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  1. That actually was specifically why I brought it, because it allows you to chain 4 activations in a row. Which is super awesome and fun.
  2. So far, it seems like Sentry droids are the best non-unique trooper to build an imperial list around
  3. http://ia-continuityproject.com/ The short version is that since FFG is no longer going to be releasing new content, the community has taken it upon itself to start making their own updates.
  4. Losing games due to bad dice rolls is kinda par for the course here though. I essentially lost a regional match in the first round because Ezra dodged two attacks in a row. Personally, I'm fine with the current initiative rules and have absolutely no plans to change them at my table.
  5. I don't unfortunately. Although on the flip side, since generally I'd assume the player with the fewer remaining activations would be getting the initiative with this rule set, it might give them a chance to come back getting the first attack of every round. Of course bringing fewer activations might game the system to consistently have the initiative each round. Personally, if I was going to implement a change, I'd go with completely random because it's simpler and (I think) less likely to create unintended consequences, but it's hard to tell without testing. If you do implement totally random I'd be curious to hear how that turned out
  6. There's also the issue of the order in which start of round and end of round effects are resolved. Again, I have no clue what impact this would have on the game, which would likely be very context specific. Just more of a "keep this in mind" whenever you implement a possible solution.
  7. If the goal is to never have a situation where a player knows they'll have last/first activations, this won't prevent it. If I have TI and negation, I know my TI is going through. Obviously, the option I suggested is the best. Of the three, this might have the potential for the most unintended consequences. Initiative determines more than just who goes first. In this scenario, you could potentially have a player have the initiative every single round. I can't theory craft how that would impact your games specifically, but I could see that popping up in weird ways you may not have thought about.
  8. VP manipulation about to be liiiiiiiiit
  9. So as I've said, I don't think the card is an issue, however if you did want to make it less frequent, adding some kind of trait restriction like "spy" might achieve that purpose without making the situation worse. It'd also provide some incentive to bring spies and also incentive to target them. Might add a new dimension to the game. Plus if people are bringing spies, they're probably bringing Comm disrupt which further reduces the impact of TI. I feel like this is where I shout something about Boba Fett?
  10. Suggestion: implement a house rule where a fresh initiative roll takes place each round. Otherwise you're always going to have some scenario in which a player knows they'll have the first and last activation of subsequent rounds.
  11. So unless I'm missing something, the solution would be to increase the cost of Take Initiative, not as a nerf, but to make it unable to be negated and thus stronger?
  12. That's pretty much where I am. Also, I could definitely see spending ALL my time on Vassel.
  13. It's very hard for me to understand calling a card "overpowered" when another card that everyone is probably bringing anyway immediately puts a stop to it. At least with the Hunter cards everyone complains about, there's no hard obvious counter.
  14. Why not just bring negation? Not trying to be rude but there's a counter to this problem already in the game. One that is super useful against other awesome cards as well. If it's really that much if a problem bring a copy of Comm Disruption as well.
  15. I really don't think there's much of an issue with TI. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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