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  1. VCX-100 with docked Attack Shuttle and Dorsal or Ion Turret stuck sideways. 360 baby! Yes! Fire front or turret, then get to fire rear for a bonus attack! Is it worth 102 points? No.
  2. Second-round codes just got sent out so more people can buy them. Check your emails!
  3. I don't see my favorite pilot, 5-Balls.
  4. Welcome, everyone, to the second annual "complain about or defend Adepticon repaints" thread!
  5. I don't think I saw it shoot the entire movie. Very thematic.
  6. But those Sith crewmen sure looked snappy in their eeeevvvilll red trimmed uniforms.
  7. TIE/fo Hyperdrives go in the same bucket as the T-70 crew slot. "Uhhhh crap we don't have a new ship but need something to happen."
  8. The problem I have with the EU is that there isn't a month that goes by without some combination of Han, Luke, or Leia having to go save the entire galaxy or fight in a war, or whatever. These people should be absolutely mentally cooked with massive PTSD and departing to go hang out on a remote island just to get some well deserved rest.
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