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  1. Well, the black ring is at "res://TheLordOfTheRingsLCG/image/EncounterDeco.png", but I don't know how to put two images on top of each other. I see few options: 1) Get all three images from resources and combine them in some graphic editor 2) Somehow use JavaScript to overlap images directly in Strange Eons (but I can't use js, so I don't know if this is even possible) 3) Create Scenario card, change its settings to make it look like a Campaign card, then place EncounterDeco into not used Encounter set icon and move it around again using settings. Those are just my possible workaround, maybe there are some easier ways implemented by @HeavyKaragh
  2. It refers to Strange Eons's resources, where are stored all the plugins files, such as icons, scripts, card scans, etc. You can read more about image paths and other stuff at Miriam's Basement.
  3. Insert image into text using Markup->Image... Paths to icons are: "res://TheLordOfTheRingsLCG/icon/TheRoadToIsengard.png" and "res://TheLordOfTheRingsLCG/icon/HelmsDeep.png"
  4. @HeavyKaragh Hello, Translation is finally ready, I have attached translated files. There might be some issues with encoding. Also please take a look at that font, that offset looks weird. Thanks. LRL-interface_cs.properties LRL-icons_cs.properties LRL-game_cs.properties
  5. In my case the problem was that the icons part wasn't there at all. Solved by reinstalling plug-in.
  6. Thanks a lot, font is working now. However there are few issues: interpunction above E has sometimes strange offset and plugin can't find any of encounter set icons (at least in my version). I have also attached part of Czech translation, interface is slightly delayed. LRL-game_cs.properties LRL-icons_cs.properties
  7. Well, font don't have these characters from Czech: ě š č ř ž ů
  8. Yes, I understand the translation now, works nicely, so don't worry about the tutorial. My font problem is with <se> tag in QuestSheet/Rules, as there is a font that supports English only (I guess). I was thinking about adding new font to my Strange Eons and using it by <family font> instead of <se>. But as I have no idea how to do it, so I'm happy to see that you are gonna fix it within a few weeks. Anyway, thanks for this amazing plugin, it seems you have implemented every feature I can think of, and thanks for your precise and helpful answers to my questions. Oh and my friend agreed to translate the plugin into Czech (cs_CZ) language (we are Czech), but as not everything is currently officially translated, we're thinking about leaving the rest of Encounter Sets in English for now and translate only those, that are already available in Czech, to prevent confusion. Interface would be fully translated. Is it ok to only translate files: LRL-interface.properties, LRL-icons.properties, LRL-game.properties? And I would send them to you afterwards.
  9. Hello, I have two questions: How to add new font? Included fonts don't support some letters from my language (e.g. ů), can I add some font that supports my language? Is it possible to translate cards somehow? String tables look like its their purpose, but I can't figure out how to use them or find any tutorial. I have cards in one language and I want to make copy translated to english. Thanks for any answers (links to other places to ask as well), also thanks for your previous answers Settings Explorer is amazing. Edit: Component Factory Task says: "Factories can be useful in many situations. For example, they can be used to automate the translation of content into multiple languages", but I can't find how to use it.
  10. @HeavyKaragh Oh and can I change it for all the cards at once, on I have to apply this every time?
  11. @HeavyKaragh Wow, thats amazing! You just forgot to mention that I need Developer Tools plugin for this (just in case someone else will find this). Anyways, thanks for your help.
  12. @Seastan Thanks, I was still hoping for some kind of switch, but this works well. You just tried 120% size or it is written somwhere? Oh and is it possible to align Victory to bottom? <bottom> tag aligns whole card to bottom. I can still insert multiple lines above it so it will be at bottom of the card, but there can be better solution.
  13. @Seastan Well, if I put it in Options field then it is still gonna have that frame around it. I can put it at the end of Flavour field and close italic tag before it, but it is still too small, it should be same font size as Rules. As I dont know what tags is Flavour text wrapped in, this method is very difficult to perform. Best would be to have some kind of switch somewhere to delete that frame and change font, etc. But it is probably possible by knowing tags, that are around Flavour text, too. Edit: <b> tag does nothing in Options field
  14. Hello, Im not sure if this is right place to ask, but is it possible to change format of victory points on card in Strange Eons 3? I would like them to be displayed same as on attached image.