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  1. I've read and heard comments from people saying you are supposed to exclude all Supply Deck cards with the Valuable trait when playing LotA. If I recall correctly, even the boardwars guys said this before (I believe during one of their LoTA playthrough videos on Twitch / Youtube, but maybe on the podcast too). Is this correct though? In the LotA rules (page 4) I can only see that it says to remove certain valuable cards: Valuable Goods, Troop Data, CI comlink, Chance Cubes and Pit Droid. Is it fine to use other Valuable supply cards such as the Missing Key, Locked Chest, Supply Chest, etc?
  2. I wish they had made Murne gender ambiguous. I can't tell you how many times I have to correct my group that Murne is a "she".
  3. I'm pretty sure you can still attack with an exhausted weapon. This came up previously with Jarrod and his ability to exhaust melee weapons in defense. It was discussed here on BGG: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1915423/jarrods-parry-ability-after-exhausted-weapon-can-h I'm sure someone wiser than me ( @a1bert ) can tell you where to find the exact rule...
  4. IIRC, one of the first articles that FFG published for HotE referred to Drokkatta as a "she", but they later removed the pronouns from the post.
  5. Thanks for the heads up, and for all your work on this spreadsheet!
  6. Hi again @Tvboy, One other thing - it looks like for Tyrants of Lothal campaigns the tracker is also not adding the Extra Credits to the total credits for the Rebels (but this is only happening on some of the missions slots not all) As an example - the highlighted ones in the screenshot aren't adding the extra creds. Edit - added some detail to above. Thanks
  7. Hey @Tvboy, I started playing Tyrants of Lothal today, and using your tracker I noticed that the intro mission Call to Action is not generating the right Credits for a mini-campaign. Win or lose, the Rebels should get 300 credits per hero for that one, but it's giving them 100 credits per hero as if it were a normal side mission and not the mini-campaign. I think all the other mission slots are working correctly. Thanks for your work with the spreadsheet - it's such a great help to the community.
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