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  1. @OggDudeHello I have followed your Google Group link but get a #418 error stating I do not have access. Do I need an invite to access it? I understand you are very busy so take your time getting back to me. Also I run your standard application from a Dropbox folder. I would like to reinstall using the web version so it always updates, do you think the syncing with Dropbox would cause any issues? You are the bomb btw, thanks for all your hard work!
  2. Any one have a good printshop to print them? I have been through 2 places that eventually back out because of Copyright worries. I am just trying to get 1 set for my own private usage. Dearth, amazing work!
  3. I had your same problem. If you got into sources under options, select none then select all again. That refresh fixed it for me, also I am running it in portable mode. Good luck with it.
  4. Sorry if I missed this in the thread, but is there any documentation for the XML character output? Seeing if I can find a coder to help me convert it to a format that a site like SWsheets would be able to read if they had an import feature.
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