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  1. Game is out in Europe, you can go in a store and buy it now. Ordered it online though for convinence. Hopefully get it on Friday. But WTF FF? Post the **** rulebook, the game is out!
  2. Thanks alot for the responses! It warms my heart that the scaling is much better now But how about movement? Do you feel like you can get around the board with just one gator?
  3. I play mainy solo and sometimes in a small group. Getting big groups of people together is tough these days with everyone having kids, dogs, cats, jobs whatever.... I have noticed that for some reason, FF refuses to incorpare special rules for low player counts to compensate for the few amount of investigators. Some examples: Eldritch Horror - One investigator is almost impossible, you get one extra clue with the revised rules but that's it. What about movement? You can't cover nearly as much ground as four gators, or two for that matter. How am i supposed to handle a portal that spawn on the other side of the map? Mansions of Madness - Same problem as above. Getting around the map is tough with lower player counts. Enemy health is lower but if i can't get to them in time, how does that help? AH:TCG - Maps are alot smaller so moving around the locations is not as tough solo, BUT the game is still designed around each investigator being good at something and bad at something else. Playing with two gators they can compensate each other. You loose that with solo play and nothing to compensate for it. In Descent: Journey in the dark they have a rule that says if you are playing two players, the hero player should control two heroes and get a free action that can only be spent on attacking. Why can't we see somethng similar in the Arkham games?
  4. Yes because a book and a boardgame are exactly the same thing ? Arkham Horror was released in 2005. You seriously can't expect Fantasy Flight to reprint a board game and all it's expansions for all eternity? It's been 13 years. This isn't monopoly or UNO. And if you want Innsmouth so bad...just go to ebay and buy it? What are you talking about Eldritch being dead? All of the expansions plus the main games is still available to purchase, they are still being printed. EH has enough content to last you for a very very long time. Or do you want more investigators? ?
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