edge case between multiple rules interacting. That makes it even more frustrating. I tend to agree. I think it's intended to have you choose a token or a target lock. But, the way it's worded, it could go either way. So, Rules-as-Written... I dunno?
  5. Well, that brings it to roughly 50/50 on rules interpretations. Looks like yet another thing that needs @OfficialRules.
  6. I think using the actual tractor beam weapon won't trigger his ability, for the reasons you describe. But you could still pair him up nicely with a quadjumper or two.
  7. Gotta learn the game somehow, right? If someone is giving a newbie flack for something, that person is a [non-advertiser-friendly content].
  8. Rules reference, page 8: "If an ability exposes or repairs a ship’s facedown damage card, and the ship has multiple facedown damage cards, the card is chosen randomly from the facedown damage cards the ship has."
  9. Yep. @Hiemfire interpreted it as option 1 from my earlier response, @MockingBird ME, @sharrrp, and @Icelom all went with option 2. I think that's evidence enough that it's ambiguous.
  10. Theoretically, the quick build doesn't need to use the same slots as the standard builder. But, that definitely seems funky. I wonder if they originally had Greedo as crew and didn't change it? Or maybe the YV-666 had a gunner at once point?
  11. What a great description of some rules! (Looking at you, ability queue.)
  12. The trigger is "while you perform an attack against a defender [...]" Therefore, thanks to the once-per-opportunity rule, you can only trigger it once during that attack. So you get one charge/reroll per attack. (Up to two per round, if you can get a bonus attack.)
  13. @Innese is correct on both counts. It should be noted that the answer to both these questions can be found in the official Rules Reference. I highly recommend reading it in its entirety, if you haven't done so already. Then, keep a copy available for reference while playing. (I've found a tablet works amazingly for this, but a phone will do fine.)
  14. They don't watch their forums for support. Gotta email them directly. (Then expect to way at least a couple days.)
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