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  1. For anyone who wants to play Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie in the same list in an 800 point game, I thought up a bit of a rule bend that you could try with a friend so long they're okay with it: If Luke and Leia are in your list, treat Han as an operative instead of a commander. This is meant for casual play, of course. I wouldn't suggest you try to convince a judge to let you do this at a tournament 😅.
  2. If I was tasked with designing a sweeping update to Armada, one of the first balance changes I would attempt would be to remove defense tokens from ace squadrons. This would require a redesign of all the aces who interact with defense tokens (Jan, Morna and the new Lando come to mind) and probably lots of points adjustments too, but I think it would be worth it to try to mend the efficiency gap between ace and generic squadrons. Because apart from that gap, playing the squadron game is one of my favorite aspects of playing Armada. I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts. 🙂
  3. I haven't given it any thought. I have never actually put any of the thought experiments I've posted about on these forums into practice. I haven't asked my friends if they'd be okay with playing outside the bounds of the official rules either, and I only play about once a month. That probably makes me a hypocrite, but I enjoy thinking about Legion as much as I enjoy playing it (which is quite a lot!); especially when I'm sick and have nothing better to do 😷.
  4. Maybe it could be a once-per-game ability that only lasts until the unit's next activation? I don't know. It's just something I thought up while reminiscing about my favorite EU troopers. And as I said in the thread's title it's a home-brew rule. I'm not suggesting it be added to the game.
  5. Card Action: Cloak: Place one Cloaked token in base contact with your unit leader, then set all remaining minis in the unit aside and place them on their unit card. Units that are cloaked may only perform move actions. They cannot be attacked, engaged, displaced, or suffer wounds. Cloaked units cannot be targeted by card effects and cannot claim, carry, or score objectives. Units that are engaged or that have claimed objective tokens cannot cloak. Card Action: Uncloak: Place your set-aside unit leader within range one of the Cloaked token and place your remaining set-aside minis in cohesion. Remove the cloaked token from the board.
  6. I got the chance to hang out with 12 awesome people at my last RPQ (June 8 in Derry, NH). One of the many things we talked out about was how we were all pretty tired of sniper strike teams, and how lots of people all over the place seem to be too. We didn't entirely agree on how to "fix" them, but we all agreed that despite not being busted, they definitely lean toward the unhealthy side of balance, at least from a hardcore point of view. So while I was thinking about sniper strike teams today I started to wonder: "why do I feel they're unhealthy for the game? What makes them that way? Why do my friends and I find them boring, and why do we think they need to be changed?" To be honest, I don't believe it's for the reasons many people have mentioned - I don't think it's because they're cheap, efficient, or reliable for their cost. These are all attributes that the basic core-box corps troopers share, and I haven't encountered many people who think those units are harmful to the game. To me the main problem with snipers is that they shut down one of the core mechanics of the game - the ability to spend dodge tokens. Introducing rules like High Velocity is something I've learned to avoid as an amateur game designer myself, mainly because their inclusion seldom makes a game more interesting to play. High Velocity seems in theory to be a cool rule for a sniper to have. It makes thematic sense, but I think it's a very bad rule for the health of the game as it is now. Allow me to illustrate: When defending against attacks in Legion, you essentially have five options for mitigation - rely on your dice rolls, put your units in cover, stay out of range, take dodge tokens, or stay out of line of sight (LoS). Snipers of course ignore the first die-save, reduce cover by 1, and have infinite attack range. This is obviously powerful, but I don't think these abilities are what make snipers problematic. Why? With these three abilities put together the defender still has two and a half-ish options left for mitigation: dodge, heavy cover and staying out of LoS. But preventing your opponent from dodging too? That brings the total available mitigation options to one and a half; either sit in heavy cover and pray, or avoid line of sight entirely. Say goodbye to Nimble, say goodbye to Deflect, and so long as no enemy unit besides a sniper strike team can threaten you, say goodbye to the dodge action too! Might as well not take it since you won't be able to use the token anyway. That's not an interesting way to make a unit unique. This isn't such a problem with just one sniper per team. But two or three? Bleghth! 😝. Add Heavy Weapon Team to the mix and you've got a 2 health unit that's surprisingly hard to kill. So what would my solution be? If I were a designer on the game I would remove High Velocity altogether. However, if that wasn't an option I would find a way to change it so it doesn't shut down one of the game's core mechanics. Here's some ideas I thought up over the last few hours: "Free action: While attacking, if each weapon in your attack pool has High Velocity, you may gain 1 suppression token to gain 1 aim token" ...Or... "While attacking, if each weapon in your attack pool has High Velocity and two or more minis in your unit have line of sight to the defender, gain 1 aim token" I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts! Cheers!
  7. What about a point limit to the amount of aces you can bring? 40 points max for aces means no MJ.
  8. Maybe I shouldn't have said this bit. I'll edit it out for future readers. Didn't expect reactions to be hostile.
  9. What about the Assault Frigate Mk I? It's not that big, but big enough to be another medium ship for the Rebels. It even appears in card art from wave one.
  10. Would a 100 pt squadron cap enough to bring balance to the force meta? Or would we need more? Maybe a 40 pt limit on unique squadrons? I'll be hosting a casual tournament over the next few months; maybe I can convince my friends to play with these added restrictions. If I do I will let people know how it goes. My guess is one tournament between 6-8 friends won't be enough to gather meaningful data. I'm curious to read people's thoughts.
  11. My friends and I use a lot of complicated terrain when we play Legion, so determining LoS can make the game drag a bit. I thought of this as a potential solution: If a unit leader has LoS to at least one mini in another unit, all minis in its own unit have LoS to all minis in the other unit.
  12. If I'm not mistaken, Konstantine triggers off of "2 friendly medium or large ships", so his effect, despite being limited to your own ships, works against every enemy ship! This format may see him rise from the garbage heap as a great support admiral.
  13. Thank you to everyone who's responded so far. I removed some lines from the original post (notably the bit about losing sharpshooter) and changed the wording in a few places (minimum UH instead of innate). I definitely agree that it was too complicated in its original state. Hopefully these edits have helped make the post more concise.
  14. I've seen a lot of theories thrown around on how to improve our current heavy units. Here are some ideas that could benefit every unit: 1: There is no upper limit to height in Legion. 2: High Ground x: When a unit declares an attack, if it is at height x above the defending unit, the attacking unit gains Sharpshooter x for the duration of the attack. If the height difference between attacker and defender is zero or lower, High Ground has no effect. 3: Minimum Unit Height x (MUH x) :Units are considered to be at a minimum of height x when declaring and defending against attacks. The T47 and ATST have MUH 2. All other units have MUH 0. MUH x is cumulative with terrain height. If you try these out for yourself please post about it! Cheers!
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