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  1. You ignore the asteroid/debris field until the end of the round, this timeframe includes the triggers for when you would potentially take damage or stress. So you don't check for damage at the end of the round because you ignored the asteroid when it would have caused it, much the same way you ignored it when you engaged so you were still able to shoot. The end of the round is when the ignoring expires so if you've been sitting on a rock and have to move through it on your next turn you'll suffer effects as normal then.
  2. Yes, Golden Rule means their card text can do things not normally allowed in the rules.
  3. Nope. RR on Boost states: "• While attempting to place a ship to complete a boost, the action can fail if any of the following occurs: ◊ The ship’s final positions would cause the ship to overlap another ship. ◊ The ship would overlap or move through an obstacle. ◊ The ship’s final position would cause it to be outside the play area (and therefore would cause that ship to flee). "
  4. Twice now something like this has been said in this thread, if you want to continue the conversation on that please do it in the Ten Numb or Does All Include Zero threads.
  5. In rereading my post I see I was a little sloppy with my language (said remove instead of spend charge type thing) but what did I get wrong?
  6. The real hope is that we get some official rulings soon. We've got a number of 4+ page threads on this forum now where we, as a community, haven't come to a consensus about how a rule works.
  7. For Jan and the rest of the HWK pilots, their ability triggers off their turret arc AND if equipped with Moldy Crow their fixed forward arc primary weapon.
  8. You are all correct, I misread the original and thought he was asking about if he didn't have a collision detector equipped. Edited the original post to avoid confusion.
  9. If you don't use collision detector you don't roll for damage when decloaking or barrel rolling over/onto/through an obstacle because you can't boost or barrel roll over/onto/through an obstacle, the action would instead fail and if the action was part of decloaking the decloaking fails. TLDR: you don't roll for damage because you can't do it in the first place. I misread, this answer was me thinking the collision detector was not equipped as opposed to equipped without a charge being used. Never answer rules questions before coffee.
  10. A lock on the second target could be used to reroll the attack dice against that target.
  11. The lock can only be used as normal for the ship it's on, not for the second target of a bonus attack.
  12. It doesn't ever say that those attacks are no longer <front arc> attacks. Nore does it say that are <rear arc> attacks, only that you may perform them from your back arc. If it said you may perform <front arc> special attacks as if they were <rear arc> special attacks I'd agree with you but it doesn't, it says "you may perform <front arc> special attacks from your <rear arc>"
  13. specifically this line: "A <front arc> attack uses the <front arc> icon above the attack value as shown on its ship card. This is different from an attack that is performed against a ship in it’s <front arc>." and Krassis states "you can perform <front arc> special attacks from your <rear arc>." but does not make them rear arc attacks. along with outmanuver stating "when you perform a <front arc> attack." and not 'an attack against a ship in your <front arc>. It is exactly because they say there is a difference between a front arc attack and an attack against a ship in your front arc that lets this combination work.
  14. It's those FAQ rulings that make me think the attack is a front arc attack even if it's used out of the back arc and therefore works with outmaneuver; what part of that are you saying suggests it works the other way?
  15. If it's referencing only the standard arc you're using while performing the attack and not the arc on the card why wouldn't a turret pointed in the correct direction trigger it. The text on turret arcs is "The turret arc indicator points toward one of the ship’s four standard arcs. The standard arc that the turret arc indicator is pointing toward is a ? in addition to still being a standard arc. While a ship performs a ? attack, it can attack a target that is in its ? arc." with the missing images just being the turret symbol. Similarly if making an attack with a full arc weapon against a ship in your front arc, do you think outmaneuver would work for that?
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