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  1. Upcoming comic -- Age of Resistance – Poe Dameron #1 .
  2. Jar Jar meets them on the transport, Finn stows away.
  3. Poe and Rey will visit the cruiser to find 4 stones from a mysterious contact.... but they’re being chased by agents of evil.
  4. The Eta is also ~70% of the length of the Delta. That will be a TINY model at the same scale.
  5. Hrmmm.. Gonk Droid or Chancellor Palpatine....
  6. Yeah, we need that Scarif pack with the "Door Gunner" U-Wing config or title upgrade that adds a gunner slot, rotate action and requires the turret to be in the side arc. Would it be good? WHO KNOWS.
  7. Well see, what it actually is, is that the Ghost has greater power generation and cooling ability, so it can fire the same guns faster. (how did that sound? did it convince you?)
  8. I am not getting R2-A6 to work on Obiwan with CLT. edit: Well that's because I selected R2-C4 not R2-A6.
  9. So if you want the Tractor Token to move yourself, you have to take the Turret Rotate action, which means you have to move the turret to some other arc, right? So (without Ensare or Gravitic Deflection), the Pinpoint Tractor Array probably shouldn't be used when you're in arc of anyone, due to the defense die hit and the fact you've only got 4 health, right?
  10. Sounds like you need to start a new X-Wing Etsy store where you can sell beams of wood with a proper sized cut in the back for holding up cards with a clear plastic tray to hold/stand up tokens with in front of it. THEN the DELUXE edition with that can hold all the templates and has sections for tokens or places to stand your ships up to go from table to table.
  11. Aren't most of the Geonosians drones?
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