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  1. I placed 1st in a 16 person tourney this past February using this list: Starhawk Battleship Mark I Kyrsta Agate Strategic Adviser Bail Organa Weapons Battery Techs Ion Cannon Batteries Linked Turbolaser Towers Magnite Crystal Tractor Beam Array Concord MC30c Torpedo Frigate Ordnance Experts Assault Proton Torpedoes Admonition CR90 Corvette A Turbolaser Reroute Circuits Jaina's Light GR-75 Medium Transports Comms Net Shara Bey & Tycho Celchu I had a lot of fun playing with this list. It gave the two onager lists I faced a run for their money. My 'less competitive' version of this list has Mothma on the Amity and swaps Admo for Foresight. I have more fun with the Mothma version but without commander Kyrsta I have a much harder time keeping the Hawk around. Anyway, I hope you have fun with the cudgel. It's definitely my favorite ship in the game right now.
  2. Hi folks, if I'm using one of the two sniper options for ARC troopers, can I spend an aim from a different Clone Trooper unit to trigger lethal?
  3. One of my favorite lists, albeit tends to be total jank: 7x naked CR90Bs 1 Pelta assault with Intensify Firepower, Raymus Antilles, Engine Techs, ExRax Reiikan Ahsoka on one of the CR90s. Stupid fun, with a heavy emphasis on the stupid.
  4. So it looks like officer Wedge lets you spend squad tokens outside the normal time window (outside of activation). Since the card explicitly says you "spend" the token, does that mean you can trigger Rex (& other squad command effects) when you trigger Wedge if they're on the same ship?
  5. Will the buff from DCaps benefit Salvo tokens? This is literally only possible if you put commander Kyrsta and DCaps on an Assault Frigate MkII A and choose to give it a Salvo token. Super edge case, but the novelty factor is hilarious to think about.
  6. BrickDaniels's submission #2: "I See You" Use the following rules for drawing line-of-sight instead of those found in the Star Wars Legion Rules Reference Guide. To determine line-of-sight from one unit to another, draw an imaginary line from the unit leader of the first unit to any mini in the other unit. If the first unit's unit leader can see at least 50% of any mini in the other unit, every mini in the first unit is considered to have line-of-sight to every mini in the other unit. When making an attack, if the attacking unit's unit leader has line-of-sight to at least 50% of one mini in the defending unit, all minis in the attacking unit may add eligible weapons to the attack pool and all minis in the defending unit are eligible to suffer wounds. If the attacking unit's unit leader cannot draw line of sight to at least 50% of one mini in the defending unit, the attack is cancelled.
  7. BrickDaniels's submission #1: "Heroes Never Die" When a unit is defeated, do not remove its order token from the order pool. When you draw an order token matching a defeated unit's rank, if you cannot activate a surviving unit of the same rank, you may redeploy the defeated unit following the normal deployment rules. If you do, set its order token face-down next to it as if it had already activated this round. Otherwise set the defeated unit's order token aside. If a unit with a face-up order token is defeated, shuffle its order token back into the order pool. If the defeated unit has already activated during the current round, set its order token aside. At the end of the command phase, shuffle all set-aside order tokens back into the order pool. When a unit with Scout x or Infiltrate redeploys, it may use those keywords as if it had deployed normally. End of Game: If both players have an equal number of victory tokens, reset the round counter and continue play until either of the following conditions is met: one player has more victory tokens than the other -or- a player defeats one of their opponent's units. The first player to satisfy one of these conditions immediately wins the game.
  8. This is a thread for posting submissions to the Fifth Trooper Podcast's Random Encounter Deck. I'll be posting mine below. Enjoy!
  9. If you're in Eastern Massachusetts and want to have an awesome day hanging out with a phenomenal community consider stopping by Alpha Omega Hobby in Quincy on December 21. Full details in the link below. https://www.facebook.com/events/2469362226482624/
  10. These are wonderful works of art. Where did you get the airborne trooper helmets? Are they from skullforge? I'm wondering because I'd also like to get a set for myself. It's my favorite trooper design.
  11. There's quite a few people who play Legion at Midgard in Derry, NH. They meet Thursday nights mostly
  12. You can't just have the EWeb move & shoot with the main gun, free move or not. You can, however, move and standby; then have the standby trigger the full attack during an enemy's activation. It's pretty awkward and hasn't ever worked out for me (I've only tried once though, so...). Usually it's for area denial, and unless you've set up the perfect storm of standby weirdness your opponent can easily ignore the unit or remove the token with an attack from beyond standby range. It's mostly a rule for edge-cases.
  13. Yes. I believe the Barrage keyword makes both the T47 and the ATST significantly better. With the T47, most people I've played with don't do a standard move at all. They either aim & shoot or dodge & shoot after doing their compulsory move. Getting to shoot twice after the compulsory move would be a big improvement. Similarly, The ATST's range 4 means that it is often able to fire on multiple targets as soon as the game begins, which means that in theory it could begin to make use of barrage every round after the first. I have no doubt that a future vehicle expansion for the rebels/Imps will have a generic pilot upgrade (probably 10 points) that gives the vehicle barrage, but personally I'm hoping for an errata to just give it to both vehicles as an innate keyword. Or better yet, a free ATST/T47 Only upgrade that doesn't take up any slots- that way there's no need for an errata.
  14. For anyone who wants to play Luke, Leia, Han and Chewie in the same list in an 800 point game, I thought up a bit of a rule bend that you could try with a friend so long they're okay with it: If Luke and Leia are in your list, treat Han as an operative instead of a commander. This is meant for casual play, of course. I wouldn't suggest you try to convince a judge to let you do this at a tournament 😅.
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