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  1. One year and 120$ later i have it here.
  2. I just recieved an email from FFG indicating that the shipment will be soon.
  3. 8/31/18 I placed my pre-order the same day it was announced
  4. The same answer they gave me in January. At least in FFG spain the moderators of the forum respond, if only to say that they know nothing .
  5. I only say : shut up and take my money! I paid 40$ and 40$ more in shipping costs to my country, only for the deluxe map . what worries me is that we do not know yet when it will go on sale
  6. In addition, FFG does not say anything if you ask them, just keep an eye on the news and the upcoming section.
  7. Here says it will be available on February 28. https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B07H8PW8YX/ref=dp_olp_0?ie=UTF8&condition=all&qid=1547841909&sr=8-3
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