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  1. He's constantly telling our heros the odds of success and (spoiler) they ALWAYS succeed. If that's not a focus I don't know what is.
  2. I prefer 7 activations as a general rule.
  3. Correct. Before adding new stuff, we should fix the old stuff. Establish your baseline and then add new content.
  4. Don't know if I missed it, but is there any intention to replace the unique command cards that were banned? Or do Han, Luke, etc just have no command card?
  5. I haven't tested it yet but like the mechanic. It gives Fett a secondary way to do damage as a queen piece should. It also adds to his survivability and positioning ability because you can attack, do the bonus ability and still have 3 movement points to get in/out of position. Or, 9 movement points and the bonus ability. I think that flexibility is going to make him fun to play and will probably be the first list I play after we finish the campaign we started.
  6. Untested impressions: -Boba Fett looks fun. I like the movement point to use ability mechanic. Also like change to the dice pool. Give you the option to get up close or play sniper. -I like the skirmish attachment for troopers. Still not sure how excited I am about the troopers themselves though. This probably isn't what you wanted to hear but my first thought was "I wonder if this would make rangers better" (the answer is no btw, at least not really). Will have to see. -Love the Fenn, Gaarkhan ,and Jyn change. Shouldn't have trouble fitting any one of them into a list. -I think the reduction of Chewie and the RGC make them playable. Still kinda meh about the royal guards themselves. Pretty similar feeling to the wookie warriors actually. Figures with the guardian trait may get their fix through command cards. Like a reverse Hunter sort of thing. Just an idea. -Luke needed a reroll. I'm on board for this. Also like the force user command cards. I'd actually bring those. -Disagree with increasing Somos to 7 (even with advance coms change). I was initially concerned about death trooper shenanigans, but after playing some games I'm not. You could have an entire Imp archetype built around squad tactics with Thrawn, Somos, and eventually Blaise. I'll keep an open mind, but this is where I am now. -On board for the trando update. Can easily fit them in to a Hunter/brawler hybrid list. Also good to hear Bossk will get a tweaking in future updates. -Weiss looks playable but I'm still skeptical about the AT-ST. I think I'd still rather take an AT-DP. Like the upgrade card. Overall, well done. Looking forward to testing some of it out.
  7. Focused R2 isn't that bad an attack for 3 point support figure.
  8. Who exactly would 3po be focusing if his ability only applies to droids?
  9. I'm a bit confused by this contention. There's quite a bit of criticism in this thread and in all the threads I see on the subject. Most of the changes were in the 60-70% approve range, meaning 30-40% disapproved. While I don't have access to the results, I'll assume at least some them provided additional feedback expressing that disapproval.
  10. First off, awesome. Love basically everything I read. I do however, have a suggestion for this part regarding Gideon: I share this concern. I also have a suggestion on how to prevent this from becoming a significant nerf or simply making 3po the new Gideon (which I don't think anyone wants either). I've shared this before, but the Clawdite is the perfect candidate to step into the void in support roles that will be created by removing Gideon. Unfortunately, the conspire ability isn't the support ability we're looking for, at least not as currently constructed. It doesn't need much changing. There are two ways that conspire falls short. The inconsistency in the support it provides. The ability to position the figure to actually take advantage of it. This is what I use at my table: (action) Conspire: Roll your attack pool plus 1 yellow die. For each <surge> result +1, to a maximum of 3, you or a friendly figure in your line of sight gains 1(?) I've tested this on multiple occasions, both with and against, and it make the figure actually worth bringing, but not overpowered. Most of the time you're getting two tokens. Sometimes you get one and sometimes you get three, but most of the time you're getting 2. Gideon's focus is going to add 2 icons around 85% of the time and between 1 and 3 accuracy every time. The loss in accuracy seems to be offset by the option to buff two separate figures (although, not as strongly as a focus). Since you can only play one damage token per attack, this will slightly lower the damage of a few individual attacks, while not lowering the overall damage output scum hunters need to be competitive. I'm sure you guys have something in mind, but wanted to throw out a suggestion that I've tried and liked. Good luck and thanks again for taking the time to do this.
  11. I want to take everything said about the direction for Fett and shoot it directly into my veins. 👍
  12. Love the idea of giving the guardian trait some utility for lists. Could really add a new dimension to the game if done properly.
  13. So I did the math on this and to have any realistic shot of doing this, Onar would need to be focused and burn through all the main Hunter cards (assassinate, tools, reflexes). Aside from that not being possible with the new Assassinate rule, if I spend 7 points of command cards on a single focused attack, it should kill a 7 cost figure.
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